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  1. Normally when you use a brush, there's a circle to show the brush size and location. When you are using the stabiliser, the little line is visible, but not the circle. This is not so much of a problem when using the paintbrush with a visible colour, but when using such as the erase brush the invisible circle makes control rather difficult as you can't see what you're painting. It's also tricky when a paintbrush colour is similar to the background, for example when trimming edges in a mask.
  2. Thanks, Gabe. Sometimes I find stuff that I can't make work and wonder if it's me or a bug. Often it's me. Nice to get a break this time.
  3. I'm with Walt here. I read the description N times, wondered at ambiguity, and tried all variations I could think of. I just want a simple roadmap (check Blend, do x see y; uncheck Blend, do x see z) so I can see it working.
  4. dmstraker

    Brush Editing, Reset Button fails

    There's a broader nuisance effect like this where you can bring up a dialog, make adjustments and nothing happens. I've had it happen all over the place. It's always because I needed something else checked, active, etc. I'd mark it as a generic bug - you shouldn't be able to access controls that will not be permitted to make changes.
  5. I'm wresting with Accumulation myself at the moment, trying to see what it does. I've changed Accumulation Jitter in Dynamics and I can see what it should be like in the simulation above, but it's acting like a normal brush. No selection. Paintbrush works, just no accumulation jitter effect.
  6. OK. I'm flummoxed. Figuring out the Undo Brush, I've understood everything, except how to use the Blend checkbox. All I want is a simple example that shows it working. I've spent ages trying various history panel and snapshot fiddles and I'm darned if I can see anything different happening. Help!
  7. Oh, I get it -- rather than blank the non-required channel, push it to 50% grey. Then L layer on top Luminosity blend. A layer in middle to Overlay blend. Cheers!
  8. dmstraker

    Saturation Masks - a simple method

    Seems so. I tried using 1.7 image in 1.6 and it got refused.
  9. How interesting. I didn't know that. Always good to learn something new. Thanks!
  10. Well I'll be danged. Thanks, @GabrielM. I just learned something. Which makes it a Good Day.
  11. Yes, I know, Not a biggie. Just one for when you're sitting around, wondering what to do I was just monkeying around, playing with stuff to see what it did, when this turned up (in other words I've no idea how to reproduce it -- sorry). Sliding the sliders up and down made the blue line move, but not as they should. Only the size and flow controls were affected. The brush in question, btw, is Spray Paints, Brush 5. Edit: Having said that, I closed down and restarted AP and that brush still displayed the same wayward behaviour. Maybe because it's Tuesday and parliament is having a meaningful vote (again) about Brexit at seven. I'm using the latest beta. Extra edit: Ooh! It happens in 1.6 too!
  12. In the Channel Mixer, you can select a single channel by choosing a colour model and zeroing the unwanted channels. eg. for red channel, use RGB model, select to Greens and zero Green, then select Blues and zero Blue. I can do this for RGB and CMYK. But in LAB, if I zero AOpponent and BOpponent I'm getting a blue/cyan result. What am I doing wrong? Should it not be b/w? ps. I can separate channels by changing document colour model and clearing in the Channels panel, but I'd just like to be able to do it in Channel Mixer.
  13. As I recall in PS (pshaw - not used it for ages), the double-click works in ACR but not in main PS body. Still, double-click reset would be an excellent default everywhere.
  14. dmstraker


    Just a special thanks for this one. It's fixed a lot of niggles for me. See you at the Photo Show next week -- I'll be there Tuesday and will drop by to say hello.
  15. @Chris B - here's video of it happening. Here's my setup. Dialog boxes are appearing in space to right of 21" monitor, when AP is on big or small monitor: Here also is the report and discussion of the same thing from a year ago. See last post where you acknowledge bug and promise fix (which worked):