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  1. Have tested it and it works with my documents, which all use the same Master Page. It's too late for my current document, but will certainly build the next one using individual documents for each article, combined at the end. Thank you very much.
  2. Yes. I downloaded the beta a while back, and it did exactly what I needed. However, I shall not be taking full advantage of this until the beta has led to a new release - just in case!
  3. I checked it using Adobe Reader and it worked fine without the function key pressed, so I assumed that it was working like any normal pgdn/pgup key. However, since you raise the question, I tried it in Word, and this does require the function key to be pressed. I can now make it work in Publisher if I press function key and Ctrl (and no doubt I can change the default using the function key as well), so many thanks for your help with that!
  4. Thanks Joachim. I have successfully edited the shortcuts on my Desktop. Interestingly, though, I cannot get even the default (CTRL+PageDown) setting to work on my windows laptop, despite its having keys clearly marked PgUp and PgDn. These work fine with Adobe Acrobat Reader, but not Publisher, and I cannot use them to edit the default settings either. Has anyone else come across a problem like this and found a solution?
  5. Might it be possible to arrange for the Page Up and Page Down keys on a windows keyboard to permit scrolling up and down the document a page at a time, as it does on PagePlus? This would be a handy way to flick through a document to check that everything is in order prior to export. A lot easier than using a scroll bar. Currently using release on windows desktop and laptop.
  6. Has any progress been made with this document merge facility since my original post from October? I desperately need the ability to do this (which was possible in PagePlus) to avoid the need to make a load of pdfs of individual articles and join them together in Acrobat (having fudged the page numbering). My own requirement is simply to merge individual Publisher documents all created using the same Master Page and fonts.
  7. I cannot find .docx in the list of file types that can be placed? (See screenshot). Am I missing something? I am using Af Pubisher in Windows, Release
  8. I have just discovered this problem, and it really matters to me. I edit a 48 page magazine that has contributions from various authors of 6 to 8 pages each, that I capture individually so I can send individual proofs to each author, and also decide on the order to assemble them in the final document later. I have been using PagePlus very effectively to do this for a number of years, and use the insert > publication method simply to append one document after another. I am surprised and shocked that Publisher does not do this or something even better. I originally used MS Publisher but ditched that as soon as I could because it could not do anything similar, even with a third party tool. Does Affinity have any plans to include this facility in due course?
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