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  1. Here is an archived version of the article before it got paywalled https://archive.is/tpn6p so everyone can read it. Exactly what's on my mind. Also it's exactly the reason why artists are mad and starting to ai-poison their artworks. EU just started talking about control of ai and its usage, let's hope they will take us in account. Hollywood lobby got their way around video piracy, we should want to do the same to protect us. Especially for those who use LAION-5B dataset for their commercial ai models. Well, I personally am not fan of the takeover and worry that Affinity as we know it will cease to exist and will be turned into something different. I switched back to Adobe CC for my business needs when I saw no real progress in V2, yet I still use sometimes for some small personal projects, just because I'm sorry to let the money I've spent on it and the many add-ons burn. We'll see if the pledge is true and Canva will help Serif to grow Affinity to a better suite.
  2. Sadly, not at all. Thank you for mentioning this, @v_kyr, what a shame you posted this into Feedback section instead of bug section though. Also, severity of this bug is so serious that Serif should issue an update to the whole V1 line as well... Honorable mention: @Patrick Connor
  3. @TedThompson Hi. Try View > View Mode > untick Clip to Canvas. That should do it.
  4. Thank you, @GarryP - just a little question though; is there a non-microsoft store version on the horizon?
  5. I have to completely agree. Also ability to drag and drop files from finder/explorer directly to the batch job dialog would be ux-wise decision.
  6. Hi @MikeTO - oops, there's something wrong with the table, since my username is attributed to a Macbook Pro 13 early 2015 - I should be named one row above with my Macbook Pro 15 2019
  7. Another Macbook in my studio, just as another reference to Apple Silicon power: Macbook Pro 16,2" 2021 Apple M1 Pro (10 CPU cores, 16 GPU cores) 16 GB RAM SSD 1 TB MacOS Monterey 12.2.1
  8. Macbook Pro 2019 15,4" 2,3 GHz 8-Core Intel Core i9 9880H 16 GB RAM Radeon Pro 560x 4 GB RAM + Intel UHD 630 macOS Monterey 12.2.1 Running on battery though.
  9. Hi @BiteMe, welcome to the forums. You first have to click the DEVELOP button to develop the photo, then you'll be taken from the develop persona to the photo persona where you can use rest of the tools like mentioned frequency separation and/or other tools within other AP personas. Hope this helps.
  10. Well, double-click to open and instantly close the flyout (so it's focused, then the scroll-wheel works). This is how it behaves on Windows, I haven't used Affinity on my Mac for a while (on my Mac, I'm still on ACC).
  11. Hi @15cv88, welcome to the forums. Yes indeed. If you want to use Photo or Designer personas (aka Studio Link) in Affinity Publisher, you need to have corresponding applications installed.
  12. @amul I just double-click the blend mode flyout, then use mouse scrolwheel to cycle the blend modes (as it instantly shows the blend mode preview same as hovering over the items in the flyout). It's not a keyboard option as requested, but quite fast imo.
  13. It seems that global layer system is currently considered and might be added in future... And that is, I believe, what @hudson2800 is requesting.
  14. Hi @elk, try to browse @James Ritson's Affinity Colour Management article. It might help.
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