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  1. Hi there, I'm not sure, if this could be possible in all scenarios, but it would be great, if we could use mirror options also for constraints groups. Constraints.mov
  2. Even copying from "supported" apps like Libre Office is not ideal. Publisher adds one empty row below the last one (while the original content is deleted).
  3. Hi @Callum, I am advocating a solution to this problem. It is an issue not only in text styles, but in find/change formating also. Maybe even in some other modal windows… Thanks.
  4. Hi, this had to be already reported, but unfortunately I can't find the thread. When the layer has some clipped adjustment or a mask, it is not possible to select it when intersects with the selection marquee. It would be very practical if the new version 2.1 had this thing fixed. In 2.0.4 even the vector crop tool causes this issue. Fortunately at least this thing works properly in the last beta (RC). Screen Recording 2023-05-12 at 15.48.40.mov
  5. Hi there, when entering new values for the path length, the path is also relocated to another position within the document. Seems to do only in multi page documents. Presented also in the beta Screen Recording 2023-05-09 at 16.33.47.mov
  6. This problem occurs in virtually all modal windows, such as the New Document Settings window or the Preferences window. Sometimes also within the Transform panel fields. The same scenario: bring up a new window with input fields, double-click in a field and enter a new value.
  7. Hi @NathanC, it is still there, but this time in reverse order. The first number/letter goes in to the field but the rest is ignored. 2.1.0 (1781) Screencast.mov
  8. Hi, I have noticed one small but often disturbing problem – when entering a new numerical value for a Document setup, sometimes the first number entered is not taken into account. This problem recurs only in quite specific circumstances. First, it is necessary to mark the number with a double-click, without the unit. Second, the problem appears only at the first change of values. On the second attempt, everything works correctly. It doesn't matter, if you type any number or letter. I only noticed this problem when entering numbers in Document setup. The other input fields in Affinity seem to work correctly. Screen Recording 2023-04-28 at 10.16.59.mov
  9. Hi there, layers compound mode icons (Subtract and Intersect) should be the other way around.
  10. Even when unchecked the "Select Hidden Objects" option the Select Same or Select Object command still selects objects, which are hidden. I noticed that this only applies if the object is set to visible, but its parent group or layer is set to hidden. For me as a user the object is in fact hidden, but Affinity maintain it as if it is still visible. Perhaps it would be better if the object in question was also perceived as hidden by Affinity.
  11. This has been probably already reported, but I can't find it here on the forum… Now it is not possible to manualy insert/type values for any colour model (CMYK, RGB…) when editing text or paragraph styles. I can change the colour using the sliders, but input fields do not respond to manual typing at all.
  12. This issue complicates the work the most (for me) when I want to have some cutout from a picture inside a picture frame and the location of the cutout is causing, that the center of that image is over the adjacent page. In such scenario the only way to locate the picture in such position and to prevent the jump to another page is translating it using arow keys or manualy by setting thy X and Y position values in transform panel.
  13. Hi there, in Afpub v.2 there is quite strange behaviour with objects (shapes, images, layers…) while moving them in multi-page ducuments. Strange is, that the layer/object goes to another page when its center is located within that page. In Afpub v.1 the "jump" of any object to another page was defined by the position of the cursor itself. The object could interfere any adjacent page but when the cursor draging it was still at the page 1 for instance, the object stays at the page 1 too. For better illustration I attach short screencast. This is especial bad when moving any picture inside a picture frame located close to the page borders. Screen Recording 2023-02-01 at 11.07.10.mov
  14. Hi there, in some cases, for example when the Text Frame palette is active, the Place file window springs from this palette instead from the main window. Screen Recording 2023-01-18 at 11.16.01.mov
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