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  1. But you can make multiple tables of contents. Maybe this way you will reach your goal.
  2. Look at it this way: Serif has partially transferred the test resources to us because they don't have enough of them. In return we get a very fair price - and without subscription. I don't want another reward.
  3. When you look into the level panel, the "magic" becomes clear. It is a cutting mask. You don't have to do these transformation orgies. Any text frame can be masked with any image. All you have to do is drag the image layer as a subordinate layer below the text layer (short horizontal line). You did this unconsciously when you converted the image into a picture frame in step 2).
  4. And I would like to have a big button for quitting the program. The Windows cross is too small and too far away for me Some don't want to work with "Word", but they want APub to look like "Word".
  5. The script error in the help of the previous version has been fixed In the current version, however, you can no longer search by entering a search term. Possibly this is only the case in the German version.
  6. In which of my sentences did I forbid @SamSteele to post here freely? To answer your questions: Yes, it is unimportant FOR ME. All my posts represent my own opinion. I didn't want to write that about each of my posts. I work in graphic design and think that two or three other people agree with me. There was also a discussion here about undo arrows, which I rejected just as rigorously. After all, it's about an optimal and effective user interface, as well as sophisticated standard shortcuts
  7. What do you do all the time in the studio menu? Once you've set up your interface, you don't have to go there very often. It would be better if you could reduce the size of the panels if necessary, so that only one icon is visible. Less important panels can then be arranged to save space. This has already been discussed in the forum several times - also from me. And please no shortcuts for such unimportant activities. Shortcuts are a scarce commodity!
  8. It may work in the English version and not in the other localizations.
  9. I have noticed that the edges of soft brushes are not blurred but have a different color. This is particularly noticeable with certain colour combinations. In the example I used the color combination #8F5643/#00AFAB. The problem exists in AD as well as in AP, and also in the betas.
  10. Michail

    Color fringes instead of soft edges

    You're right. I have never noticed that as much as with this colour combination I have to think about how I can prevent that. A hard edge is not an option for me.
  11. It's nice that Serif started implementing Regex But you still can't search for formatting attributes in the "Search and Replace" ("Format") panel. Clicking the "Search" button has no effect at all in this context. As I recall, it's never worked before.
  12. In your video, the rotation center is in the middle. That's why I assumed that you mean the center. At an eccentric rotation center, auxiliary lines actually don't snap into place. This behavior seems to be logical. In practice, you don't first place the rotation center and then align guides to it. Rather, it is the other way around. If you want to move the point, move it systematically to a new defined position (e.g. to an intersection of two auxiliary lines, or to another object). The rotation point therefore snaps to auxiliary lines as well as to other objects. Can you give me an example where you need this functionality? Irrespective of this, it would certainly be more comfortable if the rotation point (if it is in the center) would remain visible.
  13. Looks like it's the masks' fault. If you hide the masks (shift-click on thumbnail), this effect does not exist.
  14. Some say this, others say that
  15. It's bad that the center disappears. But you can use the snap options to make guides snap to that point.
  16. Such a general all around sweep is neither useful nor fair. Instead of waiting and hoping, I propose to participate actively in the forums. They are very close to the developers here. That is not a matter of course
  17. I don't want to push But can anyone say when the help will be personalized?
  18. Thank you, Patrick. I understand that. It's very complex when everything is in motion. Probably I was spoiled by the AD and APh betas. There the localized languages for the software and help were implemented from the beginning, if I remember correctly. Ok. It sounds like you're localizing the help files with the purchase version at the earliest - or a few days earlier.
  19. My question related to the help (F1). This is only available in English so far. When will other languages follow?
  20. Michail

    CTRL bug

    I wasn't aware until now that you can copy with the Ctrl key. I used the Alt key until now (as with Adobe). Is it intentional that there are two shortcuts for copying? However, I find the flexieble additional function to the Ctrl key very good. What spoke against equipping the Alt key with this additional function instead of additionally introducing the Ctrl key?
  21. In the Photo Persona there is still a delay between the edits (e.g. in the gradation curves) and the histogram display. In the Develop Persona there are no delays.
  22. With me it is with an average file less than 1 second. It doesn't have the big priority, but it's a bit annoying when you have to work precise. By the way, increasing the maximum Ram usage doesn't change this situation.