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  1. CLC

    Beta update?

    Indded. It's just a warning. And it's actually only Adobe Animate (Flash) product in question, see here: https://imgur.com/a/CbvApoz
  2. All tools to achieve such results I can get for free with Inkscape, and much, much more @Mithferion. Not good enough for a professional paid product, don't you think? Swiss-design style logo creation is quite a niche, despite looking fancy and very cool these days, if I was doing just that, I might be happy, indeed (would still miss select by color/stroke width and mesh warping and offset path features for this anyway). Take care.
  3. Well, except for a few I scratched out, I believe all those on the roadmap are basic and many of them even essential for a professional vector graphic app. Have a nice day
  4. My apologies for misunderstanding and misquoting you. You are right.
  5. Got that. Indeed. Yeah, ballance. Well, from my POV I would like to have and use a professional graphic design software and after 5 years of waiting it's clear I'm not going to get it here since as you said, more focus is put to attracting new customers and not satisfying current ones. Shame, since the happy current customers are the best ad. Word of mouth is and always was the best advertisement. Edit: Thank you, @Ben, and all the devs working for Serif for awesome and almost incredible job they do. The software is quite good considering its price. If mentioned basic features happen to be part of the 2.0 update, I will happily pay £250 per a product without blinking an eye. If they're missing, I'll pass though.
  6. I believe you misunderstand what OP says. He states that no basic features (ie Select by Attribute - first requested in 2014 , Offset Path, Mesh Warp Tool in case of Designer) are still missing. It's nice that beta development goes well and the betas are updated frequently, but the production (stable) versions weren't been updated in ages. Some people don't have time nor energy to use betas in production (they bought the product to produce stuff, not to join a public beta test) and those are obviously unsatisfied since features mentioned above are really basic features that every professional design tool has. Even some free ones. All they get is workaround tips (time consuming for someone in production) or are informed that such basic features aren't on the roadmap. Don't get me wrong, i'm not a hater. I bought Mac versions of AP+AD first in 2014 and lately PC versions as well and am still hoping team will focus more on polishing the products and add such basic features that many need daily, instead of constantly adding new flashy features that people use once a year (and that's my feeling so far). But hope is all I have. To me it seems that Serif focuses more on new sales than old customerss but I might be wrong, I don't see what's going on in their offices actually. Take care.
  7. CLC

    Beta update?

    That is untrue; Adobe is warning that users of old versions might encounter copyright infringement suit filed by a third party (speculation is the third party is Dolby) if they keep using old versions of CC.
  8. Thanks for clarification @MEB. I'm so sad so useful and basic feature still isn't part of AD though.
  9. @MEB Hi, "Select by attribute" entry disappeared from Affinty Designer Roadmap, does it mean the feature has been finally implemented and will be a feature of the next release? Thanks for your response.
  10. Thank you again @dutchshader this is quite unexpected and very weird. Designer should handle curves smoothly, I don't understand why this happens though. Never had such an issue in Illutrator for past 20 years, but in Designer, this happens to me quite often
  11. Thank you @dutchshader for finding out! The whole drawing was created in Affinity Designer using its Pen Tool (as you can see in the hidden Curves path at the bottom. I selected this layer, used Layer > Expand Stroke. Does this mean that Expand Stroke feature is broken then? Since it generated such an invalid object? (The "few messed up nodes" you mention are result of Designer's Expand Stroke function...) Does this mean that every time I use Expand Stroke I'll have to check every single node to fix the curves myself? To be honest, working with Designer is quite pain so far, compared to Illustrator... Rhetorical question: Why Designer doesn't issue some sort of warning leaving user clueless? It's not 1st time such an issue happened to me :{
  12. Hi Serif, I'm attempting to use Designer as an Illustrator replacement but I'm having issues with basic stuff, like AI Pathfinder replacement aka Designer's Geometry on MS Windows 7 with latest Designer ( I draw a vector shape character using Pen tool. After selecting curves in question, I convert the curves to objects with Layer > Expand Stroke. I combine all the paths with Layer > Geometry > Add (or by selecting the objects and clicking Add icon in the top toolbar) (all still good at this point) Now I want to break the curves apart (in Illustrator terms) so I can fill the individual objects. I click Divide button in the toolbar (alternatively use Layer > Geometry > Divide) The whole Curve layer at this moment disappears from the layers panel along with the object (created in step 3)... No error warning, no nothing. My object just vanishes. See attachments fail01.jpg and fail02.jpg. I've also attached the document I was working on (fail.afdesign) I can't do anything about it. A little workaround was to export the file to a PDF, then import the PDF back to Designer. After opening this very PDF and selecting the curve in question, I can do Divide and it works as expected, I can do what I needed from the start (fail03.jpg - fail07.jpg) without any trouble. Can't do that with the original file though... The layer keeps vanishing whenever I attempt to Divide the Curve :-/ It keeps happening quite often. The Geometry tools (aka Pathfinder in AI) seem to be broken... You have to admit, this is only a workaround, such a thing shouldn't be part of my workflow at all. Basic boolean operations aka Geometry should work as expected by default. Thanks for any input. fail.afdesign
  13. Oh my, this is an absolutely vital feature for me as well. Without it, Designer is sadly just a shiny toy.
  14. Hello Serif. I bought both Affinity Photo and Designer for both Mac and PC and I've noticed a weird issue in both Photo on Windows and 1.6.7 on Mac. When you set up a different but the default Tool Handle Size in Preferences > Tools > Tool Handle Size and attempt to use the crop tool, the handles change their size to weird proportions on zoom. Is there any way to make handles to keep the same size despite of zooming in? I believe it's actually some weird kind of a bug, am I wrong? I'm attaching a screencast from Windows and a screenshot from macOS. The default handle size is too huge for my tastes and workflow and the smallest handle size is perfect for me. However, I'd like it to keep constant size, without changing its size while zooming. Thanks for your reply, Sincerely, CLC crop01-normal.avi crop02-cursor_size.avi