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  1. I see, in any case I hope that it will evolve with this feature in the future, meanwhile, will have to do without. Thanks for the answers.
  2. Hello, I tested a little publisher and I must say that, like Photo and Designer, the application is really nice. However, something is missing (or I did not find how to do it), let me explain: In InDesign, there is a feature that allows you to open a mode that allows you to edit the text in a simplistic window, as shown in the image below: Text Editor in InDesign This mode is very convenient because it allows to focus on the text and not on the layout. Besides, closer to Publisher, the older PagePlus version also had this mode. Unfortunately, I do not find this feature in Publisher. Did I miss something ? Is this planned in the future ? Thanks,
  3. Ok, after the uninstall of action, d3dgear and gamecaptr. Affinity Photo starts and does not crash when opening a project or loading an image. I started reinstalling my capture software and testing affinity between each installation. No problem to report, the software does not crash. Once reinstalled everything, I rebooted the machine, and the same, it does not crash. I hope this will hold, but yes the problem seems to be that. Thanks in any case, If ever I have any worries, I would contact you.
  4. I use several video capture software : - Mirrilis Action - D3DGear - GameCaptr - Bandicam - A old version of camtasia - ShadowPlay They are installed but are not launched at system startup, so theoretically, not in memory. I do not think I've seen any process related to one of these softs in the list. However I will try to uninstall all of these software to see if actually this is the problem. I'll keep you informed. Thanks.
  5. Hello Is there news related to my problem? I tested the new version ( and unfortunately the problem is still there. I am sending you the dump file. Thanks. cbb7a3ea-b124-4911-97d4-803791e48bc0.dmp
  6. Thank for your reply. I have the last beta ( I am sending you the file. Thank. 02632fcf-f6ca-4496-94a9-c41e895a13ae.dmp
  7. Hello, I have a small problem with Affinity Photo in its BETA version under Windows. As the title says, the application starts well but as soon as I create an empty project or I load, the application freezes for a while, windows emits a small sound error message without displaying anything and for Finish, the application ends up closing automatically. No errors during installation. My system: I7 3770k 32 gb RAM 980 TI Windows 10 64-bit I tested in compatibility mode (win7) and in administrator, same problem. Does anyone have an idea on how to fix this problem? Thank you.
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