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  1. Sorry, I expressed myself in the wrong way, the purple boundary is the snapping candidates showing when selection shapes right? If so, that's my problem, the snapping candidate boundary appears in my programa but it doesn's disappear. I tried it now, when disabling the snapping feature the purple boundary vanishes, but as soon as I reactive it again the bug starts to manifest again, as you can see in the image the snapping candidates purple boundary doesn't fade out when selecting multiple objects. The boundaires appear when I toggle the snapping feature.
  2. Hi, Is there someone facing the same issues that I'm? Look the image, as you can see when editing a document the purple paint appears to help when editing the shapes and other objects. In my case the purple paint is not erasing itself out. This problem started to happen after I've installed the DisplayFusion software, does anyone have any idea how to solve this issue without a complete reinstall? I've done it but had no success. Sea Plane by Peter Greenwood
  3. Currently facing issues with Affinity Photo and Affinity Publisher Beta crashing upon opening but not facing any issues with Affinity Designer. Tried reinstalling both software, nothing. Tried to see if there is any crash reports on %appdata, nothing. I can't even open the CTRL + Click interface to reset my settings, I think that an Windows 10 update is the issue.

    1. HowA


      Everything normal now, restarted my computer and suddenly everything is working, maybe was a RAM Memory issue.

  4. I'm having this problem today also, can't open Affinity Photo because it crashes when open, but ADesigner is working properly, I guess its fonts related.
  5. Hi, I'm new to Affinity Designer and Photo, bought them last year, using both tools to develop my job as an Environmental Engineer. It's possible to develop a spherical grid or geometrical grid manager to draw worlds like Lazy Nezumi software? Thank you!
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