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  1. I REALLY hope serif implement a way to actually add blend-mode cycling function as a keyboard shortcut .. The more they mirror the 80/20 functions from PS the better
  2. all of the above requires mousing over to blend-modes pulldown. In PS as you drag an image in you can start - / + right away without mousing over to layers pallete ..I think that is a big deal esp if you do photo illustration-like work and like the unpredictable paths blend mode experimentation can take you
  3. thanks for the quick responses.. I still find it a bit annoying that I have to 1. Mouse over to get to the pull down and then 2. Get to the actual shortcut (up / down) I suppose I'll need to get used to the new work flow.. IS there a way to keyboard shortcut to access the blend-mode pulldowns? thanks
  4. I'm a longtime user of photoshop (since 7).. sick of the subscriptions. Really use the blend mode cycling all the time in my work.. is there a way to do that in affinity? typically in PS I'd use - / + (minus/plus key) thanks Amul
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