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  1. I note now that DxO opens up and no longer gets a red window, however you still get this "updating font" business going on. Also DxO now opens the window and you do appear to be able to use the functions within DxO and they apply to the picture. Bad news is that beyond this you are stuffed as the program is then completely locked and the only way then is to force quit. Can someone please, PLEASE sort this out as this is so frustrating, always there but not quite. DxO and Serif need to lock heads and get this sorted. I"m assuming, maybe wrongly that it appears to be just this fonts thing so surely that can't be that hard to remedy.
  2. Hi john Just to say FF8 works fine in Photo1.7 beta on Mac so I’m assuming it’s a Windows thing.
  3. Raymondo

    Show/Hide Text Boxes

    Hi Under view, turn on/click preview mode. You will find the boundary blue line will go away if that’s what you’re meaning.
  4. Raymondo

    Guides not working

    Reset studio was suggested on another issue which has fixed this issue as well. So all’s well.
  5. Raymondo

    Guides not working

    Ah yeah, just realised going through the guide manager works fine to set guides. Wrongly or rightly, I expected Publisher to behave in the same way as AP/AD whereby you can pull down guides manually....or can you?
  6. Raymondo

    character/Paragraph tabs

    Hi Old Bruce Tried your suggestion and it's worked a treat. All now working fine. Just didn't think to try reset, I'll keep that in mind. Just goes to show two heads are better than one. Thanks for the suggestion.
  7. Casterie, I say this with respect but I'm not sure you are understanding what i’ve shown you in the video. Of course you can set a mask and apply a gradient in AP but what you can only do is apply one gradient from one direction and you can’t apply gradient stroke over gradient stroke. Only way to achieve same sort of function in AP is that you have to apply more and more masks to stroke from different directions. It’s not practical for composition work. The gradient masks way of working is too long, cumbersome and not flexible enough for professional composition. Sorry don’t mean to sound disrespectful so please don’t take my comments the wrong way.
  8. For the last number of updates on beta I have not been able to click on either the character/paragraph tab in the text tab at top or click on them in the studio without those tabs coming up as shown below. this happens both in AP and AD actually. Why am I getting this?
  9. Hi casterle Not very easy to explain in words so I'm going to suggest you look at the video I've found on the web which really shows exactly what I mean (I don't do videos myself). Fast forward to around 13.30mins and watch until around 14.30 mins. I think once you see this you will know exactly what I mean. Sure you can use a brush but this is a much better/smoother and faster way when you are compositing. At the moment this is not possible in AP. Response from Dev team some while back when I first raised this didn't seem to indicate this was being considered, I can only hope the Dev team will pick up this post and revisit this lack of function in AP with a view to developing and implementing this in the near future.
  10. Raymondo

    Guides not working

    Yeah I have for years, almost as a bible made sure that I keep everything up to date, in fact my wacom is set to auto update so I'm never behind on that score. Just tried the mouse, as I thought it's made no difference. Didn't really expect it to. I'm using 27 " imac 2017 running 10.14.3. Let get this right, I'm assuming from your response that you don't have any problems with the guide issue I have here, is that right?
  11. Raymondo

    Guides not working

    Just had a thought, are you using a mouse or tablet? Probably won’t make any difference but I think I’ll try resurrecting my mouse just to satisfy myself that it’s not something quirky to do with using a pen.
  12. Raymondo

    Guides not working

    Yes old Bruce have done all of the obvious checks etc but can’t pull guides out with latest version no matter what. Interesting to hear if anyone else is experiencing this issue.
  13. Raymondo

    Nik plugin updating fonts

    Yes that’s true it does work ok in 1.6 version and of course it can be used as standalone so just have to wait and see what transpires.
  14. I’m not if it’s me or not. I can’t seem to pull out guides vertically or horizontally like I can in AP and AD. I’m not sure it’s a bug but why can I not use guides?
  15. Raymondo

    Nik plugin updating fonts

    Thanks for the update fde101. Well maybe then Serif needs to contact DxO and collaborate with them to resolve the issue. The sooner Serif advises them of the compatibility issues and what they are, the sooner DxO may well update the software. I doubt they will respond as well to Joe bloggs as they might to Serif.