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  1. CLC

    Stuck on panning mode

    I’m using multiple keyboard layouts though - some standard western ones, some central european ones, Russian and Hebrew (the only rtl layout on my system). Switching layouts frequently (nearly every minute at least one layout switch).
  2. CLC

    Stuck on panning mode

    And nope. It's a classic HP computer, bought in a store. The other one is nearly the same, just bought online. Classic USB keyboard, USB mouse. No special hardware, no tablet, no software for clipboard handling, no additional utilities (except for FontBase font manager). If you'd like me to PM you list of software, hardware etc., just ask.
  3. CLC

    Stuck on panning mode

    Weird. Happens to me on both my Windows 10 boxes, both clean installs of Win 10, configured manually. No special software installed, just Affinity trinity, Adobe stuff, browsers, Thunderbird. Both of my Macs are fine and nothing like this ever happened there.
  4. CLC

    Stuck on panning mode

    Nope, I'm using both mouse and keyboard, in most cases switching tools with their hot keys, but for those screen casts, I wanted to show you that I'm actually clicking the toolbar icons also. The keyboard or mouse isn't stuck, I bought a new pair to check out if it's not a keyboard or mouse issue...
  5. CLC

    Stuck on panning mode

    Nope, nothing does. Sometimes, it starts switching tools after a while again (first two screencasts) but in most cases it doesn't and the only fix is to restart Photo (as you can see in the last screencast)...
  6. CLC

    Stuck on panning mode

    Hi @Chris B - nope, I don't use spacebar+alt at all. I'm just inpaiting with inpainting brush and when I need to pan, I use space. Happened to me again just now... This time it's stuck that way for 10 minutes already, no matter what I do.
  7. CLC

    Stuck on panning mode

    And again... @Chris B
  8. CLC

    Stuck on panning mode

    Hi @Chris B so it happened again and I was even able to make screen recording. What I've noticed is that it nearly always happens when I'm doing inpating with the inpainting tool and panning around with space. Trying to switch the tools - nothing works - but after a while, it somehow went alive and started working again (that never happened to me before). In 99 per cent of the cases I have to close Photo and start it again to get access to the tools. Cheers
  9. My bad, you're correct. However, when you downsize an image to 56 pixels wide, it's really natural for it to be pixelated.
  10. @MichaelMeeuwissen Of course images become pixelated, since you're resizing them there to sizes like 56 x 42 pixels. You might want to resample them instead (via Document > Resize document menu). Also notice it's a pixel layer, not an image layer - thus the way you're resizing them is destructive.
  11. @tiborsanta1955 That's natural behavior, the letter is displayed so you can set the font size, then it disappears and you should add your own text at this point.
  12. IIRC it's just Invision Board message just showing how much free space is left for attachments.
  13. @oliiix Official download pages for Photo, Designer and Publisher (Windows) allow you to download some older versions of the apps directly I believe. Go check the links out.
  14. User @gabriel_komorov shared his little Windows .bat file that does all what you're requesting, I believe.
  15. Hi @eobet Sadly nope, in Designer, they don't exist at all

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