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  1. A video wouldn't be bad. You may have activated the option "Protect transparency" in the context bar.
  2. 1. Import the attached table (Ctrl+Shift+M) - Screenshot 1 2. Import the same table by drag&drop - Screenshot 2 The results are very different. It looks like two different xlsx import filters exist. There seems to be no way to view and adjust import options either. SLR-Tabelle.xlsx
  3. Interpolate a copy of the source file down (Ctrl+Shift+I) Then export it to TIFF again. This way you can find out if the file size is the cause. If the problem persists, could you perhaps provide us with a heavily downscaled version (Color depth and number of pixels)? Then we can find out if this might only happen to you.
  4. I have the feeling that the method has an influence. If I create the object manually (without power duplicate: Ctrl+J), it works for me. What is this strange node in the middle (see screenshot)? When I try to move it, AD crashes.
  5. Thank you for the suggested solution. Please excuse me for forgetting to tell you here how I solved the problem for myself: I installed MS Visual C++ which implements these missing files. I don't understand, however, that the problem only occurs with betas, and not with purchase versions.
  6. I have installed the latest Affinity software on a new Windows 10 system. All three programs were installed without any problems. Then I installed the three latest beta versions ( / When I start one of these programs, two error messages appear one after the other (see screenshots). This happens with all three betas. On the other, older Windows 10 system this problem did not occur. Apparently the betas miss two dll files. After I confirm the two messages with "OK", the betas start normally.
  7. I agree. I suggest greying out the default names until they are changed by the user. Or put them in brackets (like in the layer panel). If it is a kind of numbering, as @Jon P says, then perhaps it would be better to use numbers.
  8. I can't crash APub with your file. The document is so simple that I don't think it's the document. So it could be a system related incompatibility, or a peripheral device. Maybe it helps to reset APub (start the program with the Ctrl key pressed). I don't have another idea right now .
  9. Also with the new file there are no problems with me. Does this also happen with other documents if you do the same?
  10. I can't confirm that. However, I do not have access to the image (Linked). This could be an indication that there is something wrong with the image or its origin. Can you provide the file with the embedded image?
  11. Possibly there are already error messages of this kind: The default shortcut "Ctrl+Shift+Alt+[" (index entry) does not work. I suspect that there are difficulties interpreting the third key assignment ("alt gr") of non-English keyboards (Windows).
  12. Michail


    Apparently the third key assignment is not interpreted correctly (Alt Gr = "["). If I want to redefine the shortcut, Ctrl+Shift+Alt+8 always appears. It's not what should be there, but it works. Since APub didn't report a collision with another shortcut, I don't mind using it. Nevertheless, the problem has to be solved.
  13. Michail


    There's no need to apologize. Maybe it's my English. OK. So there's something wrong with the German version. Maybe a German user can confirm that. Otherwise I will report it as a bug.
  14. Michail


    As I said, the shortcut Ctrl+Schift+Alt+[ doesn't work for me (Windows).
  15. Michail


    Yeah, that's what I mean in point five. You can go through the document very quickly in this way and create standard index marks (without being bothered by a dialog box). "Ctrl+Shift+Alt+[" actually seems to be intended for that (thanks!). But it doesn't work for me.

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