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  1. Great! ctrl + W is a great replacement for f10. Not only does away with Touch Bar issues it also seems faster, due to the resting position of my left hand. Thank you! <3
  2. I think F10 is a mistake. Given that MBP have now 'removed' the F keys this becomes a very cumbersome quick access key. Then if we factor in other small keyboards and many laptops having the F keys used in conjunction with an FN keys, I can't see this a good choice. Working on a full keyboard this might be ok, even though still not optimal, as it is not a the extremes of the groupings of 4 F keys, like F9 or F12 would be. I would appreciate some other options. Something like an cmd + any key.
  3. I have been using it recently for various things. It started as a hope to find something I could use instead of indesign. So far it is progressing nicely and it might actually fit my night in a pinch, with the attractive pricing I am considering to actually invest in this one when it comes out. And considering that at the first beta I was taken aback, this is quite something. In light of this positive and encouraging post for the developers, I would like to give only one major thing I would need/love to see come soon, and this are footnotes and endnotes. Thanks for being busy and updating us with newer betas.
  4. Hey! After this post, I haven't used it much this way, I needed 2 screens all the time. I have thought tried this again now. And after closing the lid, the resource manager is nowhere. I have to switch desktop (swipe left and right) to get the manager back on the screen. Since, this might be setup oriented, let me give you the details. I am using a MBP 2016, so the only ports I have are USB-C. I have the monitor connected through and USB-C to HDMI cable (no adapters). The external monitor is set as the main screen. APub is opened on the external monitor (main screen) in full screen mode. With this configuration, the issue can be consistently reproduced. I have now tested another option, which is to have APub run in windowed mode and the issue is not to be seen. So this happens only if APub is opened in fullscreen mode. I hope this is enough detail. If not, I can provide additional info.
  5. picture frame and place image are the same thing. In the end both serve to place an image on the document. Them behaving differently makes it even more of an issue. Especially if you would have a mix of both in the document and in the end there is no visual cue to differentiate them. The crop tool can be useful, especially when is used to crop multiple placed objects. But in the perspective of an image does the same as the frame itself.
  6. I find it confusing. Basically you have 3 tools for 1 job. Frame, directly placed image and the crop tool. Seems redundant
  7. I hope I didn't come across harsh. I meant it politely. We have different workflows, I believe that the developers benefit from hearing use types.
  8. I was pointed elsewhere I could use the vector crop tool. So I went and checked it out. I had document with 1 page. I put in an image frame, used a screenshot as the image to place. PNG file. Selected the vector frame tool, tried to crop it, used one of the key modifiers and the APub just closed itself. Tried something similar 3 times in a row same result. Reopened APub. Placed 2 objects (square and triangle) placed another PNG image in without using the frame. Grouped them, cropped them as a group and no issues. I am not sure what caused the crashes. Maybe the key modifiers. Trying to recreate it... no luck. I hope it was fluke... otherwise working MBP 2016 with dedicated graphic card on High Siera.
  9. not much to say. The program quits, when I try to use the vector crop tool.
  10. I do not want to crop the said image. I want to keep one of the dimensions of the picture frame as set prior placing the image and then conform the frame to the image.
  11. I think you are misunderstanding the need. I do not want the image to come to the original size. I would need the frame to conform. The only way would be to place the image directly. But sometimes you know the height of the image or width you want. Then you have a coupe of options for the image you want to place, they are of different aspect ratios. Using scale to minimum fit won't work properly in that occasion.
  12. This actually was very helpful. It was on me. Idk what I was thinking. I went on replicating your thing and tried a few more thing. Two objects that go in the gutter and one that spans over, and it works well. Thank you Eugene! I have though notice something else. In facing pages, the bleed cannot be set separately for inner and outer edge, only left and right. I don't know if that was intentional.
  13. What are you talking about. It is pretty common to set up a book in spread mode with the intention of creating a glue bound book. ID offers gutter bleed. And there is nothing special about this feature. It actually makes more sense to create a book in spreads than single pages. Single page documents brings other issues. If you want to put an object on both spread, you have to put it in the document twice. Let's not forget the whole issue of not being able to see what you are actually creating. I hoped I was missing something and this was actually possible in APub. Since this is not resolved, I think it is fair to point it out. Would be great to get this implemented. I use this kind of placement pretty often, so for me is quite must.
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