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  1. Have you noticed this problem also directly at the Affinity live keynote? Just jump to the time 27:50 and there you are The circle is showing white color but the brush isn't painting at all. https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/live/
  2. For example Cmd+H. I would change the AD > Hide menu item in MacOS system preferences (something like Cmd+Opt+H), but this change also apply to Layer > Hide.
  3. I can not assign keyboard shortcut to the command Layer > Hide, because of the duplicate command in Affinity Designer (Beta) > Hide. Even if I change the shortcut in my MacOS System preferences, this new shortcut apply also to the Layer > Hide command.
  4. Laganama

    Layers struggling

    I try to play with it a bit, and anchoring itself works great, I haven't known about such a feature in AD. The problem causes just pasting an empty layer into the text: create empty layer, copy it, insert the cursor into the text and paste the empty layer inside. Even if I create layer with some object and copy it, than paste it into the text to anchor them, everything works good. The problem is indeed just anchoring the empty layer.
  5. Laganama

    Layers struggling

    I have found the problem. Something like layer has been parented to one of my text frames. Looks like anchored object? (see the attachment) I can't find any reference for such a symbol in AD manual. After deleting it everything works well.
  6. Laganama

    Layers struggling

    With the same behaviour. Even completely other layer are showed/hiden than sellected/ticked.
  7. Laganama

    Layers struggling

    AD is struggling with layers panel. Layers are slow in showing/hiding and they can't be renamed. After double-clicking the layer name changes to edit mode but cancel the editation immediately and automatically. I can't insert custom name.
  8. I'm a bit confused with the behaviour of the "none" colour while brush painting in pixel persona. I can set the colour of foreground and background to "none", what is also indicated by the red diagonal line. This is fine until I choose the Paint Brush Tool and start to paint something. The colour of the foreground changes automatically to white indicated by the white circle, but the brush is painting nothing. Because before the sellection of it the colour was set to "none". But why is than the circle indicating white colour? Either it should stay indicating "none" (red diagonal) or it should paint with white colour. This would by logical, am I right?
  9. I'm combining vector shapes and vector brushes, both colored with the same spot color. After the export to PDF, the spot color is preserved in vector shapes with fills and basic strokes only. Vector brushes with textured strokes are still translated in to CMYK colors. Is this bug or missing feature?