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  1. Raymondo

    No Knife tool?

    Hi F401z74 There is no knife tool in Affinity Designer at the moment but is on the road map to be implemented soon, maybe next update.
  2. Whilst I am really pleased with Affinity Publisher as a whole I still find the page setup frustrating as hell. I just wish we could setup more than a 2 page spread and be able to change individual page sizes and be able to manually shuffle pages when laying out brochures etc. Yes I know comments from some on the forum say, well just add extra page width and use guides. Yes you can but it’s not a procedure which you should need to adopt in 2019. I just hope this is something Affinity will look at again soon. with regard to AP, again I am using this a lot but not yet exclusively. Why because at the moment AP can’t produce true duotone or tritones. Colour matching ability still not there yet. Also compositing, its a pain not being able to apply multi directional mask without having to use a separate mask for each direction....Ahh!! I love AP and my Adobe CS6 is very clunky and slow to respond theses days but I’m really hoping the AP will adopt these functions soon. AD is great but I must admit the main time I will use AD is for logo design. Now that a lot of the re-coding has been achieved, I’m hopeful that further improvements in the software won’t be so long in coming since Affinity should now have more time to focus on improving the usability of the suite. I have been one of your most, i hope constructive critics but hats off guys and gals, doing a grand job.
  3. Raymondo

    Brush rotation crash

  4. Raymondo

    Brush rotation crash

    Hi MEB Ok, after testing various things I have discovered what I believe to have created the problem. What I hadn’t realised was that my right hand was allowing my pen to make contact with the tablet while I was looking at the screen. It appears that if you attempt to rotate the brush while you’re pen is in contact with the tablet then the app is likely to crash. Keeping the pen away, the brush seems fine. So, problem over I think. Worth noting if this ever pops up again as a problem.
  5. Raymondo

    Brush rotation crash

    Hi MEB Well they are third party hair brushes. I have to admit I need to test more to see if other brushes do the same. I will try turning off metal compute as well and see where I am then. Will come back to you in due course and let you know if the problem persists.
  6. Using brush rotation with version 1.7.1 crashes app. Using either left or right arrow keys rotates but crashes if you try to rotate too much or too fast. Don’t think it’s me, needs sorting soon please.
  7. I have been calling for the ability to create more than a 2 page spread for some time and the ability to individually set page size. I’ve heard all the arguments about using guides etc to achieve fold outs etc but it’s not the long term answer. Affinity has yet to acknowledge the benefits of the above in out of the ordinary design work or that in the future development of the program it will be considered. We can but hope though. Now that a lot of the major restructuring of the software is, as I understand it complete, more time might be available to consider expanding the use of Publisher. As it is, Publisher is pretty damn good and studioLink is superb but it still can be even better with a small number of improvements such as this. In my mind I feel a lot of professional designers will not switch to Publisher from InDesign while it can only produce a 2 page spread.
  8. Looks like the “shape builder tool” in illustrator is similar to “smart tool” you are referring to which has been requested many times. Maybe something similar will be added in a future update. Affinity are, or should be well aware of this feature request so hopefully it won’t be to long coming.
  9. Raymondo

    DxO Nic collection

    Ah well at least I know it’s not me. Still until a fix comes along I can still use as a standalone if necessary, not that I use HDR everyday.
  10. As far as I understand the new version of CorelDraw is also now for Mac.
  11. Raymondo

    DxO Nic collection

    Hi Kirkt Are you having any trouble with HDR Pro2. At the moment it opens up but there is no image. Maybe it's something to do with me. Everything else works just fine.
  12. Raymondo

    DxO Nic collection

    Yeah kirkt just got the notification and bought so hopefully all will be well with the world. Thanks for posting though.
  13. Raymondo

    DxO Nic collection

    Oh ok. Look forward to the new update in due course then. Thanks for clarification.
  14. Raymondo

    DxO Nic collection

    HI Kirkt I'm a little confused now as I have the latest version of NiK Collection V1.1 and am running on iMac with Mojave but still cannot get passed this Fonts Updating and locking up issue. I have left a topic on the DxO forum to see what they say about the problem. I'm assuming windows uses have no problem as it appears to be an Apple code issue. I am also running the latest version of Photo. What version of Apples software are you using? Can't get my head around how you now don't have a problem on Mac. I'm also intrigued by when you say upcoming version of Nik Collection, the latest version I know of is NiK 1.1. I don't know of any other.
  15. Raymondo

    DxO Nic collection

    Kirkt Are you using windows or Mac because I still get font update issue with version I just tried it. I’m on Mac.