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  1. In some cases the effect of multiply is the same as overprint. But multiply ≠ overprint. By overprinting, the process colour overprints only another process colour. It is not affecting the same process colur in another object. By multiply, for example magenta, is in overlaping objects combined (multiplied) all together. It would by great to have the K-only tool working also with basic overprint swatches.
  2. Hi folks, I have a grayscale picture in Afp with K-only turned on. I colorize this image with global colour set to overprint. The colour has basic cmyk values: C0, M100, Y0, K0. After exporting my file to PDF/X the picture isn't overprinting the background. Next to the image i have basic shape colorized with the same colour and swatch and overprinting works well (see my screenshot below). The only way to overprint that image is to make the swatch not only overprinted, but also a spot colour. After that it works fine, but than I have fifth colour in my PDF. Is this normal and logical, or is it a bug? Why isn't it possible to overprint the image with process colour only?
  3. Thanks for your discovery! Do you someone know the purpose of these "empty" findings?
  4. This helped a bit, but still at some locations with uppers (line 1 or 7 of the F&R table on the screenshot). Yes, I have Slovak. Actualy it looks like only the "ž" isn't catched (see the screen).
  5. Hi @Old Bruce, no change even with Local Aware. My system language is set to English. Do I need to swith to Slovak to perform this functionality doing well?
  6. Hi @v_kyr, thanks for info. The sign * i know to use, but my problem is not to catch string, but catch only lower or upper case letters. Actualy, Publisher catches both. See my printscreen. The expression [a-z] also doesn't catch diacritic letters. I'm looking for somthing in InDesign known like "\l" (any lower case) or "\u" (any uppercase). On my screen you can also see, that Publisher has find also some "empty" locations. Lines without bold-highlighted finds.
  7. Hi, I'm having trouble catching l/u case letters using regex expressions in Publisher. I try to use several syntaxes. With "[a-z]", "[A-Z]" it finds all cases in both expressions, "[[:lower:]]" and "[[:upper:]]" doesn't work too. Is it some bug or do I make something wrong? Thanks for reply.
  8. Thanks @Patrick Connor! Looks good and working well.
  9. Hi, when I export my graphic to jpg, the masked picture has pixelated contour (no antialiasing). The probleme comes, when adjustment layers are applied on the path object only. When you move some of my adjustment layers to the pixel layer instead, the probleme is solved and the contour looks nice after export. In my opinion this is bug and it should not mater, on which object adjustments are applied in such case. Affinity Publisher 1.8.3 Wacom-pen.afpub
  10. Hi @Sean P, I'm sorry I didn't mention it before – I'm working on a Mac (macOS 10.14.6)
  11. Hi, the "copy control handle length/direction" feature is not working when using my Wacom Intuos Pro graphic tablet and its Pen. It works with mouse, but with Wacom it doesn't. The thumbnail near the cursor changes, but handles keep still the same length/direction.
  12. I realised, that updating of the linked file is not working, when the file is placed in rectangle defined in master page and the master for particular spread is locked. When I unlock the master layer, than the linked file is updated corectly. FYI – the orange bar indicating editing of master elements disapear sometime. See my screenshot. The orange bar is invisible, but it is still there (in white colour).
  13. Hi, in AfPub 1.8.3 and its resource manager there are sometimes broken thumbnails for some files. I unfortunately can't estimate any difference betwen files with good thumbnails and bad thumbnails. There was also some weird status for the first file (00_titulka.afphoto). Manager showed dpi -1, but it had 300. And I could not update the file using the Update button. It was still marked as Modified without changes. When I deleted this file from my AfPub book and placed it again, the probleme disapeared.
  14. Hi @Gabe here you have my afpub file with two hearts. The top one is unwelded, the bottom one is welded and on it you can see two unwanted points. I use following: Affinity Publisher and Designer 1.8.3 (it happens on both) on MacOS 10.14.6 with Wacom Intuos Pro. Heart-boolean.afpub
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