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  1. Ok wrongly I was assuming Serif and others would see almost straight away. Ok take a look at frame from 2mins in to 3. There are other instances throughout the video but this minutes worth should be enough to get my point when composting. Hope you see what I’m getting at.
  2. Walt, not sure what you classify as potentially being annoying or trolling. I believe my post have been to the point without being nasty. the post may well be in the incorrect place but I hardly think it qualifies as having any annoying or trolling intent.
  3. Well said MikeW. I too financially support Serif's AP and AD as a stake holder. I also realise that it's early days in the overall development scheme of things and I'm sure Serif's vision for it's suite will get better with time.
  4. Is it likely that Version 1.7 when it reaches final release will have the functionality to use multiple gradient strokes with gradient masks. I have posted this before, some while ago now but didn't get any definitive answer. I have a link here which demonstrates exactly what I'm meaning. I don't post YouTube videos but I have a lot of respect for this guy who does post videos and does exactly what I do and he is good at it. Watching this you will see how using multiple strokes on gradient transparency masks is a must when doing composting work. At present I find Affinity Photo holds me back, and I'm sure others, in this respect and would appreciate this functionality implemented sooner rather than latter to expand AP's capability.
  5. Not sure Polygonius how to move this so I'll post the topic again in feature requests. I"m not absolutely sure if we are talking about the same thing. I will include a link to a YouTube video posted by a guy called Mir Rom which I have respect for as he is very good at what he does. I don't post videos so hence directing you to him to illustrate my post. Apologies in advance if this is what you posted about and I haven't understood.
  6. Oh dear, you can quarantee a troll will come out of the woodwork when you post something here. Affinity forum has become almost like a Facebook’s troll platform. I have merely ask if Serif will give me an honest answer to a simple question which they have not even responded to. If the answer is “no” then fine but it will alienate a lot of professionals and design houses/ agencies etc from adopting APub. Why would you switch to a program that has less functionality. I think Thomaso that you under estimate why virtually all professionals engaged in design work use Indesign or Quark...there is a very good reason, and it’s not for whistles and bells! I’m, despite what you might think Tomaso, fully behind Serif but I think you need to understand, full page functionality is not a whistle and bell wish list. Oh and finally, Serif should not need anyone to convince them of page functionality as they have been around long enough to know how designers use layout programs. I appreciate Walt its not a bug and maybe the topic is not in the right place but it will probably be more to the fore here than elsewhere.
  7. There, all done Polygonius. I suppose I was having a lazy moment.
  8. Yes I might be getting boring now because I’ve logged this topic a number of times but I’ve yet to receive a definitive answer. Why no sign or inkling of expanding functionality to the page spread tab to create spreads of more than 2 pages in Publisher. I know we are still at an early stage of the beta process but it should not be a hard question to answer. I have asked this question a number of times but no real answer, how hard can it be, are you going to expand it, yes or no. Yes I’m well aware for now guides can be a way round but it’s not the long term solution. Both established competitors have full functionality to layout more than a 2 page spread and have the option to shuffle pages as you wish so AP should have this functionality in the final 1.7 release as a matter of course if Publisher really wants to be adopted by the professional graphic design fraternity. As things stand for producers of publications etc, Publisher is probably fine but for graphic designers, it is limiting. Come-on Serif, is Publisher aimed solely at producers of magazines/books etc or is it meant to be an all round page layout program to rival the likes of quark/InDesign? Which is it? Good and promising program by the way, shame if it’s going to be limited to a certain sector.
  9. Is AP likely to incorporate more functionality to provide multi stroke gradient masks in the next 1.7 release as you can do in Photoshop. I use this function a lot when compositing in Photoshop. At the moment this is a big drawback trying to do compositing in Affinity Photo.
  10. Walt now I get it. If you activate preview mode then it acts as AP and AD whereby you can use the move tool to activate and deactivate the blue container line. Fine, as long as I now know I can live with that.
  11. Oh! That’s weird Walt I’ve just fired up Publisher, pulled in a text box with text and using the move tool, clicked outside the text box and low and behold the bounding box line now disappears. The “Show text box” is not ticked and was not before. Well I suppose all’s we’ll that ends well I guess. One thing I would ask you Walt, how is the text box any different from AP or AD, I’m not seeing where the difference is at the moment.
  12. Hi Walt Well, the thing is both in AP and AD clicking outside the text bounding box with the move tool makes the blue bounding line disappear. That’s just how it should work but in Publisher this doesn’t happen unless you select the node tool so I’m thinking this has to be a bug. You wouldn’t have a different behaviour for the text box In Publisher and have a different behaviour for AP/AD. Hopefully it will be corrected in next update.
  13. The thin blue line around text frame does not disappear when you click away. It does however disappear if you click on the node tool and click anywhere on the page. This can’t be right. I’m assuming it’s a bug. Also can’t seem to use the gradient function in fx. Won’t allow me to choose colours on gradient bar.
  14. Raymondo

    Plugins 1.7

    Hi Wtwolf just to say firstly I’m running OS Mojave on 27 inch iMac and I’ve got both Google version and DxO’s version. I’ve installed both versions (one at a time) and both work absolutely fine in AP 1.6.7. Both Nik versions in beta AP version don’t work. That to me says if both versions work fine in Mojave then it can’t be down to any fault of either DXO or Apples operating system. I still say the problem lays in the re-coding that’s been going on under the hood which I believe has somehow interfered with the plugin module.
  15. Raymondo

    Plugins 1.7

    I don’t see how it’s down to DxO as both DxO and Google’s versions don’t work and manifest the same issue. As the Google version works fine in version 1.6 and now doesn’t in 1.7 Beta version I see it as a problem having come about as a result of re-writing the code under the hood which Serif say they have been actively doing for a while to open up more potential for the software. I believe it’s down to Serif to sort out, clearly something in the code structure is causing a problem with plugins. Just as well Nik will work as a stand-alone until they get things sorted, so can still use but a bit of a hassle that’s all.