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  1. If you look on Amazon and search affinity software under books section you will see that there are a small number of books being written by third parties emerging now. There are also a number of artists/ designers producing affinity videos now on YouTube.
  2. Can’t image why you would want to move away from a Mac Pro. Have you used windows! Still you have I’m sure your reasons. Personally I would say stick with Mac. I would be interested though to know why your considering a move away from Mac if that’s what you’re doing. Is your current Mac Pro old or what, or is it to replace it with a new Mac would be too expensive for you
  3. Try taking a look at Everweb which is Mac only. It’s a no code wysiwyg program which is a fully capable program. Whether you want simple websites or need to develop much more sophisticated sites, Everweb will do it all without all the coding.
  4. This is something I hope Affinity will address in the next update of publisher and add an ink manager like InDesign where you can deselect those inks not required for output making it an easier process. There is no efficient workaround in Affinity as far as I know but I’m sure someone will tell me otherwise quickly enough if there is.
  5. Yes had same with Nik disappearing after update but like you all back now ok. Just a glitch in the update I guess.
  6. Yeah, that’s about right. Maybe it might be sorted by version 2……hopefully!
  7. With respect you have totally misunderstood the issue. It’s not about creating, saving and naming gradients to the swatches palette, I’ve already saved many gradients to this palette and understand the practice fully. I am referring to the access and use of these gradients within the swatches palette, within the effects overlay window.
  8. By that I mean colour and swatches which are part of what I call the colour system. In the swatches palette, apart from the Pantone colour palettes you have all your preset colour swatches parked here, i.e gradient palettes etc you have created or downloaded. At present you cannot access these gradient swatches from the effects gradient overlay window which you should be able to. Your swatches should be available to you throughout the program where there is colour selection options, it shouldn’t be limited to just creating a gradient, that’s my issue with the software. It’s been like this since the beginning. I may be talking out of turn here but I wouldn’t think this would require a major effort to correct.
  9. I’m not sure RC-R that you are understanding what I’m referring to. I don’t want to save a gradient effect made via the gradient overlay effects panel. I want to be able to access gradients I already have within the colour system from the effect gradient overlay panel which I should be able to do. In fact I should be able to access my preset gradients from anywhere within the colour system.
  10. Can the team tell me why after all this time (2014) you still cannot use your own preset gradients in the effects, gradient overlay window. Seems strange to me you can only make up gradients but can’t use presets.
  11. This worked for me when I had a similar problem. Like Walt says, hold control key down first, then start Designer app making sure to keep the control key down until the clear data user screen appears.
  12. Yep!! That’s done the trick. Publisher opens fine now. Thanks for your help all.
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