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  1. Some say this, others say that
  2. It's bad that the center disappears. But you can use the snap options to make guides snap to that point.
  3. Such a general all around sweep is neither useful nor fair. Instead of waiting and hoping, I propose to participate actively in the forums. They are very close to the developers here. That is not a matter of course
  4. Thank you, Patrick. I understand that. It's very complex when everything is in motion. Probably I was spoiled by the AD and APh betas. There the localized languages for the software and help were implemented from the beginning, if I remember correctly. Ok. It sounds like you're localizing the help files with the purchase version at the earliest - or a few days earlier.
  5. My question related to the help (F1). This is only available in English so far. When will other languages follow?
  6. I don't want to push But can anyone say when the help will be personalized?
  7. Michail

    CTRL bug

    I wasn't aware until now that you can copy with the Ctrl key. I used the Alt key until now (as with Adobe). Is it intentional that there are two shortcuts for copying? However, I find the flexieble additional function to the Ctrl key very good. What spoke against equipping the Alt key with this additional function instead of additionally introducing the Ctrl key?
  8. With me it is with an average file less than 1 second. It doesn't have the big priority, but it's a bit annoying when you have to work precise. By the way, increasing the maximum Ram usage doesn't change this situation.
  9. Thanks for the explanation. Will it stay that way in the future?
  10. In the Photo Persona there is still a delay between the edits (e.g. in the gradation curves) and the histogram display. In the Develop Persona there are no delays.
  11. The script error in the help of the previous version has been fixed In the current version, however, you can no longer search by entering a search term. Possibly this is only the case in the German version.
  12. The view commands to rotate left and right no longer exist. The Reset Rotation command, on the other hand, is still available. Is this an error or have I missed something and it works differently now? By the way, I would generally be in favour of another solution for rotating. A stepless variant based on an extension for the view tool perhaps.
  13. You had opened InDesign files with APub? Interesting