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  1. Problem is, there are so many file formats and most of them seem to be problematic. I'm trialling AP and spent all my free time over two days trying to get better results with resizing (resampling) and exporting to various formats, but Photoshop simply does it better (whatever the format) with the exact same files. I have more control over the exporting process too. I hate Gimp but even that does better with resampling and exporting. Maybe I'm expecting too much from software at this price point..., I don't know.
  2. Windows natively supports mice with up to five buttons: left, middle (the mouse wheel button), and right, plus two additional buttons called XBUTTON1 and XBUTTON2. The Windows Messages that need to be handled are listed here. Bloated mouse utility software (which add latency) shouldn't be required to support those two extra buttons. I would love to be able to shift those horrible so-called 'shortcuts' which require a simultaneous left click + right click over to the additional buttons. Getting the timing right and avoiding context menu popups is a pain.
  3. I just want to check that this will continue a trial started yesterday with version 1.9.2. I'm sure it won't be revoked, but I'd like to make sure nonetheless.
  4. Yeah, I figured it out after I posted. No worries anyway. When I have more free time, ten days will be enough.
  5. Uh, it looks like I misread something somewhere and was being premature anyway. I didn't realise the trial was only ten days so I'll wait until I have a reduced workload later this year before evaluating and working out whether it's a good Photoshop + Illustrator replacement for me. Thanks again for all the info.
  6. I was referring to the next major update. Ie 1.x > 2.0. I feel compelled to stay current, so it would grate if 2.0 was released within 1-2 months of purchasing the Affinity 1.x suite. MEB answered my question anyway, but I appreciate you trying to help. I've already decided to start trialling the products immediately. 🙂
  7. Months not years (from March 2021)? This uncertainty is putting me off trialling the software. Don't wanna discover after three months that the three programs I'm interested in meet my needs... only for 2.0 to be within 1-2 months away. It would suck to have to pay an upgrade fee for three programs after such a short amount of time.
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