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  1. Hello @Dave Hayes If you want to post another topic later on, what will you call it? 😉
  2. It depends on the way you change the brush attributes. For example, if you change the size in the context bar or by clicking on the "More" button , it does not work. But if you double-click on the brush in the Brushes panel or click on the "Edit brush" button , it works. I don't think this is intentional.
  3. I can confirm that, and it's a good catch. On the other hand, since it is possible to create a new style with the same line width and a different fill, it is probably not intentional but a bug. Unfortunately, changing the name does not work either.
  4. It does have something to do with the graphics card (GPU), but the option I am talking about is in the Affinity Photo settings. When you open the programme, you will also find the menu item "Edit". You don't have to screw around at your graphics card 🙂
  5. Yes, it concerns the graphics card Menu Edit -> Preferences -> Performance -> Option Hardware acceleration:
  6. I cannot confirm this. Does this always happen with the same image? If so, can you provide us with the image?
  7. Many here have problems with hardware acceleration. Disable it to rule it out as a cause (Settings -> Performance).
  8. Not if you save the modified macro under a different name. But the user is not allowed to do that either.
  9. Many here have problems with hardware acceleration. Disable it to rule it out as a cause (Settings -> Performance). If that does not help, it would be helpful if you could provide us with the image.
  10. Have you ever thought about creating a list of persons based on a table of contents? In Affinity Publisher you can create several different directories for different purposes. The functionality you want is available.
  11. U p d a t e : No idea if this information is useful for anyone: - It does not work with the on-screen keyboard either. - Ctrl+Q also results in "Ctrl+C".
  12. It's crazy: if I remove the shortcut and want to redefine it, I can't do that anymore. If I press the keys Ctrl+E, "Ctrl+C" always appears in the input field (Ctrl+C also results in "Ctrl+C"). This is also the case in the English version (see screenshot).
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