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  1. Make sure you don't have a problem with the HDMI cable, a friend of mine had some shitty cheap HDMI cable that did the same, took us a little while and almost sent the cards back for RMA before we figure it out. I also get black screens lately but I have confirmed by using the AMD Link on my phone, that can mirror my monitor there, that the problem is in fact the monitor and it blacks out for some reason (probably die, because I changed HDMI cable and still happens here). Well in theory there is also the shared memory that the GPU can use from the RAM in a case like this. But I have never seen the GPU utilize that RAM on task manager.
  2. No I did noticed that designer with the newer versions is running almost the same with or without GPU acceleration, as GPU acceleration mostly helps with rasters and I don't have many in my workflow with it, so I didn't bothered in the end. I did some calculations too on the PSU side and my corsair will probably get in trouble running anything more than I already have on the system, not to mention the GPU market is still a fine mess of overpriced crap. I was hoping that now with intel GPUs out and crypto going crushing we could get back at normal pricing but nope... amd and nvidia had other ideas about it and as of that below 100 euros that I'm willing to spent right now there is nothing worth my time or money at all. What nightmares do you have? I run fine without the GPU at home, it could get better sure with GPU acceleration but my R5 2600 can handle affinity and affinity is leagues above in performance than illustrator I was using before. Are you sure it is related to the GPU?
  3. false happiness. the GRBL program still dont like those SVG, although inkscape open them ok and then with a simple copy paste to a new file and resave it works... weird.
  4. holycrap that worked... thank you. Affinity should have this default by now.. I'm tired that every time I want to engrave/cut something I have to open in inkscape (that is a hellscape to use) and change the dimensions there and re-save the file.
  5. This is what I research right now. A couple of years back I tried my luck again and it was consuming too many resources. I read around now that is on par with the best antiviruses out there right now, so I might give it another go. I just need to make sure first it have proper folder ignore function because I have this folder with old exe little apps that antiviruses keep erasing "I don't know what is this, it must be virus" or something.
  6. I suspect Avast is the culprit here... gives me a ton of slowdowns lately.
  7. I got 100mbps fiber connection, and generally affinity servers are quite fast, I mean I didn't noticed when it even downloaded the app, after realizing it was idle it didn't downloaded anything. As for the system it was idle most of the time of updating. I was wondering if the update was crashed after a couple of min (so far all the setups of affinity take like less than a minute) and checked the task manager. Barely some cpu usage, and some SSD usage here and there but from other unrelated processes. It took like 10 minutes or less for something that is a 1 min job so far. Maybe it was some bug? Anyway it worked and it is nice to be able to update through the app, it just took it's sweet time with no good reason, so maybe there is something broken somewhere.
  8. Thank you for the update. Although the updating is extremely slow and task manager barely show any activity. (not even download)
  9. Hello! Is there a way to select -> select same fill or anything but contain it in the current artboard? I try to work with this but it always go and select everything in every artboard. Thanks
  10. the are a couple of answers above that confirm via testing that openCL in AMD GPUs it can be turned on but it performs worst than just working with the CPU alone. I only upgraded designer that is my bread and butter so I can't confirm myself through the benchmark but I think the above answers are enough to prove that this is still not working. Also I see other app vendors are moving away from openCL altogether for AMD GPGPU (I think someone also mentioned it here somewhere?) so there is indeed a problem with AMD and not affinity.
  11. didn't we just confirmed that is still have the same problem like in v1 and it just have the option to turn it on? how is this a selling point for v2 if it is still not working
  12. those indeed seem interesting GPUs, not so much for gaming yet (drivers need a lot more love for something that demanding) but I have my eyes on them for my workstation for some time now. I just wait to see them in my local market in normal prices, because now they are unofficial imports with 3-4 times the MSRP.
  13. from windows 10 and above you can check this on task manager
  14. Just updated to designer 2, 5500XT 4GB is working with GPGPU acceleration again.
  15. but the functionality is there, I just made 2 text boxes with text flow in publisher and copy/pasted to designer and they work in tandem. Are we sure we don't miss something here? Something in the menu or something?
  16. zen 4 and AM5 is not flying of the selfs because it cost as much as a whole PC to just get CPU+MOBO right now. It is funny that they are not outsold by intel but the AM4 offerings.
  17. thank you both, if you have any other way to do this without needing to select everything inside, it would be a life saver for me. Or if there is a way to "select all" withing the object.
  18. 1. to make a clipping mask. and cut anything outside the first object by moving anything else inside/below it. 2. As I said I tried that and instead of releasing the objects from being nested below the rectangle, it just move the rectangle outside the artboard. Notice, outside the artboard in the layers menu, not in the screen. I made a video but it doesn't show the menu when I right click the layer, so when you see the mouse moving to the character panel, is when I do the "release" with right click on the curve. Affinity Designer 2022-09-29 13-51-30_Trim.mp4 edit: didn't see what @N.P.M. posted, I was selecting the object not what it's inside it. Good to know but I'm actually looking for something that doesn't need to select everything inside because sometimes I have those stupid graphics with hundreds little pieces and the list is huge to go select them all
  19. What do you mean? Even in a document without artboard the "release" on the layer is not even available and as of that still not working.
  20. Hello I use a lot of rectangles to contain many objects and/or texts, but some times I need them all out of th rectangle but are too many and I get lost in the layers panel where I usually select everything in the rectangle and pull it outside of it. Is there an easier way to do that? Like for example when I do the same in illustrator with a clipping mask I can release clipping mask. Thank you!
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