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  1. Thanks for the info, @dominik. Obviously the "R" key does not contribute. I changed it in the OR.
  2. Don't ask me why I did this: Ctrl + R + Right click causes the current beta to crash. This is not the case in the release version.
  3. I know, @walt.farrell. This was not a bug report, but an explanation for the OP 🙂 But something is wrong with the PSD import!
  4. As it seems, it now only works with embedded PSD files. Also double-clicking the image only works with embedded PSD files. For affinity files, both transparency and double-clicking work. But with a linked file the image must be saved after a change. With an embedded file the document is updated ad hoc.
  5. I support this option as long as it remains an option. The concern of some users is not about the present, but about the possible future. We all see the negative example of Adobe.
  6. A wish for the future: Surely such an account link has advantages. But please don't make it an obligation like Adobe. It must remain possible to use the Affinity products without this link.
  7. I have just tried it again. Now it has worked. (I have the UI language German.)
  8. I tried it right after the installation. I repeated the attempt several times - even at greater intervals. But I'm hopeful, because it worked immediately for the designer 🙂
  9. Where can I see the additional controls? I only see the four triangles I have always seen.
  10. No, I do not have that file. I only have a file called "opengl32.dll".
  11. My older graphics card (NVIDIA GeForce GTS 250) is unfortunately not supported by the new hardware acceleration. Will more graphics cards be added in the future?
  12. The "Marquee Tools" and the "Freehand Selection Tool" are also not brushes. Nevertheless the shortcuts Ctrl+Alt (+) and Alt (-) work there. It should work the same way as the above mentioned selection tools. I see no reason to do it differently with the "Flood Select Tool". The buttons "Add" and "Subtract" in the context bar are available for all of them. Does your answer mean that this was done on purpose?
  13. I would like to express my great thanks to Serif. When adjusting the size and sharpness of the brush tip, you no longer have to fiddle with two mouse buttons. The handling when adding and subtracting selections has also improved. Serif has fortunately moved away from the right mouse button. But why doesn't Ctrl+Alt work with the Select Range tool (Magic Wand)?
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