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  1. @jiff Foundry's Nuke can do the job as well. And from free software range, Blender might also work. Anyway - if it's a one-time job, you could probably just use AE trial and then get rid of it.
  2. Hi @b.b.baldur - it's a known issue that happens to some folks out there. I hope it get fixed since it happens to me quite often as well. Similar thread:
  3. @jiff I guess you're looking for different kind of software. Perhaps After Effects might be what you're looking for?
  4. Hi @Mr Lucky Just fyi; on both desktop systems (macOS, Windows) in current version 1.7.3 I can see the Margins tab in Document Setup modal (screenshot from Windows since osx screenshot was already posted by @Old Bruce).
  5. I agree, have suggested before to move the View>Studio submenu to main menu for easier access, two less clicks or mouse moves for all the Affinity apps.
  6. CLC

    JR Workflow Bundle - what happened?

    Thank you @Patrick Connor - good to know.
  7. Hi guys, what happened to JR Workflow Bundle thread? It's unavailable today for some reason. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/100491-jr-workflow-bundle-shortcuts-macros-hdr-tools-brushes/ Thanks for an answer, CLC
  8. @SlavaUX It is available only in Affinity Photo.
  9. Hi @Thomahawk, I guess you want to expand the stroke? Layer > Expand Stroke.
  10. Hi @Larryh It won't work with colour picker, but you can copy the source object with styles to clipboard and then paste the Style and/or effects with Edit > Paste Style and/or Edit > Paste FX. But I agree it would be helpful if colour picker could do that as well. So +1
  11. @DarkLimit This happened to me as well, multiple times (only in AD 1.7.x). I don't know what triggered it but I was working on multiple large documents with many layers.
  12. I agree, been noting this and patiently waiting for years now. It's been discussed elsewhere, like:
  13. It's not really applicable @walt.farrell - if you want to do the switch, you have to first double-click the master page, it changes the view, there you have to show/hide the layers, then in the Pages Studio you must switch back to the page/pages you wanted to work with. Too many steps, don't you think? Imagine doing this 30 times per a page with a ~300 pages long document and you'll understand it's really not an option... Also, what if each of the pages does have a bit different layout? This workaround then doesn't work at all.

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