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  1. Linux is stuck really. People do not develop significant amounts of professional applications for the average desktop user and so less people are inclined to leap to Linux and so less people develop significant amounts of professional applications for the average desktop user and round and round it goes. Unless big players get on board, it is doomed to stay this way as a niche OS until the second coming.
  2. I've only just noticed this thread. A little background. I was first introduced to Unix back when SCO and Xenix were a thing. I remember the frustration with my first version of Linux, which was Open SUSE, back when you had to manually start up the X Server. Since that time I have dabbled with Linux, but 99% of the time, I used Windows. My reason for never making the switch to Linux full time was the woeful driver support and lack of applications. Everyone says, look at GIMP, but I look at it and its interface makes Scribus look good. Anyway, recently I tried out Clear Linux from Intel. Very impressed, but in the end, I set up a dual boot with Windows 10 and Fedora 36 running KDE, which I am using to type this note on my laptop. My baseunit in the other room is where the grunt of my work gets done, and it is there (as well as on this laptop) that I use my Affinity applications. For me, in terms of priority, it's Publisher, Designer and then Photo. Publisher is missing features and so is Designer. But why am I telling you all this. On my laptop, I have installed Microsoft Office as a web app (PWA) (as I have a 365 subscription). This lets me run some of the office applications as though they were 'real' apps as opposed to web pages in a wrapper that can be used offline. Now my understanding is that PWAs are generally written in Javascript. I don't know what langauge Affinity-Serif use for their in-house coding, but it would be lovely to see the applications released in the form of WebApps as it would let me use the Affinity software in a platform agnostic situation. This way, I could ditch Windows alltogether and make the full time leap to Linux. Wishful thinking I am sure, but it would be nice if Affinity were to consider this as a viable option. Steve
  3. As yet there is no support for footnotes, endnotes, sidenotes or table notes. It seems to be taking forever! I certainly hope they are included in version 2 whenever that may be. Steve
  4. it's completely frustrating in terms of the delay in reaching the version two milestone. it is however understandable that Photo gets the most development as that would be the application used most by the masses, but Designer as well as Publisher both need a lot of TLC as the former lacks many features which the very free Inkscape offers at no immediate cost.
  5. the double click method only seems to work when the panels are not docked. is there a way to do it when the panels are docked? Steve
  6. I could not agree more with some of these comments. Having the ability to resize icons is a must. Even on a 1080 display, the spin controls such as those used to increase or decrease the number of columns for example are already tiny. I can only imagine how ludicrously small they must appear on a 4K monitor.
  7. me neither. apart from words there is no actual evidence of any progress with the feature since the first beta of publisher came out in 2018. unless of course someone can show us a screenshot of the testing version which Affinity says is in progress. Any staff from Affinity / Serif want to prove me wrong. Steve
  8. Recently I have been struggling with copying artwork from Designer into Inkscape as whenever I copied it, it came over pixelated. I was getting more and more frustrated until someone pointed out a setting in the General: Copy as SVG. Instantly resolved my problem. Is there any chance the Edit Menu could have 'Copy as SVG' added to it as well as in right mouse click context menu? Wishing hopefully.
  9. they should modify the Edit menu and right click context menu to include both Copy and Copy as SVG. Easy win.
  10. you are a genius.... why on earth is that not enabled by default.
  11. does the same with graphics as well. it seems that when you copy to the clipboard something to the clipboard in Designer and say a fingerprint from the assets and copy it and paste it into the same document you can resize it properly as you would expect from vector artwork (no pixelisation, no loss of quality... a proper vector), though if you copy it from Designer into another app such inkscape or something else, it does not get copied over as a vector but a bitmap. give it a try.
  12. that kind of makes a mockery of using a vector drawing system which should provide for resolution independent graphics. but no, nothing fancy, just text.
  13. please can someone explain something to me simply. If I create bit of text and then copy it into another program be it Inkscape or MS Word it comes over in a non-vector format and is thus grainy when enlarged. Converting the text to paths makes no difference either. What am I missing or is Designer deficient in the way it copies data, because the same problem does not exist going from Inkscape into designer or Word. Help please. It's blowing my mind. I cannot continue to use two packages for what should be a straightforward task. I love Designers interface but Inkscape seems the better package all around at this point. Help, help, help.
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