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  1. Michail

    Master pages

    And for Drag&Drop press the Ctrl key.
  2. Michail

    Adding pages

    I can't reproduce that. It works well for me.
  3. Michail

    Master pages

    I'm not sure if you are aware of the following: This dialog box is used to assign master pages to arbitrary pages. And several master pages can be assigned at the same time.
  4. Michail

    Page Manager

    What do you mean by "almost all other applications"? Audio, video, Word, Excel ...? You can't compare apples to pears. APub is a layout software. As with all applications of this kind, there is a page panel in which the pages are both displayed and organized. Of course you can swap clicks and double clicks. But then APub would deviate from the usual standard. All layout applications I know work like this (ID, QXP, PM and also PP).
  5. control panel "Table" > "Frame" > "Stroke:" > "Frame Stroke" > "Align:" > "Align Stroke to inside"
  6. I can't scroll in "Resource Manager" with the mouse. It only works if the pointer is directly on the scroll bar.
  7. APub should not crash. But what is the purpose of this activity?
  8. Thank you Chris! I had reset APub. After that it was better. I didn't know it was necessary. Nevertheless, scaling a text frame is still a bit bumpy. See the attached video. ScreenVideo 26.09.2018 um 16-29-13.mp4
  9. Nevertheless, a way to do this directly on the text frame would be better. But I guess that doesn't belong here.
  10. When I scale a text frame, with or without content, this happens pretty jerky and bumpy. I'm not sure if this is the case since this version or if it was the case in previous versions as well.
  11. A simple click selects the page without displaying the content. In this way, you can select one or more pages to move, for example. I would also like to see a different color scheme.
  12. 1. This is about the language of the UI! 2. You should be careful with such claims. I am not used to working with English user interfaces. And with many other users this is certainly similar. We are talking about a software for designers and not for programmers.
  13. Place a picture in a picture frame (the Picture Frame tool is selected). If I drag the slider long enough and often, APub crashes. There are no messages at all. The program simply quits. Possibly it is also decisive whether the slider is pulled to the stop. Apart from that: For me the solution with the slider bar doesn't look very professional. Surely there are other solutions.