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  1. Many PDF editors can do this. I don't know how many links there are. But it must be clear to you that after each change or correction in the original document (and subsequent export) you must renew all links.
  2. Print or no print: As long as the fat woman sings, the opera is not over yet. But what does that have to do with the links?
  3. Don't forget the PDF files, which can also be viewed on the screen, and where links, even in a print document, can make sense.
  4. Not even Adobe can always open indd files. Then why does Serif have to be able to do it? That's why there are interchange formats (formerly inx, now idml). Sure APub will be able to open idml files later, but the results will not be better than Adobe itself. You have to check the results carefully. I would be much more interested to know if APub will also have this unpleasant incompatibility between new and older versions. I always found this very annoying with InDesign.
  5. Michail

    Display delay of the histogram

    Yes Chris, it is also with me approx. 1 second. This is a bit annoying. In the picture itself there is no delay, but you can see big rectangular artefacts, which build up one after the other, if the values are changed fast (Block formation). This has been the case for quite some time. It doesn't have absolute priority, but I'm afraid you can't iron it out again after a certain point in time.
  6. In the Develop persona, the histogram now reacts immediately to value changes. But in the photo persona there is still a significant delay before the histogram shows the changes.
  7. You can get these functions in the context bar (View/Customise Toolbar):
  8. Thank you. I think I can live with that The master page does not need a valuable shortcut because it is not called exorbitantly often. In addition, there is already a quick way to call individual layer objects ( so also the master pages): Alt-click on the respective layer.
  9. I know, but the default assignment should be reasonably consistent. As I said before, in APh and AD the Ctrl+M shortcut opens the gradation curves. In APub the gradation curves also exist, but Ctrl+M doesn't work here. I don't know exactly what Serif is going to do with the Vector and Photo-Persona. But at the latest when these work, there will be discrepancies with Ctrl+M.
  10. I would like to renew my question. It has probably gone out of sight: What is the default shortcut for the Place command in the latest APub version (174)? For me it is Ctrl+M. I just want to make sure it's not my installation, because this shortcut is not very advantageous.
  11. It stays that way: Ctrl+M = Preview Place F8 = Master Neither resetting the program (Ctrl) nor resetting tools ("Reset") changes this. What happens when I press "Clear All Shortcuts"? What I think?
  12. The shortcut Ctrl+M for the placement needs explanation. Ctrl+M opens the gradation curves in APh and AD (as in PS). This is not consistent. Or does this mean that the curves in APh and AD get a different shortcut? I use the preview mode very often. That's why I don't think the F10 key is very ideal. The key is pretty remote, and the F-keys are very small on many keyboards. The preview mode button is funny, but not self-explanatory. A clearer symbol would be helpful.
  13. When will those responsible finally realize that InDesign is NOT a standard?! The standard format is PDF - NOT Indd. How I create a PDF is up to me. Any good application that creates an error-free PDF is welcome.