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  1. Nice job with the hyperlinks features, thanks for adding this. I do have one question - how does one see all existing hyperlinks? If i click an item i've added a hyperlink to - where can i see it? If I want to confirm I added a hyperlink here or there - how do i check that?
  2. im currently waiting for a discount on photo.
  3. update install failed. I've found a work around and possible issue. here is what I tried and it did not fix my issue. 1) Moved the installer to the same drive. 2) I am fully updated 3) no other .net frameworks 4) ran as admin 5) restarted computer next I tried to check the log files for the install - but the folder 'Publisher Public Beta' was inaccessible. Said I didnt have the right permissions - however I was in powershell as Admin and the folder's size was 0. I re-ran the install and changed the folder name for the installation to 'Publisher Public Beta 2' .. and it worked.
  4. when attempting to update my beta to .2579 - i cant install. I just get the message "setup failed". 4.7.2 .net is installed.
  5. I see that hyperlinks are an option now in publisher. I often design resumes in designer - any plans to bring the hyperlinks functionality to designer or make it available in the persona? Would it be possible to open a designer document in publisher to add the hyperlinks and export as pdf?
  6. my assumption - people want to continue to support Serif by paying for their version of a lightroom/capture one LIKE product.
  7. i didnt know they added http url support in publisher already ... is this feature going to be found in designer also?
  8. fair enough. I made this point in this thread but I guess i should mention it here also
  9. affinity's twitter account: " we are also working on a DAM program. " This should be made as a public statement to all serif users so that all proper buying decisions can be considered. I bought into luminar products as they are also making a DAM and I highly regret that choice.
  10. Take per-orders if the decision has been made and lay out what you know you can deliver.
  11. my statement on the matter was finding these fantastic comments is difficult because there is no central location to house them all. That comment you linked is not really a comment its more of a blog post (its longer in length than most of the serif blog posts). Maybe 'affinity range' is good enough ... i dunno.
  12. how does one become involved in the exploratory processes for guiding the development of such a beta product ? EDITED just wanted to point out that this is most likely a rhetorical question to which there is no answer, not a good one at least. The point of the question is to re-enforce my prior suggestion ... a forum category, if a DAM is seriously being considered, should exist. Active discussion, polling, etc. 'Something we MIGHT be doing in the future' ... to me .. is enough justification for such.
  13. So over the past few weeks I downloaded and test drove skylum's Luminar 3 ... and it was terrible. Slow (operations taking longer than 5 minutes), unresponsive, missing components ... it was really really bad. I remember reading that Serif is in the works of making the often requested DAM. I'm so glad they have made the decision to go this route. I think it would be a good time to start a new category in the forums specifically for this. Then move all appropriate threads into this area. Suggestions for Affinity (name here) I remember there being a poll about If the product should be made and what it should do. Personally, i'm interested in something that can compete with Capture One, outperform lightroom, and be reasonably priced.
  14. keep in mind that serif could purchase a software company or the rights to something that is already built and make improvements to that product.
  15. Is there an up to date list of officially supported cameras anywhere ?