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  1. re: Also ability to drag and drop files from finder/explorer directly to the batch job dialog Absolutely agree.
  2. The need to set ALL batch job settings AGAIN every time the dialogue is open is very BAD. Some form of persistence in user set settings is needed. Especially in case of input/output folders. If for example these settings persist between sessions, the user can have one folder for input, one for output and just replace input images, run appropriate macros on them, retrieve them from the output folder and repeat and not not worry about these settings in AP. K
  3. I second that. I know the beauty of such interface from my beloved Office XP from the year 2001 (that is 20 years ago). K
  4. walt.farrell If you feel like writing about it, may I ask what you need it (going sub-pixel) for? I can't imagine any use of this for me. K
  5. @walt.farrell Thank you very much for explaining your logic! I see what you mean in the left column of the Transform dialogue. I have never seen anything like this before. I don't think I will ever need such a feature, but I bet somebody does every day. Best K
  6. SOLUTION SUMMARY: For anybody having issues with this, this is what works for me: "Force Pixel Alignment" and "Move by whole pixels" need to be in the states visible on the following screenshots. I don't know which state is ON and which is OFF and AP makes no effort to determine that neither in the Help nor in the Tooltip. When you first drag&drop and image, it will look smoothed (see sshot1) but when you move the layer, it will be crystal clear again (see sshot2). Don't ask me why 😄 Note that the way these buttons are (de)pressed will be kept when you restart AP. Hope it helps 🙂 K
  7. @Old Bruce Thanks for chipping in. At first, it does not seem like it works. The image nr2 is still blurred, but when I move the layer, it becomes crystal clear again (not smoothed). Thank you very much!! Now I am going to have a look around and hopefully see what these two functions actually do. I find the default effect quite baffling and not in a good way. Best K
  8. @prophet Thank you for your kind reply. I am glad, you figured it out. I will have to research this function. I have never seen anything like it and have no idea what it could possibly do despite the Helps' "very comprehensive" explanation. Best K
  9. @walt.farrell I don't agree that it will be faster but I will do what I can. so i have downloaded the source image from this thread i have then repeated the steps described in the original post i am uploading the saved afphoto with this post. now what you will do, i believe is this: you will first load the afphoto you will see the problem and you will try to repeat the effect you will use the source image from this thread to achieve that realizing the previous two steps were redundant so going this way actually takes both mine and your time, because the final afphoto does not matter. it is the process of achieving it that is the problem and the process can be checked only with the source image. anyway, here you go K snap02.afphoto
  10. @NotMyFault I have deleted the .afphoto upon achieving my task so I cannot upload it. I have uploaded the source image instead. I don't see why you don't want to try to follow the three steps it takes to see the effect that I have described on your own machine.
  11. Hi! There si no need. You can try it yourself with any screenshot. Just capture part of any window and do what I did. On the other hand, I have ClearType turned OFF so I will upload one screenshot from my OS. It is very clear using that. I am not sure what happens when the same process is repeated on OS with smoothed system fonts. K
  12. Hi, I open image nr1. Then I drag image nr2 into AP and onto image nr1 so that nr2 creates another layer over image nr1. WOW affinity has just smoothed image nr2. Why? What? Is Earth still round? Can anybody kindly explain? See attachment. I placed a yellow layer between the two to distinguish between them. See, it's just windows screenshots of the same window and the one on the right, the layer, gets smoothed by AP. Thanks in advance for any help. K
  13. I second that. We need to be able to do what Photopea/Edit/Auto-Align does, as explained here: or what Photoshop/File/Automate/Photomerge/Collage does, as mentioned here: There really isn't any dedicated software out there that does this. Hope to see it in AP K keywords: stitch, stitching, merge, merging, photomerge, blend, blending, overlap, overlapping
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