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  1. Michail

    resize layers palette

    It may help to reset the studio (menu "View" -> "Studio"). Or you can reset the program by pressing the Ctrl key at startup.
  2. @Tumulte, We're going round in circles. I think it's all said. I wish you a pleasant day.
  3. I don't know of any graphics program that works differently. Nevertheless, you are free not to like it. What would be your suggestion for another efficient and consistent method for key-mouse-actions? In practice, I would use this method if I wanted to quickly copy or move an object within sight. So you see ad hoc what happens. For the distance, there is still the popular and widespread C&P method. If something works, it can't be questionable, can it?! I have already said what my opinion is on this point.
  4. Of course, that's exactly the point! If you want to use keys for a function, you have to keep these keys pressed until the end of the action, otherwise the desired effect will not be achieved. This is quite logical. Let me give you a simpler example. Let's say you want to draw a circle. There is no special circle tool, so use the Ellipse tool. To draw a circle with this tool you have to hold down the Shift key while drawing the ellipse. If you release the Shift key first, it will be an ellipse again. If you want to have a circle, you are forced to release the mouse button first. Otherwise you will get an ellipse again. I don't know what is so hard to understand about this principle. First the mouse, then the key. Never try to let go of both at the same time, because you don't have that under control. The thing with Ctrl or Alt and the double function of the Ctrl key is a completely different problem. I had already said something about that.
  5. Why do you let go of the keyboard key first? If you use shortcuts, you should always release the mouse button first. Otherwise the shortcut will lose its effect before your action is complete.
  6. If several objects are grouped, only the outer common selection is visible. If several ungrouped objects are selected, the individual object boundaries are also visible. I suspect that this is hardly different in PagePlus.
  7. If you are in Symmetry mode and have activated the stabilizer at the same time, it is very difficult to align the center of symmetry to an exact point. It seems that the stabilizer's inhibition mechanism is maintained when the stabilizer is moved.
  8. That makes sense. But it counteracts the basic idea @Sean P was talking about. If you use the traditional Alt key and change your mind and switch to the Ctrl key, it won't work. So flip-floppers must always use Ctrl. This would make the world-famous Alt key superfluous.
  9. Why didn't Serif assign this functionality to the Alt key? The Alt key is the traditional copy key.
  10. I'm just curious: What do you do with a text frame where one dimension is 0?
  11. You can also use Boolean operators to combine multiple selections that have different edge sharpnesses. Therefore, the option must always be active. If you want to change the edge sharpness later, use the menu command "Select" -> "Edge sharpness".
  12. This setting must be made before selection.
  13. I have made a small video for clarification. In the dialog box "Refine selection" the selection is not converted into a red mask. Instead, the whole area turns red. I took some pictures to illustrate the problem. Screenshot 1 shows the preview displayed in the "Refine Selection" dialog box. I have selected "Preview" transparent in the popup. That's why the new background is already displayed. The selection still looks good here. Screenshots 2 and 3 show the results with the output settings "Mask" and "Selection". The selection looks much worse than it was shown in the preview. Screenshot 4 shows the result with the output setting "Layer". The selection is good and corresponds to the preview. If required, I can also provide you with the corresponding afphoto files.
  14. Your tone is very rude! No one is obliged to answer you (and you cannot forbid anyone). And if you only expect answers from a certain group of people, then you should make that explicit in your posts.