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  1. Try following: https://ibb.co/277QnfC MODS... picking @Patrick Connor as a mention... This is more than annoying... happens in all the browsers all the platforms (Linux, macOS, Win) so it's not a browser issue. Copypasting smaller images (not gifs) directly to the post are sometimes works, most of the time doesn't. Certainly never works with animated gifs.
  2. Just to let you know: knife tool's origin has nothing to do with Illustrator, but the CTF where such stuff as rules, knife, scissors etc. were main part of the workflow. When Illustrator was created, the authors tried to make it as close to the CTF that was used as possible, not to reinvent the wheel by creating new terms that might confuse the operators.
  3. Indeed, that us what I’ve done. Just look at the layers panel on my screenshot, it’ll become obvious (call it thinking outside the box if you want to). However, it’s tedious to work with such layers, since we don’t have a proper lock layer function. Once you manage to click the object(s) that span across the layers, it will be “sucked” into the artboard layer you clicked in (due to the weird tree artboard / object system affinity uses... the only way is to disable Edit all layers switch, but that’s another hassle...
  4. FYI StudioLink is a feature very similar to what Calamus for Atari ST had in the early 90’s. It was a complete DTP app containing full vector editor, pixel editor and an DTP solution (and more).
  5. Ok, Walter. Anyway. it can be done with a bit of effort and an object can span multiple artboards from what I gathered. You only have to disable "Edit all layers" or it will suck the objects in. Not perfect and should be fixed as @JGD mentions elsewhere.
  6. Hi @Alexis3. Try View > View Mode > (untick) Clip to canvas (or just hit the backslash key "\" that is a default key to toggle the switch).
  7. Hi @Disappointed & Frustrated, welcome to the forums. Your best bet is to contact Serif directly via an e-mail at affinity@serif.com - the help desk or a salesperson will get in touch with you asap. From the experience, you don’t have to be worried, the Black Friday sale still applies to your unfinished purchase. 😉
  8. Hi there @Artzfartzy, I have quite good experience with the free version of FontBase. It's multi-platform (Win, Mac, Linux), quite lightweight and fast. Its free version does have all the standard features, the only thing I miss is font auto-activation, that's available only in a subscription-only version.
  9. Hi. Attempted to create a simple crest, made two objects. Now trying to add them together, getting result as follows: Affinity Designer file in question: crest-boolean-add-2-curves-fail.afdesign Thanks for explaining why the ADD boolean fails and perhaps a solution how to fix that inside designer, it happens to me quite often. Nothing like that ever happens to me in Inkscape, VectorStyler nor Illustrator. Edit: After reversing the direction of one of the curves boolean ADD works and the result is as expected. So I guess the thread can now be closed. FYI: Winding Mode was set to Alternate (Even-Odd).
  10. Well. I believe I said VetorStyler (free beta, about a year in development) is still rough at the edges, but it delivers. I couldn't phrase this better. With Affinity Designer (paid product, 6 years in development, app marketed as a professional solution), we do have a nice UI, but it doesn't deliver, you constantly have to use dozens of workarounds to get the job done. What's better? To me, the product that delivers does have a splendid UX, while the product that does not doesn't have a good UX, despite it's nicer and tidy UI. How about you? Don't get me wrong, I still DO believe that Serif will man up and finally fixes the most annoying bugs and adds features professional designers desperately need. I still didn't give up on Affinity, otherwise I wouldn't be here.
  11. Awww, here, here... Well, since this whole forum is all about workarounds, usage of Inskcape, VectorStyler and other software is a workaround to Designers missing features, thus this whole discussion is very on topic, @dominik. Sorry, but I couldn't help and post this. Take care!
  12. Well, VectorStyler dev decided to put all his skills and efforts into feature set instead of building a nice UI. And "this is the way" 😉 The UX is imo quite splendid, especially for its awesome vector features. While its UI is rough at the edges at the moment, I'm sure it will be polished before its official release.
  13. Hi @Hokusai, well, to be fair you should also mention that from January 1987 to at least January 2005, AI was distributed on physical media (floppy drives, later CD/DVD, which was a form of copy protection - you had to have to get the physical media to use and update/upgrade sw), there were no digital downloads of the product and the development was quite slow at the time, mostly one major version per a year or two. Also, you had way more time to get your job complete compared to today, when nearly every customer wants you to finish the task in the instant. Next, somebody had to invent the isolation mode, since back in the day, vector illustrations were mostly way simpler than nowdays, thus such feature wasn’t necessary until those got complex enough 😉. Next, in AI, you have a working (global) layer system (compared to Affinity Object=layer system) and functional lock and hide element/layer feature that we could use before isolation mode got implemented... Tl;dr Thrown out of context, it seems Adobe was so slow developing Illustrator for many years without adding such features we use today, but that is in fact unfair argument considering software and hardware needs at the time, different distribution model at the time and feels like comparing apples to oranges... thus kinda out of the place this time.
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