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  1. It's time to dowload the beta then... I was quite happy with the stable releases lately, but this feature is a necessity.
  2. Ok, it is quite hard to believe, you can not copy pages from other documents. This is quite frustrating. I switched from Designer to Publisher to do Brand Guides, that needs to include all the logo versions for a brand system, and that's a lot of work to copy the different elements instead of just moving copying the pages themselves.... @serif Please make this possible.
  3. I would very much like to see a page management system similar to Designer's approach, where you see all your artboards on one global board. This is so much better, so I keep going back to Designer for DTP work too...
  4. I work on a ~50 page illustrated book, and I often need to change different objects at once on all pages, but it's not possible to select objects from different pages / spreads. This feature would be very useful. Wasn't this asked yet? (Except in this thread).
  5. Yep, this would be super useful. Just keep the string part of the name as is, and add a number if there is none or increment the existing number part, like in Adobe XD. Also it would be nice if we could rename the artboards by doubleclicking on their name above the artboards.
  6. Thanks @Sean P, apparently the repair tool did the trick. I'll just run it if the problem will re-appear. Thanks for the other tips too. (If you could mark the topic as solved, that would be a big help to others, I'm unable to edit the title of the topic.) Thanks again!
  7. @Sean P Is the dump file okay, do you see the extra info in it? Thanks for your help.
  8. Sure, I did that, thanks for your help. You can find the new report attached. Actually the problem started way before I even tried Groupy - which is actually very handy btw -, I use Chrome, WhatsApp, VS Code, Adobe XD, Microsoft Office 365 apps, Suitcase Fusion, the nVidia Driver and Geforce Experience app, but some of these aren't installed on my laptop (Macbook Pro with Win 10) and I experience the same problem there too. e8db72e7-55fe-45fd-a3c9-1066ca9d390a.dmp
  9. Good to see it works with nVidia cards. I uninstalled Groupy, restarted the system, closed all the apps that run at system start, but it still makes the app crash if I select the Brushes panel. 1.0.zip
  10. @Sean P For some reason I did not get the notification about your message. Here's a zip, it happens on a clean install too. Designer and Photo crashes when I try to open brushes panel, also Photo crashes on clean install now, but that's for a different topic I guess. Brush tool works, I'm just not able to select brushes, which kind of renders the app useless when working with rasters (more of a Photo problem, again). Thank you for your help. Edit: It's worth mentioning that I'm on a completely different PC system now, previously it was an intel based system with a GTX 650 Ti, now it's an AMD based system with a GTX 1080. The common thing is only the GPU manufacturer (nVidia), this might give a clue about the nature of the problem. Monitor scaling is 100%. 1.0.zip
  11. Another update... After a system restart on my Mac with Win10 the updated apps (1.7.1) crash too when the Brush Panel is open.
  12. @Mark Ingram do you have any suggestions that I can try? Resetting the app and reinstalling does not help. Thanks. Update: On my macbook pro the brush panel works in every app (on Win 10 - scaling 200% - latest builds). I was able to save the file that stores the studio panel preferences and copy it to my other windows machine (100% display scale). I was able to open the apps without crash on start, since in the settings file the brush panel wasn't in opened state, but whenever I try to open it (the Brushes panel), the apps crashes. Even from publisher, it crashes if I try to use the studio link feature.
  13. @Mark Ingram It is the default setting for a Full HD monitor (100%). I haven't upgraded on my other devices because of this crash.
  14. Unfortunately using outdated versions of Designer and Photo breaks Studio Link in Publisher... so any help would be appreciated. Does anyone experience the same problem as me? (Designer / Photo crashes when Brushes panel is activated). Thanks.
  15. Yes, I'm aware of that. I'm just missing a feature where you can export a single pdf file with individual pages and being able to hide certain - unneeded - ones from the resulting document.
  16. Thanks for the tip @dominik regarding the Pages Panel, that might come in handy. I'd like to see something similar on the actual pages area too, or some kind of sorting / arranging options for better visibility and navigation between the pages.
  17. Is there a way to use Publisher's Spread Background like Designer's Artboard? There are a few nuisances, for example if you toggle the clip canvas setting, you'll see items placed outside the Spreads, but this way, if you had objects which extend beyond the boundary of a spread are no longer clipped to the edges, which is not what I want. In Designer if you drag an object beyond the edges of an artboard, the object gets clipped, but if you drag it completely outside, it'll become visible. Which is the best implementation of handling temporary working objects I think. The other thing that bothers me to some extent is the handling of documents with many pages. You'll end up with a way too long column of tiny pages on the background. It would be nice if we could arrange our pages at least into multiple columns, or is this already possible?
  18. Thank you @Murfee and @Joachim_L. That really works in Publisher. For some reason I thought the export dialog is identical throughout the apps. For now I still use Designer to create PDF's. It would be nice if they've ported this feature to Designer too.
  19. Hi, does anyone have a working solution to this? Apparently you can't select your pages in the export dialog, there are two options. All pages or individual pages, you can't select multiple pages. The "Don't export layers hidden by Export Persona", does something else.
  20. Hello, Great work on the new Designer / Photo release @affinity! I have a bug in Designer stable and beta (, when I try to open / activate the Brushes Panel the app crashes instantaneously. I had this problem earlier too, but was relieved when I saw it fixed in the previous release ( Now it's back. I had the same problem with Photo too. Now Photo won't launch at all (since the Brush panel is open by default I think, so resetting the Studio does not help). Yes, I tried removing all third party brushes, and as I said previous release worked without any problems. Any help is appreciated. (How do I roll back my active Designer / Photo instance to an earlier version? Simply uninstall and reinstall using the previous installer?) Thanks!
  21. Exactly @Lionel Seidman, what concerns us is more the exported result, not how it looks in the editor (it would be good, that it looked nice there too, without transparent seams). Please pick up this issue, and try to come up with a solution.
  22. Awesome v1.7 is out, but the problem is still present. Please fix this.
  23. V1.7 is amazing! ... but I would like to raise awareness of this issue. It's still not fixed and is quite annoying. Every once in a while I have a project that would need more precision. This is not a problem that occurs in every vector design app as someone stated before. It might appear in some others as well, but the most used vector design apps don't have this problem. Please fix this. The workarounds are not good enough. Keep up the good work @affinity!
  24. +1 I miss that feature... Doing it all the time manually is timeconsuming...
  25. Yes, I know about that @reglico, but we're trying to replicate some kind of "shape builder" functionality, and if we divide multiple shapes with a stroke that has been converted to curves, we won't be able to merge them with boolean operations afterwards, because the width of the stroke will make a gap between the parts... So, as a first step it would be nice to be able to "divide" shapes using strokes. Edit: Most of the functionality is already present, we would need some advanced selection features (see second part of the inkscape video): Once that selection feature is implemented it would be "nice to have" that the selected shapes would be somehow highlighted, but if we'll get the advanced selection feature, that'll be almost enough
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