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  1. I waited and waited and waited on Serif to release info about some sort of DAM product ... and we got a lot of silence. So, I bought into C1.
  2. so the flip side to this is that - there are TONS of open source github repos with freely available code to generate QR codes in about every language you can imagine. Integrating this into an affinity product should be easy. Please considering adding barcode generation in one of the Affinity products soon.
  3. Own all products on Windows and - every time an update comes along I ALWAYS have issues. Usually end up having to nuke %AppData% folders, run as admin, restart a few times, etc. I would love to see the update process across all products on windows .... be better. Update the Update. 1) store and remember my license state somewhere where I don't have to keep putting it in each time I nuke AppData. 2) Automatic update checks are nice - but how about automated updates. Download the update, prompt me to apply the update, etc. 3) When an update is coming - let me know about it in advance ... in App.
  4. Just curious if there are any official lists of features that will be present in the second iteration of the affinity line?
  5. do you mind sharing how you created the image above? Is this a photo with enhancements / fx ? How does the line drawing come into play? Surely it doesnt start from those lines and end up with the first photo? @Bentleg
  6. i'd agree that you should be able to turn it off or on, and maybe put something else there.
  7. If I have a text box on one page in publisher, and I am placing another text box on the proceeding page, is there an easy way to see that i'm placing it in the exact location as the other text box?
  8. I cant update or use my prior installs of photo or designer. %temp% files for both applications show +Error: The installer has insufficient privileges to access this directory: C:\Program Files\Affinity\Photo (and for designer) I am running the installer as an admin (right click, run as admin) What other options do i have?
  9. yes purchased via the affinity store, never would purchase from the MAS or WAS. It was for pre-order and it didnt mention what operating system but the order says my license is for mac. I need it to be for windows
  10. Anyone here able to refund or transfer my puchased license for Mac to windows ?
  11. my assumption - people want to continue to support Serif by paying for their version of a lightroom/capture one LIKE product.
  12. i didnt know they added http url support in publisher already ... is this feature going to be found in designer also?
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