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  1. Here I go again, still can't believe I'm having to raise this again; Still cannot get access to own created gradients via the FX Layer effect gradient overlay window. I have raised this a number of times over the past few years but still no progress. I had hoped this would have been fixed in V2. Surely this can't be that hard to be able to link back to your own gradients from the Layer effects gradient overlay window. You can get solid colours ok but not gradients. As I said in my last post, great progress people and a huge move forwards, well done, but honestly guys and gals can we please sort these annoying fundemental issues as well.
  2. I'm on Mac Ventura 13.0.1 and don't have any problems with tables so don't see how it can be a software problem like a bug otherwise we would all have the same problem. Must be attributable to individuals specific system setups somehow. Anyway, I can confirm that on my Mac running Ventura all seems well...at the moment!
  3. Great update overall, particularly in designer…..however one thing I and other creatives have been asking for, for some time now is the ability to create more than a two page spread. Yes I hear all the feedback about making a page size larger and using guides. Great until you need to make changes to the folds etc when creating non standard brochure folds. Soon we will be in 2023, why are affinity refusing for so long now to recognise this standard function which has been in InDesign now for years. Is it considered irrelevant and a waste of time! Great work people for the update but for godsake can we have a little consideration for creatives, not just for book and magazine publishers/ photographers. I expect I will be inviting a few choice comments from some but so be it. This forum does tend to be used as a social media platform rather than a constructive forum.
  4. I can’t see how Affinity guys and gals have any time to be thinking of software expansion as I am of the opinion they are likely to be already stretched with upgrading the suite to version 2. I would prefer they concentrate on that rather than get way laid by trying to be all things to all people. Let’s get the suite up to full power first as most users are missing a number of useful functions across the suite which are available in other similar software but as yet are not available in the suite. I can only hope we will all see some progress in the not too distant future but these things take time.
  5. In InDesign you have the ability to switch off CMY and use say black(K) and any other chosen spot colour to create true duotones/tritones in your designs. Is this likely to be considered seriously for inclusion in version 2? I do hope so because it’s important in creative work and screen printing.
  6. Well I paid for the NIc plugins when it was owned by Google but later when the software was taken over by DxO I realised I was going to have to shell out again if I wanted the plugin to continue to seemlessly work with Affinity Photo. It was a real bummer but I bit the bullitt... simple as. Sometimes you just have to do that. If your making money from your design work then there is no reason why you should not put a bit aside now and again for future development needs. I learned a long time again that to avoid workflow problems you need to keep your system and software up to date. If on the other hand design is just a hobby then I can understand the reluctance to not want to shell out again and again. And just to clarify, he’s not happy is he hence why he has posted this topic and the advice given is very mixed and doesn’t seem to have resolved his problem.
  7. Forgive me for saying but this topic seems very protracted. If you have a new MacBook or a fairly up to date one, is that the case?, and you have the recent Affinity Photo version then Version 5 of Nic will work. I know you have said you don’t use it very much and it’s not big part of your workflow so if that’s the case why are you giving yourself so much grief, live without it or buy the version 5 which I know works great with Monterey OS and have a peaceful life. Don’t take this the wrong way, it’s just an observation.
  8. Unfortunately software as it gets older and older, it gets less and less compatible with other software. As it’s clearly not something you use much then maybe it’s not worth all the bother. Regards
  9. Yes I know but I was using the issue of nic collection to let everyone know that there is a fix for anyone having issues with the upgrade. I would also say here, a way forward to fix the issue is to pay for the DxO version 5 because the Google version is so old and if nic collection is a vital part of your work then it would be a good investment. If a particular software is useful for your work then sometimes you have to bite the bullit and shell out.
  10. Upgrade is defined as the latest released version you can buy, in this instant it means I have paid to upgrade to version 5 of Nic collection. What I mean by account box is that I signed up with DxO and was given an account where all software I have bought from DxO are stored. So if at any time I were to lose for any reason DxO software on my computer system I would able to restore it by going into my account and downloading it again. Hope this explains everything for you.
  11. An update for all of you out there having problems with upgrade. Just been touch with DxO support and they told me to download the upgrade direct from my account box only. Have just done that and low and behold everything is now working fine. So, that’s what you will need to do to avoid installation problems in future.
  12. People keep mentioning Google but nic collection is not owned by them anymore. It’s owned by DXO and its the most up to date release that is causing me problems. I also am running the most up to date Mac system. I think it’s something within the new release that is the problem and I have yet to approach DxO about the problem.
  13. Just upgraded to DxO Nic Collection 5 and now only can get some to work. Vivesa, silver efex pro, colour efex pro and analog efex pro don’t work. All installed ok, all showing in menu ok. Have made sure picture is jpeg and rasterised. Reinstalled a couple of times as well. I think it’s something in the upgrade that’s preventing these working. Have not yet contacted DxO for comment but that’s next step. In the meantime I can at least use them as standalone. The fact that others are experiencing same problem tells me it’s not Affinity photo.
  14. If you look on Amazon and search affinity software under books section you will see that there are a small number of books being written by third parties emerging now. There are also a number of artists/ designers producing affinity videos now on YouTube.
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