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  1. Ah. Well, that explains the disconnect I'm experiencing. Thanks for the explanation. I did just find the Help file and I'll parse through that... hoping running headers makes it in the next consumer update. It's rather cumbersome as it is. Also, variable text which is similar (at least in InDD.) not the same as data merge. Funny thing is I am retired (sort of) and got affinity to use for the occasional project so as to stop the blood sucking subscription of that other company. But if it is too painful to relearn I may have to just resort to buying a month of blood letting now and then. Ouch.
  2. I tried opening your file: running.afpub and got a warning that it was creating in a later version, and wouldn't open. But my version says it's 2.0.4 and the latest version. So I am mystified why I can't open it. I don't have any "fields" menu under Window or under any other menu. I can see the "fields" panel but when I double click on anything nothing happens, the panel doesn't appear to be editable. Also there is no running header "button" or any label for running header that I can find. I follow the discussion above as it's precisely what I would do for running headers. But I cannot find anyway to do it. (see screen shot) Does no documentation exist covering all the features and functions of the program? I've just bought the Affinity suite and now trying to figure it out, but I cannot find information. Running headers based on styles seems pretty basic...
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