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  1. Affinity iPad Student

    AD - Creating Depth w/ Brush? HOw?

    @v_kyr Thank you. I’ll check it out.
  2. So I created this outer space, tron neon - cyber punk landscape. Not my credit, I am following two videos in youtube and following along, mixing it, into one design. So here’s my issue. The steps, are explaining the images in sequence. 1) I created a ground grid landscape. 2) I needed to create a void separation into the ground, so I pen tool’d, and blacked it. 3) So, those are rectangles, creating that black void. Here is my issue: I need to create depth, and let some lighting in there, so it can look realistic. My mind says, use the brush.. (I’m still a noob here) so ok, if use the brush, I have the standard ones that come AD. That said... which brush creates like a soft lighting? as if you’re standing on ground, looking down into a hole (let’s say you’re about to spelunking) you’ll see the rocks and light, and shadows as stare into the hole. So I want to add that kinda of depth to the sides that I squiggled in green. Thanks.
  3. Affinity iPad Student

    Transfer Assets from AP to AD = How?

    Thank you @DM1 I see, export the category into the cloud, and then import them via AD. Thank YOU!!
  4. Title says it all, how do I go about this? If they haven’t installed this feature yet... @serif.. I love you, but we going to get into a fist fight.
  5. How can we detect the center of the screen or page we layer, artboard.. etc. That we are working on with pen tool? Please see image. The guy I am following is using PC version, so all he has to do is hold down shift. How do I activate that on ipad? Thank you. I’m following this video: (He starts the center page detection thing at the 55 second mark) BELOW ISSUE SOLVED: (CHANGE IT THROUGH THE PEN TOOL ITSELF) NEW ISSUE: (At 6:52 mark of video, I cannot change the lines to pink, like he is easily doing. Cannot change color of lines created by pen tool? I even tried removing the grid lines out of the rectangle they were nested in, within the layer - Still not working. Followed his directions exact, on - what am I doing wrong?)
  6. Affinity iPad Student

    The Coolest Filters for #AD

    Now this shit right hea!! This shit is DOPE! Good looking out to @Paul Mudditt for pointing this out to me. Someone at Serif should give a huge shout out to the person that created this at their next conference or just reward this creator! This thing is a straight knock out everyone should download this!
  7. This would be beyond amazing. I was trying to figure out if I could do just that literally about 3 hours ago.
  8. I am coming from an AP background, apologies if my questions are coming across dumb. Can’t find online so here I am. AP has Mesh Warp and Perspective alteration - cannot find in AD. Help - thanks.
  9. *Update* Found it once I tapped on whatever that third persona is called. It’s no longer in the 3 dots menu, it’s now in the menu, that in AP usually has export option. Nestled in there. Trying to add a background image - does not have a place photo like AP, unless something I am doing wrong? Cannot seem to find an answer on internet - keep getting AP questions asking how to add image, but not designer. First time really trying learn AD. Thank You.
  10. Affinity iPad Student

    Transforming, Curving Arrrows?

    @DM1 Oh snap! All this time, I didn’t know that I feel I should have known that. Thank you.
  11. Affinity iPad Student

    Transforming, Curving Arrrows?

    I do not know what that is. I’m familiar with pen tool, just not aware of where, is the stabilizer? And what will it do? Add curves?
  12. Affinity iPad Student

    Transforming, Curving Arrrows?

    Must we use the pen tool to draw arrows to our specifications? I use the arrow head, it’s perfect, but curving the body - how? Perfect example, see the arrows in the attached images. I want to be able to do the same with the body of the arrow, I would like to curve it after a certain length. Thanks.
  13. How do we do this on ipad? (I cannot find spare channel) I was trying to do it with both - pen tool, and selection tool free hand, smart selection tool. I cannot make outline multiple selections. Any help appreciated.

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