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  1. Hi @Gabe, here you are. The probleme occurs even with these few objects pasted in attached document. Try to move any point of trees, horizon or the ground. Path-bug.afpub
  2. Found in AP and AD. The node is deleted in some cases during the movement with snapping option allowed. See the behaviour in my screencast. Affinity-snapping.mov
  3. Here you can download other languages too: https://github.com/Kozea/Pyphen (Pyphen/pyphen/dictionaries/)
  4. Thanks @walt.farrell, now it is correct.
  5. Hi there, I'm not sure if you solved the issue with hyphanation, but here you can download several .dic languages in correct Affinity Publisher hyphenation format: https://github.com/Kozea/Pyphen (just download the whole directory, .dic files are located in Pyphen/pyphen/dictionaries/).
  6. Hi there, here you can download files suitable for Slovak and Czech hyphenation. Copy them to the directory according to https://affinity.help/publisher/en-US.lproj/pages/Text/hyphenation.html. hyph_cs_CZ.dic hyph_sk_SK.dic
  7. I was thinking about it the way it would be nice to have the Edit Image button as fix. But probably there is no need to leave the current document to edit such an image. What is not possible in pixel persona can be done by switching to AfPhoto. And for sophisticated edits I can simple save and place the image (with appropriate edits) as .afdesign document. What do you mean about my second earlier topic: The image placed by copy-pasting from Finder does not have its name in layers panel.
  8. Hi @walt.farrell, I'm not sure about this theory Because when I place for example another AfD document into my current document (I embed it), the button is present. The principle should be the ability to edit even embeded document. Am I wrong? The image (or embedded document) opens in separate window and changes are shown immediately. I haven't meant files (images) created directly in Designer (pixel layer). I meant images placed in to my document.
  9. Looks like an issue of new document type. Images placed in to the document created as Print (Press Ready) maintain the edit ability of images (Edit Image button apears), but all other document types (Print, Photo, Web…) ignore the image edit possibility.
  10. Hi, in some AfD documents there is no Edit Image button in context toolbar. I try to use the same picture in multiple documents. In first document thre is the ability to edit it within AfD using the button but I do not know why in my second document the button is missing. I proceed the placement the same way: File > Place or using the Place Image Tool. When I copy the image from the document with the possibility to edit to the second document, the button miraculously apears. I even wonder, why the first scenario works only using the AfD tools (menu command and the place image tool). By simply copying the image from Finder and placing in to the document there isn't the button at all. The placed image even doesn't have the file name in layers panel.
  11. Hi, there is significant colour inconsistency by conversion from RGB to CMYK via the adjustment layer and document setup. The soft proof adjustment layer produces different colours than the same rendering intent through document setup dialog box. See my video. Colours in video are shifted a bit, but the issue is visible. Am I doing something wrong or is there some different renderig on background when using document setup conversion? I'm not sure if the adjustment layer has smaller gamut or the luminosity differs, but CMYK colours after document colour conversion looks for me a bit better. RGB to CMYK.mov
  12. Hi Gabe, no, standard desktop use. Mac OS 10.12.6.
  13. Hi, there is a bug in HSL adjustment dialog box. While moving range points for selective colour adjustment, the behaviour is strange sometime. See my video. The same in Af Photo. Af Publisher looks good. HSL.mov
  14. Thanks gusy for expnaining! Now it makes sanse. The principle is clear. But wouldn't be better if the opacity is not affecting the mask object? Setting the opacity to cliping object is also good technique, but in my opinion the overal layer opacity shouldn't be counting to the opacity of clip. obj.
  15. Hi, I'm not sure if I'm geting things wrong or there is a bug in Affinity software, but I see some weird behaviour with cliping objects in layers panel. See my video please: I have two squares, both the same colour and 50% opacity. Square 1 has 50% through Layers panel, Square 2 through Color panel. When I aply 100% white circle shapes inside them to clip them both, squares have different final colour. The Square 1 has in fact 25% opacity. Square 2 keeps correct colour. Is this behaviour normal? There is no blending option applied on any shapes at all. Things are weird even if I export my graphic to PDF. In PDF the final opacity of Square 1 is as I would excpect – 50%. Thank you for explaning. Mask-Opacity.mov
  16. Hi, in Outline view mode it is sometime quite difficult to sellect curves by clicking on them. I guess the bigger the zoom is, the harder task it is. It takes quite long time to find the right place where the click-sellection works. See my attachement: try to sellect the red head clicking on the curve within the blue area. In Vector mode sellection works well. Click-sellect-test.afdesign
  17. Hi, when the AfD, AfP and AfPub are in Full Screen mode, the document opened from Finder doesn't show the application. The app becomes active, but the screen doesn't switch to the app screen. I have to go there manually by hiting Cmd+Tab or clicking the app icon in the dock.
  18. Thanks Sean. It was funny to see this issue also in Affinity Publisher during your Affinity live presentation
  19. Maybe better solution (taken from the other side) – completely remove the ability of drawing the "none" colour with the Brush tool. But then.. sliders and colour selector must be synchronized. Practically – by activating Brush tool in Pixel Persona with "none" in sellector, the sellector and sliders change to white colour.
  20. Hi, I'd like to ask you what is the purpose of showing the "none" colour the way of white colour when the Brush tool in Pixel Persona is selected. It is often confusing when I'm gonig to draw something hith white colour but the brush is not painting at all. Then I see, by comparing the colour selector and colour sliders, that there is difference and not consistancy, what means I had to sellect "none" colour before (often repeated when comming from Designer Persona to Pixel Persona with none colour in selector). I guess it would be better to indicate the none statement with red diagonal line as usual. The same for Affinity Photo.
  21. Hi, there is some bounding box mischief when I sellect artistic text with some letters colored without the fill, just with stroke. Try to sellect the text with some other objects.
  22. I've got several artboards in my document and the guide manager doesn't show correct numbers of the guides position. There is probably some mismatch with Spread Origin value.
  23. Hi Chris, when I have only one artboard, the drawing area for the mask is limited by that artboard. When I have multiple artboards, the drawing area grows up to the "bounding box" of all of them. But sometimes the area doesn't correspond to this "bounding box". Sometimes it is even not possible to draw in to the mask within the appropriate artboard, because the shifted active area (but in some direction out of the artboard it goes). And second issue – as you can see in the video, my color sliders are showing some kind of gray color, but the brush is painting rich black. When I reaply the color (by clicking in to some slider), the color changes, but there is some inheritance within the color palette? Or is it some bug? Screen-recording-mask-01.mov
  24. Have you noticed this problem also directly at the Affinity live keynote? Just jump to the time 27:50 and there you are The circle is showing white color but the brush isn't painting at all. https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/live/
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