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  1. Hey presto Jeremy, worked a treat! Decided to not wait for Patrick and follow your example and all’s well. Thanks again for heads up.
  2. Maybe not a bad idea Jeremy. Got an ongoing discussion with Patrick from Serif on the subject, if he doesn’t offer an alternative solution, I will do what you’ve done. Thanks my friend for info.
  3. Yep Walt! All applications are located in the application folder, the retail and beta versions are sitting right next to each other in the applications folder so no obvious reason for the beta version not to recognise the retail version.
  4. Hi Patrick due to the fact Mac OS has just had an update I thought I would reboot to see if there was maybe a slight glitch and then I cleared out all betas and re-installed them. Alas I still get the same validation window.
  5. As I said with regard to my post re Photo, been to Mac App Store but don’t see any download option. All three apps are current.
  6. All three are latest full versions. It says to use validation key or go to Mac App Store but at this moment in time, I don’t see any beta version to download in the App Store. I could be missing something of course but right now I don’t see any beta download option.
  7. Can’t open new beta version Asking for validation key, not had this before with any beta version, please advise.
  8. Can’t open beta version Now asking for validation key, never had this before ever with betas. Advise please!
  9. Just an update to the above, version 1.9 of AP still doesn’t seem to respond to pen gestures, this time in LUTS adjustment. I have the latest updates for the tablet (Huion 1060P) and have tried setting to mouse mode. Still nothing. As I have said I don’t use presets very much but I do use LUTS. As the tablet works fine in all other respects and other software, I can’t work out why this issue is arising. You can tap as many times as you like, the presets won’t work unless I resort to the old mouse click. I’m pretty sure I’ve exhausted everything my end, any ideas team why this issue exists and has anyone else had this problem. It’s quite possible of course that I’m overlooking something simple. At the end of the day I won’t lose sleep over it but I have always problem solved, being quite savvy where computers and software is concerned, and do like to get to the bottom of issues but this one is proving problematic to resolve.
  10. For Mac users, have you tried “Neofinder” or “Pixave”. I use these to catalogue and organise all assets.
  11. Ah, apologies I can see you have a doc open but do try other suggestions above
  12. Not sure I can help here but have you tried opening a new document and see if you get tools etc then. From your screen shot I can’t see if you have a document open. Also what version are you running? Try going to “customise tools” not “customise toolbar” and try dragging each tool over to the far left and see if they show then. Try unticking also the toolbar menu’s and tick again. These suggestions are all I’m afraid a shot in the dark but you often find issues like this turn out to be something silly, god know’s over the years I’ve had my moments. If you’re not running the latest version, 1.8.6, I suggest you do that first. I’m assuming you have a paid version so you would be able to also download the beta version which may end your problem.
  13. On Mac OS all applications will be in your applications folder which you should easily see from your desktop. So open applications folder and you will see them all.
  14. No problem. We all make mistakes, that’s what makes us human. glad all sorted for you.
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