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  1. Hi there, in some cases, for example when the Text Frame palette is active, the Place file window springs from this palette instead from the main window. Screen Recording 2023-01-18 at 11.16.01.mov
  2. Hi @garrettm30, thanks for the info. Indeed, I also found that [:upper:] and [:lower:] works as you write. And the simplest syntax works as well! \u and \l. I don't know why I didn't use these. It seems to me, that at some time these short variants didn't work in Afpub at all (maybe some bug at that time?) and I stopped using them. Instead of them I started to use mentioned \p{Ll} or [:lower:] But now I tried and they work well too.
  3. When I test it here it works well: https://regex101.com/ Therefore I think it should work in Afpub too. The use of square brackets has its meaning. A vertical slash alternates the entire string before it from the one after it. I can use square brackets to define exactly what group of characters I need to alternate. I know I can use regular brackets in combination with the vertical slash to border the "or" conditon, but still I guess those squared brackets could work too. For the question mark you have to use also the back slash before the ? (\?).
  4. Hi, I recently use this handy regex expression to locate any uppercase or lowercase character within the texts in Afpub documents: \p{Lu} \p{Ll} The probleme is, that this expression does not work, when I surround it with square brackets to combine it with some other expression. For example, if I want to search for any uppercase or, let`s say, question mark, this expression should, in my opinion, work: [\p{Lu}\?] Only, the result of this search is wrong and Publisher finds for me either the character "p", "L", "u", or the mentioned question mark. I`m not sure, if this is some kind of bug, an incompability or if I just write the expression the wrong way. Thanks.
  5. Hi there, according to https://www.regular-expressions.info/unicode.html#prop part "Unicode Categories" I start to use following strings to find "any lowercase" or "any uppercase": \p{Ll} \p{Lu} There are even more very useful strings to use too. Just have a try, which works in Afpub.
  6. Hi, when placing an object from clipboard it is sometimes tricky to paste it on to the desired page. The problem is happening when the desired page is at the top or bottom of the screen. Afpub is placing the object on another page as sellected. Even if there is sellected object to paste on top of it. For better explanation please see my screen recording. Screen Recording 2021-10-21 at 16.37.18.mov
  7. Hi @MEB, what about this one? The workaround to un-assign the vector brush from a stroke to have only solid vector line with pressure applied, which is also expandable in AfD is really weird. Is this issue in scope of Serifs developers please? The behaviour of some Stroke panel options is weird as well. To be axact – I do not get the relation between line style buttons (solid, dashed, textured) and the pressure setting. When I apply some pressure to the line and change the style to solid, I would expect to turn the pressure off. But now nothing happens, the stroke remains pressure-modified. Similarly with dashed line – the pressure gives priority to the dash settings. Especially in this case maybe it would be great to have both – the dashed line with a pressure aplied too. The last weirdness i see – when I switch between solid line and texture line with the same stroke width applied, the stroke preview in contextual menu changes. You can see this on my screenshots. I would expect the same thumbnail there.
  8. This is a nice feature, but surprisingly it looks that it doesn't snap when the connection of two handles is parallel to nodes connection. The feature to maintaint the handle direction while free transform of the line segment is also well known for Illustrator and I would appreciate this in AfD too.
  9. Hi, among type designers (but not only) is a common method to build smooth curves using this method: https://learn.scannerlicker.net/2014/09/16/bezier-curve-quick-tips-two-methods-for-smooth-curves/ The key point is to set the handle length to such position, where the imaginary connection betwen two handles is parallel to the connection of two nodes in question. It would be great to add this geometry among other construction snappings.
  10. The ability to maintain the original shape of the line by Alt+delete seems to be not working in Afpub and Afd 1.10.0.
  11. I'm not sure, if this issue/bug/feature has been discussed here. I noticed, that any text object expanded using the tracking changes its position when changing the alignment. I would expect to maintain the horizontal position of the text objects the same way as it is when text tracking is set to 0. It looks like the shift distance of the object is the same amount as the tracking space betwen two characters. Screen Recording 2021-08-17 at 16.39.14.mov
  12. Similarly with layer Fx. The size of the effect depends on the obj. size. I would prefer to maintain the Fx settings acros multiple sizes. Maybe the Scale with object option in Fx could potentialy switch the behaviour? Screen Recording 2021-05-28 at 14.57.52.mov
  13. I see that the probleme with pasting the style to a new object possibly occurs since the Scale with object option is checked. When unchecked, the pasted style correspond well to the source obj. I'm using Mac version of AfPub 1.9.3. Screen Recording 2021-05-28 at 14.36.48.mov
  14. Hi, I have some trouble with pasting the style to objects in Affinity Designer/Publisher 1.9.3. The stroke color, width and style doesn't corespond to the source layer. I use the standard Ctrl-C > Ctrl-Shift-V method. Shouldn't the Paste Style function works to groups as well? I mean coppying the style from single object and pasting it to the whole group. Maybe there would by some mischiefs with different types of objects containing in the group? I'm just asking.
  15. Hi, the same pixelated BG also by me. But only when the image with perspective filter is placed outside of the artboard. I've got also another issue – by duplicating/pasting the layer with persp.f. the position of handles is moved. And of course… what about the thumbnails of filters? They look weird big. Untitled-2.mov
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