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  1. awesome @Michael117!! Really looking forward to working on my 2020 planner books. Maybe Publisher will have all the features for me this year, or certainly by 2021 to get my books EXACTLY the way i want them!!!
  2. Has anybody else had this problem with books? I've created another template that i wanted to resize, and IF i use master pages, then the applied pages will change. However, when i use the steps like this: 'File > Spread Setup...'. There you can choose if you want to apply the changes to 'Current Spread', 'All Spreads' or 'Selected Spreads'. You find these choices in the top left of the window. it only changes changes the page that i am "on" right now. Even when i select ALL SPREADS.
  3. Thank you Dominik! I still had to edit any stand alone pages (not part of spread, ie. first and last page) and master pages are unchanged, but all the master page content that was applied to main spreads DID resize as intended. Thanks very much!
  4. How do i change page size for all pages, i.e. if i created something in 6" x 9" but want to upsize to larger dimension, i.e. 8" x 10". This is what I'm going now: --> right click on page | spread properties --> Scaling tab -> select rescale and resample = bilinear (is that best choice? i think so, looks ok so far!) --> Dimensions tab -> edit dimensions settings and click OK. it is okay with a 3 page document but not a 100 page book!! Any faster way to batch this? (I've tried to edit settings for spreads and document but it only changes for the one page that is featured on my screen.) Also: let me know if i'm missing a thread. I've searched all the keywords i can think of, but am not finding anything about this! THANKS.
  5. i would be happy with any restrictions, such as requirements for identical properties or somehow going through a sync up review, similar to when we import a file with missing fonts, and we have to select preferred font. Any restrictions really, almost, i could work around, if we could just import masters into other documents. thanks for confirming that i'm not missing something obvious that already exists!
  6. I have two Publisher documents that I would like to merge, or certain pages (a whole document of regular pages, master pages or any variation) that I'd like to add / import from one into the other document. Again, any variation on it being a full Publisher document, a PDF or just master pages, but I'd like some way to re-use master pages without having to do a document A copy, open Document B to paste, then back to Document A to copy next master and back to Document B to paste ... times however many master pages etc that I have. Thanks!
  7. Ariana M

    Monthly Calendar Template

    Thank you @v_kyr!!!! I'm looking for a solution using Publisher, and i think with all the beta iterations, it's getting closer and closer to a good calendar related solution!!!
  8. I'm lurking on all the threads where calendars are mentioned right now... adding my vote to a request for calendar functionality and tutorial/video in Publisher!!!
  9. Ariana M

    slow pdf export

    I'm experiencing the same issue with a day planner interior (so, 365+ pages). Multiple hours (I think 2, or maybe more?) and there are no "pictures" or colors. Just lines and letters/numbers, and it is still hours! I've double checked settings, and they appear normal, but yeah it takes for.ever.
  10. How do I "flatten" all layers before exporting / PDF'ing so that I do not lose resolution? Problem: Sending 8.5x11 manuscript to Kindle (KDP) for print on demand (book). When using Export->PDF(print) some lines on diagram are not appearing in digital proof. When I use the Export->PDF(flatten) the resolution is too low / diagrams are pixelated. For example: PDF(print) is crisp PDF(flatten) is blurry
  11. Need to be able to export page range, not just "all pages" or "all spreads". When I select "current page" of a spread, I always get the left hand page, never the right hand page (which is the one that I want of course). I do have the right hand page selected in the pages panel, but still cannot get that one to print...
  12. @Wim Daniels Yes this is what I've been doing, but I (of course) want more... Some ability to move pages, whether through a copy/paste, import or anything really - even if it is just importing masters... I also wanted to be sure that I'm not missing something obvious and making more work for myself!! Thanks for confirming that my workaround is necessary. PS this is an amazing product. I am so grateful for the speed I'm working at right now, compared to what I'd be doing otherwise!
  13. Hi! When you say "mark", do you mean right-click-copy? Or select all-copy? <-- i've tried both but i am able to do a simple copy of text boxes / shapes from one page to another. Note: on the pages in question, I have a master applied and then multiple text boxes. I can copy/paste from one page to another page. I then have to recreate the master pages in the new document, but I guess that's okay. (I'd like to be able to export the masters but havent figured that out yet!) Ideally, I'd like to take several pages, copy the page and insert it into another document (so i dont have to create all new pages and then go 1:1 with the copying and pasting.) For now, I am PDF'ing both documents and then using IlovePDF to merge them! Not ideal, but possible... Does this make sense? THANKS for your reply and trying to help me figure this out.
  14. How can I insert pages from one AfPub document into another? I created two separate documents (long story), and now, other than copying and pasting for 50 pages, cannot see how to either merge or insert or even group copy and paste many pages. Am I missing something obvious? thanks.
  15. @gdenby wow, thanks for the suggestion. i'll need to google/search around a bit to fully understand all the features i'll need to use (admitted newbie here) but I'll work on that, and appreciate your spending time coming up with a possible solution and giving me a screenshot to work from in my further research! thanksagain