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  1. wet edge solved it. I somehow clicked on it without knowing. I’ve never used wet edge, in AP1, and I’m definitely not used to its new position out in the open - up top, I must be careful. Thanks @NotMyFault @DM1
  2. Weird bug One: Masking now requires double effort: On a mask, I choose regular round brush, full opacity, full hardness, full flow. Black color As I’m brushing away at the areas I want concealed, it leaves behind a faded portion of what I’m trying conceal. Meaning, I have to go over it twice. (Double the effort) Weird Bug 2: Light round brush leaving huge wet edges on stroke: even though flow is down to 15 percent, hardness is 0% these same settings on photo v1, the light round brush would have a very soft airbrush ink to it, now it’s giving very strong wet edges. These strong wet edges, defeats the purpose of the light round brush which should ink like a soft mist onto the canvas. This has to be a bug! Or is there some kind of requirement now, where I have to go into the brush options and revert its current brush setting, back to Affinity Photo v1 —> light round brush setting? I apologize for not providing images, I just wanted to throw up this post before I had forgotten due to me, about to go to sleep. Any illumination on this, will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  3. @DM1 As always, the champion of getting us back on track, comes through. Thank you! No way I would had noticed the dots - I would had been here sitting on infinity and probably would not had found it. I’ll have to download your Photo V2 help document. (saw it in your signature)
  4. Following a photoshop tutorial, I have not had the chance to use photo v2 since update. I’m seeing things that alien to me, due to me being introduced to affinity photo with iPad (never used the pc version) though… I do recall reading, the new photo v2 is closer to the pc version in regards to ui. That said, I’m use to the older setup of brush UI: The new version, I can't find the opacity for the brush (did serif not make accessible) outside of my meus? must I dig through menus or something? (new brush UI): (now that I think about it, I don’t see hardness either what is accumulation? this was not part of the photo v1 brush UI. Thanks!
  5. Long press… what the hell. 🤪 Wow, I don’t understand the UX reason on that one, first instinct is to tap screen not long press. I would had never guessed that one, thank you BIG TIME!
  6. In the original affinity photo for iPad, no need for you to create a document, the app created one for you, dimensions based on the imported photo from your photo app gallery: In photo v2 for iPad, where is the import from photos option? I must be blind.. I can’t find it? It’s none of the menus you see: Any help appreciated, thanks.
  7. @walt.farrell Thank you, any ideas for resolve? I updated my original post, by adding images, maybe this will help you see what’s going on.
  8. Thanks Walt this seems to clear things up. Now I am literally having an issue to where I can’t even access the v2 photo app. due to not having a license: which i posted here:
  9. Resolution: (thank you @walt.farrell) you made think outside the box which is how I came to this resolve Hope this breakdown helps the devs if they also notice this issue. *Particularly logging in, after a purchase* When I initially purchased the V2 apps via the app store, I went through the standard app store procedure: where you double click the button on the side of your iPad when prompted, to confirm a purchase: Well.. I went through that whole step, it literally said $11.99 as I double clicked the iPad button to confirm the purchase. Somehow, the purchase was NOT transacted (I checked my bank account —> nothing there) I immediately felt this is the reason, the app is preventing me access, it assumes I didn’t pay. With that thought, I went ahead and decided to purchase photo 2, through the V2 photo app: I now have access to the app, but not before it slapped me with one more barrier: LOG IN BUG AFTER PURCHASE: after I made the purchase, all my log in credentials were automatically placed in the sign in fields, so all I had to, was tap the continue button to proceed and enter the app, well…..,,, my inputs in tapping the continue button were ignored. I had to reboot the app, and now it’s working. So yea, look out for that. The question that’s still in the air: will I be double charged? I know I mentioned there was nothing in my transaction vids the app store, but apple sometimes shuts reflect onto your bank account until days later. I guess I’ll find out, and if I am double charged, I’ll post it here. ———————————————————————————- Previous Issue Detailed Below, in case anybody experiences this: I’m confused. because if memory serves me correct, when I initially purchased affinity photo for iPad (when it first released), I don’t recall requiring to buy a license to use it. I don’t mind buying the license.. just let know if this is what I have to do. I just bought all three affinity apps in the app store for $11.99 each (photo, designer & publisher) Here’s my issue: 1. Launch photo v2 2. Sign in (I do enter the correct credentials) 3. No license prompt 4. Now I cannot access the app My mind is telling me, I have to purchase the $99 universal license to access the app? (is this correct?) If the $99 license is indeed required, will this one license apply for…. all of the affinity v2 apps I purchased? Thanks.
  10. What is the purpose of Affinity V2 Universal License currently $99 in the app store? Is it some kind of feature that connects all the apps into one app? I have all of Affinity’s apps on my iPad, not on PC, so with that said.. will this license still useful for me as a Strictly iOS Affinity pro user?
  11. @NotMyFault explained it thoroughly. I’ll add some simpleness here. when you first apply a mask, it’s “not” inverted, it’s just a regular mask. Inverting a mask is a different subject, look that up on its own, so you can understand that concept, because right now you *mashing up two separate concepts*. Regarding a regular mask…. there’s a simple phrase used by many pro’s that helps you remember how basic masking works: Black *conceals* White *reveals*
  12. Thank you @LeeThorpe Perlin Noise was the answer, I did not achieve her look. Notice in the image below, she has some huge gaps of black in there, thus… achieving the look of a colorful space nebula: This is my result, notice the much tinier black gaps, making mine look like colorful sand grains: I tried playing with the octaves, zoom and persistence, but to no avail, that said, I’ll tinker around and hopefully come up with the space nebula. Consider this resolved! Thanks again @LeeThorpe
  13. Unfortunately, the same issue, all my software is up to date: Troubleshooting I tried: • rebooting ipad • closed out affinity photo, then relaunched it • deleted the previous project started from scratch (twice already) • I have 2020 iPad Pro 12.9 with 14.32 gigs available iPad up to date: Affinity Photo up to date: How are you getting it done? on your iPad? The step in the tutorial where she asks: choose render clouds via photoshop affinity doesn’t have that, so I ignored that entire step and instead used my cloud brush on a new layer, and then put that layer on color dodge blend. Could it be my cloud brush preventing color dodge from doing it’s working? (I included brush file in this post) New file here: planet tutorial.afphoto brush I use for cloud (courtesy of Rikard Rodin’s, Nucly youtube channel): sample atmosphere brush.abr Hopefully we figure this out, I love this effect, and would love to replicate it.
  14. I’m following this video, see how color dodge affected her clouds layer (timestamped video) and then see my horrendous result after: So why is my color dodge doing this? FullSizeRender.MOV Pretty much this ugly thing right here is what my color dodge is producing: The color dodge in the video produced this: Is this a bug? this is my file: space scene.afphoto
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