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  1. I put copyright info into my camera, so all images get it automatically.
  2. Gosh. What a lot of conversation and complexity. I don't use AD. With AP, I'd start with the original, play with guide lines, then do a series of crops.
  3. Oh yes. Kiss the sky. Though when he was accused of singing 'kiss this guy' he thought it so funny he started singing it for real.
  4. Personally I've always organized photos by folder and using filename (which starts with date YYMNDD). On1 handles this beautifully. Being able to add tags and organise be these is great. I do this in Librarything with my books and Pepperplate with my recipes. Ideal would be a combination of these. Access folder structure and allow filename and tag searching.
  5. Nothing like a nice sky. Especially if you are a nice guy.
  6. Really nice. You don't really need all the grass at the bottom as it's mostly about the sky. Because I'm a lumberjack, I would skew the image to straighten the hedge (pull down bottom right corner in perspective tool).
  7. Attached is my complete set of notes about blend modes, now spread across 52 pages of A4. These are significantly updated from the previous revision, with lots more 'recipes' and organisation of these under main topics, hopefully to make them more usable. Enjoy. Blend modes notes V5.pdf
  8. Almost. It's St David's church and the Skirrid mountain in, guess where, Llanddewi Skirrid. You've still got me puzzled, Roger, about who you are.
  9. While Linux is a nice thought, I'd be happier if those really smart Affinity folks just got on with heading towards version 2. Personal and totally biased view: this iPad version is a distraction. Come on chaps (and chapesses) -- let's see the next mega-revolution! You're already knocking at the gates. I want an innovative browser, a Lightroom RAW killer and other tweaks from double-click any slider to reset, to a macro system that knocks PS actions out of the park. Go Team Affinity!!!
  10. ps. Please forgive maudlin stuff. Just consumed bottle of stuff called 'Delerium Tremens'. Followed by half a bottle of red plonk. Ungamunga!
  11. I'm Welsh and totally ashamed of the Welsh people who voted for Brexit. But at least we're artistic. Eisteddfods and all that. And living in God's country. The Brecon Beacons National Park is literally just over the road. Photographic heaven.
  12. I bought a cheapo version of Topaz labs years ago at a photography show in the NEC in the UK. All on a CD with a code. Still brilliant and I use Topaz Simplify to create great 'painting' versions. Sneaky tip: If you've got a great photo that is out of focus, Simplify will find edges and fill in a 'cartoon' version that works really well. I've such a picture on the wall, printed as a 'canvas' and which loads of visitors have thought was a real painting. Bottom line: Affinity's ability to use Photoshop Plugins extends its capability still further. I have played with all kinds of photo editing software, from PS to LR to ON1 and more, and I spend by far the most time in Affinity. Just love it for its massive capability. Example of photo and Topaz Simplify variant attached.
  13. I made notes on all the videos here:
  14. Use Sony. Never any problems. Even with newer ARW format of RX100V that PS CS6 won't open.
  15. Yes, I know. Just happened to be a photo I had handy for general experimentation. Could at least have had some dark clouds. Trivia: It's the Boudhanath stupa in Kathmandu.