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  1. Hi there, according to https://www.regular-expressions.info/unicode.html#prop part "Unicode Categories" I start to use following strings to find "any lowercase" or "any uppercase": \p{Ll} \p{Lu} There are even more very useful strings to use too. Just have a try, which works in Afpub.
  2. Hi, when placing an object from clipboard it is sometimes tricky to paste it on to the desired page. The problem is happening when the desired page is at the top or bottom of the screen. Afpub is placing the object on another page as sellected. Even if there is sellected object to paste on top of it. For better explanation please see my screen recording. Screen Recording 2021-10-21 at 16.37.18.mov
  3. Those two images are not the same. The green one differs in details from the red one. They both work rogether as a duotone. The answer could be – sometimes it may be an intension to have different clipping masks. You can handle with masks on some creative way.
  4. When you resize the clipping rectangle of the "good" illustration (tagged with green), PDF will be rasterized too
  5. Hi @Hangman, thanks for your approach. That is really strange those two sets. It seems that just the green illustration taged with green colour causes the export to be rasterized. If the red illu taged with green colour is visible alone, it makes the export in PDF correct. I can not see any difference between those two green illustrations too. How did you get the second set? Just only by duplicating it? Good point to throw two or more illu in to one common group and apply the clipping mask to the whole group. Thanks for advice!
  6. Hi @Hangman, I've made a bit more investigation. It looks like only the rectangle as a cliping mask make such problem. The other ways – picture frame and image placed inside a blank rectangle – looks good. The same also with PDF/X-3 and PDF/X-4. AfPub 1.10.1 Crawfish-PDF:X-1a.pdf Crawfish-PDF:X-3.pdf Crawfish-PDF:X-4.pdf Crawfish.afpub
  7. Hi, this issue has been maybe already discussed here… If I apply a cropping mask to grayscale image colored with pantone and export such a document to PDF/X-1a this image in question is interpreted as CMYK. It should be the same as the one on the right side – two colors overprinted each other. Both illustrations are composed of two images colored with pantone set to overprint.
  8. Hi @MEB, what about this one? The workaround to un-assign the vector brush from a stroke to have only solid vector line with pressure applied, which is also expandable in AfD is really weird. Is this issue in scope of Serifs developers please? The behaviour of some Stroke panel options is weird as well. To be axact – I do not get the relation between line style buttons (solid, dashed, textured) and the pressure setting. When I apply some pressure to the line and change the style to solid, I would expect to turn the pressure off. But now nothing happens, the stroke remains pressure-modified. Similarly with dashed line – the pressure gives priority to the dash settings. Especially in this case maybe it would be great to have both – the dashed line with a pressure aplied too. The last weirdness i see – when I switch between solid line and texture line with the same stroke width applied, the stroke preview in contextual menu changes. You can see this on my screenshots. I would expect the same thumbnail there.
  9. Hi, when i copy characters in Bullets and Numbering Text field, it makes the dialog window stucked. This happens only when I use Cmd-C shortcut, which is not visible on my srceencast (00:54). Right-click and copy works fine. AfPub 1.10.1 MacOS 10.15.7 Screen Recording 2021-09-27 at 13.10.27.mov
  10. Hi, on Afpub 1.10.1 I can't type, paste or even increase/decrease colour values using arow keys in CMYK/RGB/HSL etc. fields. This concerns to character / paragraph styles dialog boxes and also to find and change format dialog box.
  11. Hi @walt.farrell, I guess it has something to do with tracking. For the first paragraph on site 10 (magenta) i needed to set tracking to -10‰ (-9‰ is not enough). This value in this particular case seems to be the cause. When I set tracking to -11‰ everything looks fine. Screen Recording 2021-09-21 at 14.11.13.mov
  12. At the begining the text reflow is broken. At the time of 0:46 I open the dialog box and the wrong text reflow fixes. Than, at 1:15 I open the Heading paragraph style settings again and the reflow brokes again (see the upper part of the screen – spread 10–11). From this time up to 4:27, when I again open the paragraph settings, it's wrong. The dialog box fixes the reflow again (at 4:27). See the transparent illustration with the ear and cherries.
  13. Unfortunately I can't replicate the bug with some ordinary font in use (Arial, Helvetica etc).
  14. Hi, below you'll find my screen recording. Quite long, I'm sorry, but I just tried to replicate the bug. It seems that the opeing of paragraph style dialog box sometimes causes wrong text reflow at some specific place/spread. In this publication it's happening just at this specific spot on page 10. Afpub 1.10.1 macOS Catalina Screen Recording 2021-09-20 at 14.04.11-2.mov
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