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  1. After resetting the shortcuts, the new default shortcuts are available. Thank you
  2. For this, it would have to be possible to cross-fade into other shapes. In addition, the number of duplicates should not be limited to 100.
  3. In the meantime, one could help oneself by means of a combination with the symbol functionality...
  4. I would also like to see some AI functions. But in my opinion, that would be the beginning of the subscription model.
  5. Thank you, Dan! The explanation sounds logical: if there is no integrated mask (in contrast to V1), consequently none can be hidden. So one would have to extend the shortcut functionality to the maskless adjustments and live filters. I am curious to see how you will solve it
  6. Layer masks can be shown and hidden with the shortcut Shift+LMK. When they are hidden, a diagonal red line is displayed. Very good. Adjustments and live filters can also be shown and hidden with this shortcut. But there is no visual feedback when these layer types are hidden.
  7. The framework issue therefore only exists with the Ctrl key, not with the Alt key. Correct?
  8. Yes, the creation of masks works well. But the feedback for the user, by highlighting, only works sporadically (Windows). Only when the Ctrl key is released are all mask entries highlighted when the mouse is over them.
  9. The right-click is also the better solution at the moment: If you use the Ctrl-click, you have to release the Ctrl-key again after the click, because otherwise the selection does not work properly.
  10. The shortcut Ctrl+Alt+LMK to change the brush size no longer works in Changing the hardness works as usual.
  11. At the moment it is a Ctrl-click in Windows. Alt-click is like without an additional key.
  12. I don't know "Pageplus", but I'm curious. What could you do with the "dual line option"?
  13. The consequence is that you see the background at this point. So this method is not universally applicable. I don't know exactly what you want to achieve. With the Appeareance panel you can create as many parallel contours as you like.
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