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  1. Hello, regarding overlays in the "Develop" persona, i have some questions and would like to get clarification (sorry, coming from non-English version): 1. I cannot use some functions for overlays. It seems that i cannot use any sharpening, denoising, curves and clarity. I *can* use "Exposure", "Saturation", "White Balance" etc. So there's no *local* sharpening or noise reduction on raw file editingin "Develop". Right? 2. Regarding the Overlays panel: To activate a specific overlay, i have to click them in the Overlays panel. There aren't "pins" in the image. 3. Regarding the Overlays panel 2: If i have 2 or 5 overlays, they all appear alike as "Brush Overlay" in the Overlays panel. It's difficult to know which "Overlay" entry refers to which image area, because in the panel the overlays aren't numbered or clarified by a mask thumbnail. Or do i miss something? (Same applies seemingly to "Graduated Overlays" – if you have 2 or more graduated overlays, they all appear alike as "Graduated Overlay" in the Overlays panel. But here, upon clicking "Overlay", you see the red mask and the marquee, which makes recognition easier than with Brush Overlays where upon clicking, nothing in the image display changes.) Thanks!
  2. Hello, this question is about the workflow with Affinity Photo for Windows (not for iPad). While i saw many instructive Affinity videotutorials about specific editing tasks, the following questions seem to be unaddressed there. I understand the Affinity workflow for raw files goes like that: 1. You open a raw file and start editing in the "Develop" persona – contrast, sharpening etc. (rather Lightroom-like). 2. You click "Develop". Now the edits are baked into the file and you arrive in "Photo" persona. More edits including retouching, adjustment layers are possible (rather Photoshop-like). 3. You have to save the results from the editing in "Photo" as a new, big .afphoto-file. So you have TWO files – the original raw and the edited, demosaiced version, which can't be set back to the original state (only to the edited state at the moment of changing from "Develop" to "Photo", demosaiced). Even if you don't change a thing in "Photo", you have to save the new ".afphoto" file. 4. When i re-open the previous raw file, it does *not* reflect the tonal changes i already made in the raw-specific "Develop" persona. It comes untouched (or with the changes by Affinity's develop assistant). There is no Affinity-own image browser (DAM). I'm aware that i can save "Presets" in the "Develop" persona, but it's not the same as saving tonal changes together with a specific file (either as XMP or sidecar) the way Lightroom or Photoshop do. Coming from Lightroom and Photoshop CC, i'd like to know: A. Is the understanding described above correct? B. Are the tonal changes or crops from the raw-specific "Develop" persona saved somewhere? Or will they be only baked into the developped non-raw file and are lost? (In Lightroom or in the Photoshop raw dialog etc. the tonal adjustments are saved as metadata and on re-opening, the image will reflect your changes on the raw-level and you can losslessly re-adjust anything. You can also copy your changes to other files.) C. Can i copy raw adjustments made in "Develop" person from one raw file to another in Affinity? (Not asking about presets here.) Thanks!
  3. Hello, i would just like to ask if you could confirm oder contradict my following impressions regarding the newest Affinity Photo for Windows on desktop PCs. Thanks for all input! Layers: thumbnail size in layers panel/studio cannot be changed layers can't be dragged between files no command to Expand Canvas so that all hidden layers are fully visible no command to crop uniform/empty canvas to actual content Raw module/persona: no button for auto contrast raw sharpening: no masking for sharpening (exclusion of finely detailed areas); no threshold slider no lens profiles (auto correction of distortions caused by known lens-camera combos), neither in Raw nor Photo module/persona (i see in the settings you can choose "Apply Lens Corrections") split view (before/after): the "before" view is unchangeably on the right side, the "after" view is unchangeably on the left side GUI: no built-in image browsing, no transfer of corrections from one image to many others no command to position two open files side-by-side (for comparison) no command Revert to Last Saved State (though doable via History panel) Photo module/persona: In the HSL correction, i have to chose a colour range like "Reds" in the menu. I can't pick that colour range by colour picker? So - are above features there or not? Thanks again!
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