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  1. Thanks @Patrick Connor! Looks good and working well.
  2. Hi, when I export my graphic to jpg, the masked picture has pixelated contour (no antialiasing). The probleme comes, when adjustment layers are applied on the path object only. When you move some of my adjustment layers to the pixel layer instead, the probleme is solved and the contour looks nice after export. In my opinion this is bug and it should not mater, on which object adjustments are applied in such case. Affinity Publisher 1.8.3 Wacom-pen.afpub
  3. Hi @Sean P, I'm sorry I didn't mention it before – I'm working on a Mac (macOS 10.14.6)
  4. Hi, the "copy control handle length/direction" feature is not working when using my Wacom Intuos Pro graphic tablet and its Pen. It works with mouse, but with Wacom it doesn't. The thumbnail near the cursor changes, but handles keep still the same length/direction.
  5. I realised, that updating of the linked file is not working, when the file is placed in rectangle defined in master page and the master for particular spread is locked. When I unlock the master layer, than the linked file is updated corectly. FYI – the orange bar indicating editing of master elements disapear sometime. See my screenshot. The orange bar is invisible, but it is still there (in white colour).
  6. Hi, in AfPub 1.8.3 and its resource manager there are sometimes broken thumbnails for some files. I unfortunately can't estimate any difference betwen files with good thumbnails and bad thumbnails. There was also some weird status for the first file (00_titulka.afphoto). Manager showed dpi -1, but it had 300. And I could not update the file using the Update button. It was still marked as Modified without changes. When I deleted this file from my AfPub book and placed it again, the probleme disapeared.
  7. Hi @Gabe here you have my afpub file with two hearts. The top one is unwelded, the bottom one is welded and on it you can see two unwanted points. I use following: Affinity Publisher and Designer 1.8.3 (it happens on both) on MacOS 10.14.6 with Wacom Intuos Pro. Heart-boolean.afpub
  8. Hi, of course. Here you are. Group-blend-modes.afpub
  9. Hi, I have group of objects (or images) underlayed with another colour object. Then I add pixel mask with gradient pixels to this group and leave the default blend mode on "passthrough" for the group. The result of colour mixing is weird. See my screenshot. The expected result appears with "normal" blend mode on this group with pixel mask. Is this normal, or is it bug? I don't understand what kind of math is behind it, but I would expect the same normal result with the "passthrough" blend mode too.
  10. Hi, this is probably known issue, but it still apears in AfPub. When entering the isolation mode of some pixel mask in a document with multiple pages, the mask preview is showing all the time on the first page only.
  11. Hi, even in 1.8.3 with announced boolean fixes, the add option unfortunately still making unwanted points on curves. For example the heart icon I "welded" from two identical halves. I expect to have just two point at the central axis. After the boolean operation there are even two more.
  12. Thank you guys, this issue is fixed in 1.8.3. Everything works as usual.
  13. Yes, but this wasn't earlier. I guess in 1.8.1 (or 1.7) this worked as I described and in other apps too. Shift-dragging added/removed objects to/from selection. Maybe there is some logic behind this new principle, but I can't get it now. I find this new behaviour not intuitive.
  14. Wacom Intuos these days, earlier Wacom Bamboo Pen and Touch. Indeed – when I try with my mouse, everything is working well. When changing with the the Wacom pen, sliders are going wrong (sometimes).
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