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  1. Thank you for that, I thought I might be missing something obvious. I will wait to see if it appears - at lest it is mentioned so hopefully it will get there. Unlike the use of formulae within tables, which is not mentioned at all ! Richard
  2. I have found in the help that there should be a Fill Cells option and a Quickfill option in tables, but I can't see them.
  3. It may be that I am missing something, but I cannot find any way to drag and fill in data in columns and rows. In most software where tables can be used there is a facility to select data within a cell (or cells) and then drag that down or across to duplicate the data in adjoining cell. Usually, if you enter say 1 in one cell and 2 in the cell below and then select those cells and drag them down the series will be continued for as long as you drag. Is this available in Affinity, it is in Pageplus.
  4. I have just been adding clip art images to a document. Some of the images I have flipped vertically to make a mirror image, but when I print the page the flipped image is printed in its original orientation. In the screen display in the print preview the images are orientated correctly - that is as in the document. Richard
  5. Hi In PagePlus there were a number of useful, if basic, image editing functions which were very useful for adjusting imported images. Particularly useful to me were the ability to set a particular colour as transparent, and a more recent addition, the Cut Out studio which I use a lot. Is there any plan to make these functions available in Affinity Publisher?
  6. Have tried copy and paste from PP table and highlighted more than one cell in AP but data still copied to one cell. I have also tried it from excel and that works fine. PP produces a tab delimited output when data is copied from a table, please can AP be set up to recognise tab as well as comma delimited data? R
  7. When copying data into tables from other applications such as PP, word or excel, all the data is placed into one cell rather than being distributed between cells as in the original. All other applications I use are able to place the data appropriately. Is this a 'feature' or am I doing something wrong? Hopefully it will be remedied. R
  8. My apologies if this has already been covered. In PP it is possible to split a table if it becomes to large for the space by using an arrow icon at the bottom the table. So far, APub, I have been unable to find a way of splitting tables that become too long. Does this feature exist in APub or am I looking in vain? R
  9. Shame, these are all things that I use a lot.
  10. If I am going to have to recreate all my legacy documents I will certainly not be moving on to Affinity. Sorry. An import program should be an essential element of the new design if you want your existing customers to upgrade. Saving as pdf from x9 and importing chops up text into small portions and imports some as a non editable picture, especially for complex documents.
  11. Hi. I have been looking at the new publisher and like what I see. I have a few questions: Is it possible to set up the UI so that the text frame boarders do not disappear when typing text? Are you intending to enable Affinity Publisher to import documents from older versions? I have many hundreds of .ppp files that I still need to open and edit. Are you going to add mail merge capability at some point? Is there a way to save document templates? Thanks fro now.