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  1. Hi @R B I'm using free version of Fontbase with both macOS and Windows and it seems to work quite well with Affinity and I have to admit that it's a pretty stunning font manager, even without its freemium features that are available only with subscription. Font activation takes a little longer but it works. You can also browse font folder structures so that's perfect for me, since I can easily make my own font collections in Finder and then activate or deactive them on demand. Maybe that helps.
  2. Hi @SourBeerFan, welcome to the forums. Since it's Refine Selection feature, You have to create a magic wand or lasso or other kind of selection first, then you can refine it 😉 I am sorry, the first image showing marching ants selection loaded after I posted my answer, weird. Must be connection issue at my end etcg. This is weird, a moderator should look at it trying to reproduce. My 1.8.3 works as expected, I haven't updated to 1.8.4 because since 1.8 I always wait watching the forums until I'm 100 per cent sure it's safe to update.
  3. Hi everyone, I would like to thank all the staff at the helpdesk for their incredible work they do on the forums. I know I'm probably not the easiest person to deal with, but seeing how much work those guys, namely @Patrick Connor, @Callum, @Chris B, @Sean P, @Adam, @MEB, @Lee D, @DWright, @Gabe and @Leigh, put in servicing customer request is stunning. So thank you all, and thank all those I haven't mentioned above (sorry, guys). Please, keep your good work up.
  4. Same here 😀 Amigas were so ahead of its time! I loved the first DTP I ever used - Page Stream. Later I've bought quite cheap Atari ST with a colour monitor and moved to Calamus, which was stunning at the time, with a quite similar concept to Affinity Studio Link btw... It was slower and way worse than Amiga, but way cheaper and did its job, Calamus was also available, but only in TOS emulation. Oh, sweet memories.
  5. This is yet again a classic example of a bad and misleading Affinity ux, sadly. "Layers" and "layers" - erm! Just renaming "layers" to objects would do the trick and clear the confusion easily. And you're not alone. Serif should really do something about this.
  6. Same here. I really love to watch what *real users* do. The test groups would be very suprirsed knowing how many people with laptops and cameras are watching them through one-way window during the testing. And we do that even for simple packaging designs, poster and banner designs, corporate identity tests and even for custom font tests.
  7. Indeed. Good UX designers also perform A-B testing on different user groups when they don't have conclusive data (the case @carl123 mentioned above). They also use scientific methods like Eye Tracking and so on. The worst case are self-appointed UX pseudospecialists and when coders/programmers attempt to create UX for their own apps (see Gimp or original Sodipodi for the best example).
  8. Hi @Adam, It seems to be working now, thank you 😀 So, I've picked some random picture just to check out, but now, when I try to upload the new one I wanted to, I'm getting following: -200 See the screenshot here. I'm currently on Windows 10 ver 1909 computer with lastest version of Firefox if that helps.
  9. Thanks for an answer, @Alfred, I'm browsing the forums everyday and didn't noticed any such reports, but it might be related to me selectivelly skipping such posts in Activity Stream when scanning thread titles.
  10. Hi, sorry if I posted this to a wrong forum, but I wasn't able to find any other forum that would suit following: there is probably something wrong with avatar uploads, I'm attempting to upload a valid avatar (file size and format fits the requirement), however I'm getting following error: https://imgur.com/a/KbgBcei So that's what I'm doing. Now when I attempted to post a screenshot of the message, I've found that I can't upload attachments to my forum messages as well. Both images were exported to jpeg from current production version of Affinity Photo. Thanks for your feedback.
  11. This explanation should be set in a stone. Thank you so much @NoSi.
  12. Hi @MEB, thank you for your response. You are right, you didn't say that, it was @Chris B over here: I apologize, I was confused and didn't really bother to find it before "quoting" you. Sorry for putting @Chris B's words in your mouth.
  13. Well, @MEB said that "there must be something unique about my system" because they are not able to replicate the issue. Weird.
  14. Hi @Hokusai To me it's still an issue, and I'm not alone. Sometimes it unstucks after some time, sometime switching to another persona and back works, sometimes I have to restart the app just like you. I wish this got fixed since it's quite annoying.
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