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  1. WhiteX

    Designer: Expand stroke is completely broken

    @mredig It's been three years... Please, we need a solution already.
  2. Three years passed and there's no significant improvement regarding this matter. Just saying. Please do something with this.
  3. That's the exact same problem I had / have, just with the A4 print size. Either of the provided print templates convert to whole pixel units unfortunately. What I do in such a case is, I create an artboard with a print template (A4, Letter, etc), then I change the document units to pixels, change any values to whole numbers (coordinates and sizes), and that's it. The document will have virtually the same physical size. Any printshop should accept them.... but this is still a workaround. In your case you can create the artboard in the desired size in inch or other units, and before exporting, just switch to pixel units and correct the numbers. I'm not sure why can't be this done automatically during the export, but it would be great if we could just take care of the design work. In an ideal world we would not have to deal with pixel peeping / tweaking in a VECTOR app...
  4. @RGerhart I complained about this too. There's no fix, there are only workarounds... You need to have your artboards positioned at whole pixel coordinates and they need to have whole pixel sizes. This "fixes" the issue. Serif, we still need a real fix to this. Thanks.
  5. Come on, it's been two years since we wait for this feature It's really important! Any news?
  6. Sorry for resurrecting this topic, but now it's more relevant than ever. I think this is a great idea, so anyone who is an Extensis customer or is thinking about purchasing Suitcase Fusion, please contact them: https://www.extensis.com/contact/ and let them know that we really need font auto activation for Affinity Designer / Photo / Publisher (and the rest that comes). Using Application Sets is not a viable option. I just did that. Let's create some momentum.
  7. WhiteX

    Mangled Font Issue - PDF Export

    If this can't be corrected from the software, maybe it would be beneficial to have a warning message from AD/AP during exporting that duplicate fonts were found in the document and it can cause inaccurate results.
  8. WhiteX

    Text export to pdf problem

    This problem occurs to me too every once in a while with different fonts. Maybe a solution from Serif would be the best. Deleting the font cache did not help for me either.
  9. Any news regarding this problem? It's killing me... And yes, @4dimage it's related to font caching, I found some help in other topics, but this does not solve the problem fully on Windows. The idea is to clear the windows font cache. There are some changes, but some characters are not working. On Mac works well though. We need a solution for windows users.
  10. Awesome! Thanks @IanSG I'll try that out.
  11. AD has an option now to disable the conversion of texts to outlines in EPS format, but it has a strange behavior on Windows, when you uncheck it, still converts every text field to outlines. If you uncheck the "Convert texts to outlines" and click away then back to the EPS format settings in Export persona, you can see that the setting remains checked... or is it just me?
  12. That's promising. If there's anyone who succeeded with the addition of extra dictionaries to the spell checker, please let us know. How did you do it?
  13. Sorry to resurrect this thread, but can't seem to find another related post. So... how do you add other Dictionaries / Language packs to Designer? (I'm talking about extra languages, that are not present on that dropdown in the language selector).
  14. @serif Any news on this?