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  1. this is a good idea but they just need to get the basic requirements done first.
  2. there seems to be an oddly prevailing opinion such as SoftwareItem X did not have a certain feature until it reached its 10th incarnation. Can you imagine if manufacturers of cars adopted a similar sentiment. We would have no powered steering, no ABS, no airbags. I think this illustrates the point pretty effectively. We need some input from Affinity directly, rather than conjecture and hearsay, whether it is a new user posting or a moderator.
  3. does not look like footnotes, endnotes or sidenotes are arriving any time soon. If you need these features then its Serif's old PagePlus, Xara or InDesign. Could not agree with you more though. For me, footnotes and endnotes are essential, so for now I am using Scribus - excellent software but interface is somewhat dated to say the least.
  4. can we assume then, from the boldened portion of the quote, that it is currently in development? Steve
  5. thanks Carl123 that worked perfectly. can't thank you enough! Steve
  6. I agree, but then again for precise work where things need to line up to perfection it can be a dog! consideration for adding the feature then!
  7. I am not sure if this feature exists or not, so thought I would ask or propose it as an added feature. I have a word, however I need one of the letters reversed (please see attached designer file). Is there a way to do this already? many thanks. Steve reversing.afdesign
  8. Well today, I made the leap away from Adobe and purchased Designer and Photo while they were going cheap. I would have purchased Publisher as well but it is still missing a feature I need. Regardless, I am very happy with what I have bought, and, while I am not a power user by any stretch of the imagination, I hope to make the very best of them. I have made a few posts already on the board but expect I will make quite a few more over the coming weeks and months depending on how many hurdles I bump into. Steve
  9. I could not agree more. If Affinity are planning on releasing version 2 with footnotes or endnotes they should simply say. Likewise, if they are expecting these features to remain quite a way off they should give us a roadmap in terms of when (timescale) and release (version number) they expect this to become available. I continue to want to make the leap from Adobe software, but for now I am using Scribus as I cannot bear the thought of giving Adobe any more of my hard earned money.
  10. I tend to produce academic religious materials. I have been using InDesign for around ten years but have more recently been trying out Scribus. Unfortunately, Scribus is let down by an extremely poor UI, however if it were to update its interface then, at the price point it comes in at it would be a most excellent application. I suspect that once we are closer for certain to knowing the likely time-frame for the inclusion of referential/citation marks and their associated footnotes and/or endnotes, I may be much happier in giving the software my full backing. As it is for now, I sadly ca
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