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  1. Yes of course. It simply was that I found I could draw the blue node selection area but with nothing to select. At the time I didn't know what it was for so was rather baffled. It's a general usability principle to not allow users to do things that have no immediate function and can end up with strange effects (like the blank Curves panel). So when there are no nodes, do not allow the node selection to take place. It's not a biggie. I was a programmer, then in software QA, so little things bug me. I report what I find, but then it's up to you to decide what to do about it.
  2. Ok - figured how having noded curve that Alt-click/sweep selects nodes. Can't replicate tips with polygon selection with just pixel layer. Hmm. However Alt-clicking around on a simple pixel layer still creates blue selection area (releasing Alt does not escape this), whence Ctrl-M brings up curves layer but without content. Not a biggie, but it would seem that confusing non-functional scenarios should be suppressed, perhaps throwing up an error message rather than ploughing ahead into strangeness. And yes, I'm on a PC. The dark side, and all that.
  3. Select node tool. Tips at bottom of page include Alt-click for polygon selection. Tips then change, now suggesting actions for lasso selection. Playing with this it seems to be a part-complete feature. You can draw, but Return or closing path makes selection disappear. Hitting Ctrl-M when selection visible leads to a curves panel without the curve.
  4. Add HSL to image. Adjust Hue. Colour ring handily shows you where colours have changed. Add another control, say Curves. Click back to the HSL adjustment. Now the colour rings are incorrect. Change Hue and the rings leap to where they should be. Bit annoying if I just wanted to check how hue had changed.
  5. It would be nice if there was consistency in the treatment of categories, folders, presets, within and across folders. This includes New document, Swatches, Macros/Library, Procedural Texture formulae/Categories and general Adjustment Presets. The basic and very welcome principle is of preset 'recipes' that are offered either as defaults or as user shortcuts. As users use the products more, and especially in professional settings, consistency is very helpful. Key elements of a useful and consistent preset system include: Creation and deletion Containing folder/ategory system, including folders-within-folders hierarchy Naming/renaming External export/save and load Editing (especially macros, please) What else? It's understandable as different sub-teams implement variations specific to local requirements, but architecturally and usability-wise it gets increasingly messy. Coding-wise, I'd suspect useful efficiencies could be gained here.
  6. I'm working on isolating the maximum value colour in each pixel, so in Apply Image I'm successfully using: DR=SR*rounddown(1-(max(SR,SG,SB)-SR)) DG=SG*rounddown(1-(max(SR,SG,SB)-SG)) DB=SB*rounddown(1-(max(SR,SG,SB)-SB)) rounddown is effectively a boolean operator that reduces this expression to 1 or 0, which happens when the R, G or B value is the same as the maximum value. Implementing this in Procedural Texture I'm getting an illogical and different result. R: R*rounddown(1-(max(R,G,B)-R)) G: G*rounddown(1-(max(R,G,B)-G)) B: B*rounddown(1-(max(R,G,B)-B)) In a test case using B to check out differences, the evalution of B differs *sometimes* when Blue is the maximum. I suspect a rounding or clamping effect, so (max(R,G,B)-B) is not sometimes wholly zero when B is maximum. An example where this evaluation fails is RGB of 102, 109, 135. This seems to be happening more when the value of Blue is higher. A fix is clamping the max calculation, B*rounddown(1-clamp((max(R,G,B)-B),0,1)), but is a kludge that shouldn't happen (and, I'd suspect, most users would not find). Procedural Texture, for some reason, seems to calculate much faster than Apply Image. Not sure why this is. When PT calculations don't need kludges I'll move over a number of macros I offer in my InAffinity YouTube channel (which currently take several minutes to calculate in Apply Image). APh version is
  7. Start HSL. Turn down saturation. Saturated colours go grey. Click HSV. Saturated colours go white. All well and good. Now click Reset and turn down saturation again. HSV checkbox is still checked, but controls are acting as if it is HSV.
  8. Nice! A few notes on the New dialogue. Go to Templates. Cancel out. File/New again. Starts in Templates. Click on Presets. No top menu visible ('My presets' etc). Have to cancel out from within Presets and restart New dialogue. Templates, folder that has a decimal point in it, nothing is shown from the decimal point onwards (I had a folder called 'Affinity Photo 1.8' and it just showed 'Affinity Photo 1' Doesn't seem to be a way to remove template other than in Windows (good that you give option to use Explorer -- this a fix for Windows issue?) Devices are pretty heavily Apple oriented. Surface Pro 2? I've got a Surface Pro 4 and that's old! Could do common display monitor sizes here, eg. 1920x1080, 4K, ... Would be good to be able to edit default setup eg. to kick out things never used or just reorder so my common ones are at the top. Still, My Presets is splendid inclusion!
  9. Not desperately myself, but I do see the need for a professional workflow. Most useful for me is full-screen review and detail zoom (can't beat seeing it up-close). I've used both bog-standard Windows and FastRawViewer with comfort.
  10. It would be great if variables/custom inputs in Procedural Texture were selectable in macros, rather than just Opacity. Thanks!
  11. ...and of course the corollary, to include a slider where there is now just a value box. So: Add value boxes to 0-1 and -1 to 1 range variables, and sliders to real numbers and integers. Thanks!!
  12. Well, kind of. I'll be there, on Tuesday 17th. If you'd care to say hello, message me (envelope at top of screen) or reply below and we can figure where/when to catch up. Most of the day I'll be cruising around, probably dribbling a bit, here and there. InAffinity is my YouTube channel on Affinity Photo. Now over 400 videos and counting. For everyone from beginners to advanced. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOnLUmyPHr2rayOHVHWsHVw
  13. A Value box would be good to go along with sliders in Procedural Texture. So we can type in the number or use the slider.
  14. A part of the puzzle is how overall luminosity is calculated -- seems possible that it is 0.3*Red + 0.59*Green + 0.11*Blue. True? Universally?
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