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  1. It's not the shape of the elements. It's the lack of contrast and distinguishability of active and disabled state.
  2. Checkmark, empty circle, or colored circle. I always think everything is disabled on the export persona. The difference between active and inactive items is too subtle, it makes my brain work unnecessarily to process this information. This needs some improvement.
  3. Any news on this one? People really don't use vector masks on images nowadays? I have the same issue in AD on Windows, (actually the same issue that the original post mentioned, problem with image using a vector mask above). My workaround is to duplicate the element, scale the asset up, rasterize it, then scale back down... jagged edges disappear.
  4. Hello... any news about the delete action? Is there a technical limitation or what's the reason we can't delete an object with the delete key on the smart keyboard on the iPad?
  5. @serif, you really think this is okay? Come on... Desktop version has background color adjustment for artboards... we really need is for the iPad version.
  6. Hey good people, As you may know, Affinity Photo has a Perspective live filter, that kind of serves as a workaround for the lack of a vector based perspective distortion tool for AD. In Photo you don't have Artboards, but if you add a Perspective live filter to an AD file (Edit in Photo functionality for AD), then you go back to AD, you have these weird artifacts. For mer it appears on Win10 and MacOS Bug Sur too. In the video below I show what happens when I remove the filter and add it back. The problem goes away, then comes back. Can you reproduce this or is it just me? #bug Affinity Designer Bug.mp4
  7. +1 I would need this badly. Looks like VectorStyler will be our companion for a couple of years. It'll take forever for serif to add the basic features, and I don't even dream about a shape builder tool or recolor artwork... these are all in VS and that's a beta app. UI is clunky, but the vector engine is great. So, man up Serif!
  8. Just adding my voice to this thread requesting this feature for the hundredth time.
  9. I miss this feature too. Select same fill is not quite the same. Thanks.
  10. Any chance to set a Keyboard Shortcut for this option (Copye color as hex)?
  11. Would be nice if we could edit the presets from that dropdown when adding a new artboard. Or at least give more variety, some print presets too.
  12. @giaco51 I didn't see those videos. Where are they? I made some tests for myself, experimenting with the Data Merge feature, and all works well on Windows. I used a single .xlsx file, and a simple product catalog layout, with prices, product names, discount values and a photo for the products. I suppose the text data merge function works well for you. For the images you need to have the source path for the images in the spreadsheet document. You need to add an image frame into your design on the existing Data Merge Layout. Select your image frame, then double click the image path field on the fields panel (View>Studio>Fields). Is this what you're looking for or something else?
  13. If you missed it somehow, Data Merge is available in the latest betas.
  14. Have my vote for the feature. An offline, AI based solution for quick background removals would be great!
  15. @serif, any chance you'll add the Symbols panel to Publisher? That's an important feature of a DTP software.
  16. Also this makes almost impossible to use assets downloaded from stock sites... Most .EPS files have many artifacts, due to the hairline problem in case an asset was flattened before upload.
  17. Yes, we need this Affinity... nondestructive workflow can work with a "crop to selection" functionality too. I don't see any problems with that. Just implement this feature please
  18. @Serif Plaease make this happen. This feature is very important. That's the first thing I set when I install any Affinity apps on Desktop. It would be nice if we could do the same on iPad. That light background is not good for battery or late night drawing / design sessions.
  19. This still seems slow to me (in Affinity Publisher 1.8.2). Compared to how this forum scrolls for example (and anything else actually), the pages / spreads studio scrolls way too slow. Looks like it scrolls only one line at a time, disregarding the global scroll settings.
  20. @farbenfeuer see the above. The app just does what you tell it to do. However I still think this is not how it should behave, especially on export persona. @R C-R If the exported image wouldn't contain the 1px empty lines where the rounding happens, it would be a much better option. So if a file is 2344.45px wide, it should be converted to 2344px instead of 2345px, and the white lines would disapper.
  21. I can confirm. This works much better now with 1.8, even on very small scale objects too. Good job Serif!
  22. Exactly the same here... Please give us this integration with v2 at least.
  23. Lately this is rather usual with smaller software companies... they sell separate licenses for Windows and MacOS, which does not make any sense. While bigger companies limit the number of installs, usually to 2, independent of the OS. I find the latter a much better option.
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