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    The survival of this, our one and only inhabitable planet. Big ideas, Small footprints.
  1. I have to plusone for the arrowheads. I think the need for this may be greater than Affinity realizes?
  2. Somewhere I saw reference to an export persona for Publisher - but can find nothing like that - we have links to designer and photo instead (which fail) ATM I'm using export but is there to be a Persona focussed on export as with designer?
  3. update - finally got the DL with yet another attempt, different email - I have no idea what made the difference. Very much looking forward to taking publisher for a spin this week on a couple of small projects.
  4. By which i mean - I HAVE verified my email many times. Multiple emails, multiple accounts, multiple browsers, multiple logins. Still get the requirement to verify.
  5. I have the same problem - no matter how many times (I've tried at least TEN so far - i'm a desperate man) i verify i still get a requirement to verify before i can download. I have also deleted cookies and tried different browsers AND tried registering under a new mail/ PLEASE????
  6. Tim Gummer

    Won't copy text to other apps

    If i copy text - either as a block OR within the block as text - and try to paste it to another app - i get nothing. This is very frustrating as sometimes i creat copy for say a flyer .. in the app, and then i can't reuse it. Also kind of unbelievable. Copying between apps was one of the Mac's claims to fame, back with it came out in the eighties. Note i do have Alfred 2.0 running with multiple clipboard pastes - works for everything else.
  7. Tim Gummer

    Unwanted Cloned Elements

    so please on the actual cloning issue - can anyone answer?
  8. Tim Gummer

    Unwanted Cloned Elements

    No this is not an alt/option drag - i do that intentionally a lot but in these cases i don't have the modifier down - given how common this issue is i'm really careful to avoid that but it still keeps happening, (when i say 'keeps' i mean randomly). TIM [Sorry to be late back on this - not getting notifications on replies]
  9. plus one on all of those things, but i don't expect it should take focus from current development
  10. Tim Gummer

    Unwanted Cloned Elements

    I'm having a resurgence of a historic issue that i thought had largely gone away. Affinity is creating extra copies - sometimes 3 or 4 of them, overlaying the existing ones. I still don't know what triggers this as i only find them later., though it may be to do with subtle drag motions (without a modifier). This is EXTREMELY ANNOYING. I remember posting on it previously but can't find it sorry. But I'm sure I'm not the only one suffering from this
  11. I share the frustration in having to hunt through layers to unlock, but also value being unable to select, so i can get to the main action easily. Surely the the solution is obvious? Have a modifier key to overide lock to allow selection. Whether that merely exposes the object in the layers panel pending unlocking OR allows editing (until... what...?) is relatively moot - but some user option to select on the canvas rather than the layers panel just makes sense. I think even ai does this - which normally disqualifies an idea from the 'makes sense' label, but there are exceptions....
  12. Just a little thing really but - currently, as soon as artboards are cloned they appear in the layers panel under the same name, and it's difficult to know which is which without clicking around the place. Of course they will eventually get proper names, but it would be lovely if they just named themselves Artboard 1, Artboard 2 etc when cloned. That is all.
  13. It seems that control-enter is actually… the soft return key combo. At the point of this posting after eons of frustration using the usual shift-return I only just thought to try some wild and crazy key combos, and stumbled on control-enter. Dearest AD peeps… Why? Why Why Why… not a normal, intuitive, standard key combination for this? But at least now I have something that is better than my workaround: quite literally that was breaking text boxes into two and nudging them vertically… such was my desperation with the line height issues I was getting via shift-return.
  14. late back to this - I meant to say - oh wow - yes of course… that actually happened. Apologies - this eydropper implementation is quite wonderful. I kept waiting for it work like ai, but sure… this is (of course) better. And for anyone curious explains very well.
  15. I'm certain of being highly unoriginal here - I would KILL for a useable eyedropper. Not one cleverer than illy, sketch etc… just a USEABLE tool. Praps if this was classified as a bug fix and not a feature it could work it's way into the next release? Similarly graphic object styles that can be updated - similarly this would just be 'proper behavior', rather than a new feature. But rock on folks… hard to believe there was a lost decade where vector apps simply didn't progress at all, and the only one worth using (Freehand IMO) was stuck without so much as a maintenance update. Thanks for all the good work. It IS appreciated.