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  1. Hi I am trying to buy few licenses of Designer 2. But unable to add more than one license in the cart. Earlier I have done it but now can't! Is it possible to more than one license in the cart or do I have to buy one license each time? Pls help. Thanks.
  2. Another quick way is ctrl+C from the origin curve that has the intended profile and ctrl+shift+v after selecting new curve.
  3. I bought it from Affinity (not MS App store), so I have serials for the apps (Product Keys for V1 and Activation ID and Password for V2) . I just noticed on the terms and conditions that it can be installed on multiple computers/laptop used by the same user. Thanks for your help.
  4. Thanks for your reply. So I can use the same serial on my new laptop without uninstalling/deactivating the V1 and V2 apps from my old laptop?!
  5. I've got a few V1 and V2 apps licenses for a small company I run. I got a new laptop and I want to move my Affinity V1 Apps and Affinity V2 apps with Universal License to it. However the transition to the new laptop would take some time (2 weeks to a month) and it would be convenient to have them on both my laptops during the transition. After the transition is complete I will remove the V1 and V2 apps from the old laptop. Can I install Affinity V1 Apps and Affinity V2 apps with Universal License to the new laptop without uninstalling it from the old laptop? And can I use the same license on both systems? I am not going to run these apps simultaneously on both systems.
  6. @LCamachoDesign Thanks for posting this. I have been facing this issue for a while but wasn't able to figure out the exact steps to replicate it. Look forward to 2.2 solving it.
  7. No issue Rob. Thanks for your response. Update: Just wanted to let you guys know after. deleting the files mentioned above (RecentFiles.xml for all 3 apps) it's working fine.
  8. @r0b_k Thanks for confirming it! @walt.farrell Yes. That's the file on Windows. After I deleted these files (for all 3 V2 programs) it doesn't seem to crash when I click on the recent file button on the welcome screen. But now there's no file - will observe and update.
  9. @MikeTOThanks for the tip. I am not able to find mru.dat in Affinity folder! @r0b_k Is it called same on windows? I searched all C:\Users\***\AppData\Local\Microsoft\WindowsApps but cant find any mru.dat or MRU.dat.
  10. Affinity Designer V2 Crashes - When I click on the Recent Files button in the startup window. It works fine if I go to File > Open Recent Is it a common issue/known bug? I noticed that it's happening in Affinity Photo also, haven't tried it with Publisher yet. I am on Windows 10 and Using the MSIX installer for all.
  11. Thanks! I can find the adjustments.propcol files. The V1 files are easy to isolate but the V2 files are tricky as they are not in a V2 folder and they are not updating even if I add new presets in the Affinity photo folder.The one that's updating is located here C:\Users\(Username)\.affinity\Common\2.0\user (I'm on Windows) Thanks for your reply. Could you pls elaborate how?
  12. Hi Does anyone know how to save or export Affinity Photo's adjustment presets for another system?
  13. Thank you @4dimage. I also reduced the undo limit to 128. Will update if it makes any difference. By the way, I see you are running it with 64GB ram - I am surprised that it's still lagging!
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