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  1. @Alfred @Paul Mudditt thank you fellas! As always, the champions in my eyes. And here I was all this time, wondering what am I doing wrong, that I couldn’t figure this out. @DWright Paul raised a powerful point, would you happen to know why? Or at very least ask devs? Might take wright, to make this right!
  2. @DM1 @Paul Mudditt @Alfred Sorry I had to tag you guys, but in my eyes... you’re the top dogs - if anybody knows, it would be you guys. (Please see my OP)
  3. y large and once loaded into the App iPadOS cannot optimise that space and your iPad will fill faster than expected. As you have found, learning to keep those assets organised in an optimised location like Cloud folder so that they are always available when you need them will keep your apps fast and responsive and also free up space on your device. Thanks guys!
  4. Anyway of doing this on iPad AP? I cannot seem to find it, if supported feature. (automated arrows) I know AD supports this, but I’m speaking about AP. Thanks.
  5. Affinity Photo 1.9 bug? I am on iPad OS 14.4 update I have to tap the button 3x or more just close out from my project. I tried tapping on it with my Apple Pencil and my finger. Same delayed response. Anybody else experiencing this?
  6. Affinity Photo froze up on me, while I was in the middle of adding a selected asset, into one of my of asset categories. I manually closed out Affinity Photo - upon return - my asset studio no longer had my 70 categories. (I’ve encountered this freeze issue many times before, where I would manually close out the app - but it never deleted ALL of my Assets 😢) I always back up my assets into iCloud, so their safe. What sucks balls - is that I have to manually import them one at a time. 70 damned times. Which is strange for these futuristic devices. Doing things one at a time, instead of mass batch importing. How we in the future - but backwards at the same time? Anyways... During this little adventure, I also came into the realization... it took Affinity Photo upwards 4-5 minutes to import one of my 182mb Asset Categories. (I have many categories beyond this small size - Will they take 20 minutes each? Scary thought!) At first, I thought Affinity Photo was refusing to import my category because of it’s 182mb file size. I was on the verge of bringing it up in this thread, then as I’m typing in this thread, I went back into Affinity Photo to reference something.. this was about 4-5 minutes after I tried importing the 182mb file, upon going back into Affinity Photo, there it was (the 182mb assets) chilling in my Asset Studio, all smug, like it was there all along. I am posting this experience, to ask... are there any bugs with Asset Studio as of the recent release iOS 14.3 update? Anybody else experiencing this?
  7. Thank you @Dan C I think this will help. When I get the chance, I’ll go back to that segment of the course and follow your steps and report on here.
  8. I’m following a tutorial, it’s using Photoshop. I’m wondering if this option is available on iPad Affinity Photo? Any guidance appreciated. FullSizeRender.mov
  9. Long press not working for me either. While in selection persona and marching ants - long press for pop up menu - nothing happens.
  10. Few things.. Fonts are real small 🤓 Rotate my canvas not available? We ever getting split view? (Multi-task view)? Selections engine - don’t why I expected detect model like Photoshop on iPad I know @Andy Somerfield mentioned full compliment of features, slowly releasing onto iPad beta, they’re taking time with the one. I’m just curious if the inputting of curves coordinates (X,Y,Min,Max) and the curves picker will be here sooner, rather than later? 🤗(See image)
  11. Not to revive an old post, but here we are close to 2021. (Almost Four years since this post) I hope this is sitting somewhere on the top hierarchy, of the upcoming features road map. (But for iPad version)
  12. These sliders in PS 2021 called “neural filters” are insane! Face detection Aging, smoothing human skin Adding / removing volumetric hair Changing eye gaze angle Turning angle of face add a smile or a frown onto the photo model you are editing -waaaAt! Automatic sky replacement - Sick! Much more.. It’s almost coming across as if customizing a character inside a RPG game, stuff like this indicates to me... we are definitely moving into software you would see in a Sci Fi movie. The era of Cloud computing and AI machine learning algorithms are getting closer. Features like these ever reach Affinity Photo on iPad game over!! I will pay serif for an update like this.
  13. I request right along with you my fellow Brooklyn brethren! I’ve been using this website at the moment: https://www.canva.com/colors/color-palette-generator/ All credit goes to the talented & skilled @Bethany Acorn in the video below.
  14. Sadly, not at the moment I believe. I wish it was available! If I recall correctly from a post I casually read in this forum long ago, I believe it’s in their list of things to add.
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