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  1. I would like to express my great thanks to Serif. When adjusting the size and sharpness of the brush tip, you no longer have to fiddle with two mouse buttons. The handling when adding and subtracting selections has also improved. Serif has fortunately moved away from the right mouse button. But why doesn't Ctrl+Alt work with the Select Range tool (Magic Wand)?
  2. I'm not sure I understood your problem correctly. Have you ever tried increasing the radius in the context bar?
  3. This is not the same and not very efficient as an alternative. This becomes even clearer than with the rectangle selection when using the selection ellipse. Try creating an ellipse so that the size and position are correct - around a person's head, for example. You will not succeed. Size and/or position must be corrected later. To do this, you have to switch to mask mode in a cumbersome way and select a different tool. With the method I mentioned you could achieve the exact position and size right away.
  4. Thanks a lot @Chris B and everybody, for the posts. It seems like I was just imagining it. I'm clearly working with too many different programs 🤔. Is it conceivable that this functionality will be implemented in the near future? There don't seem to be many people who know this feature (e.g. in PS), let alone miss it.
  5. A video doesn't make sense, @carl123, because nothing happens. I could make a video of me pressing the space bar 😎. The space bar allows you to move the selection if it is not yet complete. Try it in Photoshop and you'll know what I mean. It used to work in APh too.
  6. Thanks, @Chris B. Perhaps my question was not precise enough. I don't think we need a video. Try this: Create a rectangle selection (Don't let go of the mouse.). Press the space bar and keep dragging the mouse. Expected: The unfinished selection moves. Result: Nothing happens.
  7. It is about a (for me) very popular function. It is no longer possible to move a selection (e.g. a rectangle selection) during creation. I don't know when this stopped working but it has been like this for quite a while.
  8. Thanks, @Gabe. Let me know if you need the INDD file.
  9. Some things in IDML import do not work yet: I have exported an INDD to an IDML (as an example here only one page). In the first picture you can see the IDML in InDesign. In the second picture the same IDML was opened in APup. The following problems can be identified: Text in placeholder text frames on the master are not transferred (below). Button bar (master) was not taken over. Arrow ends are missing. Hatching appears too wide. Text, especially the equal signs, appears differently. I used beta In the current release version, the image is placed outside the frame, so you can't see it. IDML.idml
  10. Why don't you just continue working with "PagePlus"?!
  11. Thank you, @Alfred. I changed it in my post.
  12. The other way around. If you need something like that, you have to turn it on. There is protocol for that. Select "View" -> "Studio" -> "Protocol" "History" from the menu.
  13. You should be careful what you say. For example, where are the undo arrows in Photoshop and InDesign? I hope that for Serif the number of question marks does not determine priorities ...
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