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  1. Professional software means just that you can rely upon it in with your business. That the software is so reliable, you can easily use it without worrying it's gonna fail here or there. It means that everything works as expected. To me, honestly, it feels that Serif doesn't even develop automated testing suite (that is standard for any bigger application), otherwise it's hard to understand how often new updates break old stuff that was working for years.
  2. @AdamW @Jon P Same goes for Replacing placed PDF files via Resource Manager. They don't keep the size, nor position. Also when replacing a resource that is placed multiple times, only one is replaced, the rest of placed images vanish and Publisher displays only empty frames. When replacing with Replace Image button in the context toolbar, all the images are replaced, however they change the size (keeping the position though). Been like that since 1.9 release. It's a pretty nasty bug for a DTP software 😐. Bug Report (reported for Windows but the same issue occurs on macOS).
  3. To add, the issue isn't Windows exclusive, the same happens on macOS (both High Sierra and Big Sur) 😐
  4. Both issues are sadly still present in version (despite some Resource Manager bug fixes related to the Update button) Resource Manager / Replace... button Replace image context toolbar icon
  5. Hi Serif, Affinity Publisher on Windows 10 20H2, fully updated. Hardware Acceleration turned OFF. Using Replace... buton on PDF linked resource in Afpub Resource Manager results into only last frame populated with the replaced resource, the replaced resource has distorted proportions (both replaced and original PDF have exactly the same dimensions), the rest of originally populated frames are empty Selecting all frames populated with PDF linked resources, hitting Replace Image button in the Context Toolbar results in first image replaced correctly, but all th
  6. @Chris B Issue still present in 1.9, a year later. It happens when Preferences > Tools > Smallest is set.
  7. Hi. Thanks for the dropbox link, I've just uploaded the file for you to check the issue out. Tested again on another computer just now and it doesn't work as expected (the way it always worked in previous versions) here. It's a different computer, not the first one I've encountered the issue with. Updated from 1.5 constantly with all the updates up to 1.9. Quite easy to replicate here with the original file and even a brand new one I just created. See my gif below. I'm expecting the newly created rectangle from first half of the gif to be pasted on top of the topelli
  8. Hi @Sean P, sure. Please, hit me with a private dropbox link and I’ll upload it once I’m back at the office. TIA
  9. Hi. Disaster release 1.9 contains another bug: Select a layer (inside a group) in a layer stack, have an object in clipboard, click Insert at the top of the layer button, it gets highlighted, but on paste the object appears at the top of the layer stack. It worked flawlessly in all other previous releases I can think of since like version 1.5. Same goes when the same button is selected and one clicks New Layer icon.
  10. Well, that's unfortunate. Please, do the following then. Please note it might take a while before you receive a response since the Serif staff is quite busy with huge amount of purchases due to the current sale. https://store.serif.com/en-gb/help/
  11. Hi there @NoobMan and @leoskey, welcome to the forums. If you purchased from Serif Affinity store, then try to login to your Affinity Store account, in the Downloads & product keys page you should find what you're looking for. But in case you purchased via Microsoft Store or Mac App Store, there is no serial number and your purchased products downloaded from the store are activated upon download. In that case, just uninstall the trial version(s) you might have downloaded and installed from the affinity website (those will still ask for a serial number) and use the app
  12. Try following: https://ibb.co/277QnfC MODS... picking @Patrick Connor as a mention... This is more than annoying... happens in all the browsers all the platforms (Linux, macOS, Win) so it's not a browser issue. Copypasting smaller images (not gifs) directly to the post are sometimes works, most of the time doesn't. Certainly never works with animated gifs.
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