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  1. I started with Affinity Photo after years of struggling with Photoshop. The official tutorials gave me a great start. I then started reading everything I could get about photo editing and watching lots of videos. Mostly Photoshop, but much is the same. I also just kept experimenting, trying random stuff to see what happened. And I'm still learning (producing videos is good for this too!). Power comes from play and practice. Don't worry -- you'll get there!
  2. I took a break over the summer and have now restarted, just passing the 300th video. I aim to do one video of about 5 minutes per day, with content varying from beginner to expert. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOnLUmyPHr2rayOHVHWsHVw Yay!
  3. Ah yes, that's it! Thanks, Ray.
  4. dmstraker

    APh: Channel right-click text size

    Definitely happening. Experimenting gives more info: Two screens, one 40" 4K and one 23" 1920 23" is primary screen, 40" secondary 40" has Windows Settings/Display at 150% (23" is 100%) When APh window is on 40" screen, all is well However (and here's the bug), when the APh window is on 23" screen, right-clicking in Channel tab gives too-big text. In other words, on the primary display the Channels tab text sizing in APh is picking up the Windows scaling factor from the secondary display. Other tabs I tried are working correctly. @Chris B?
  5. Create text, shapes, lines of varying thickness Group Grab a corner and drag to scale Everything scales nicely except for the lines and shape outlines (strokes), which stay the same thickness. Kind of defeats the object.
  6. Right-click in layer panel, text is expected size X Right-click in channel panel, text is surprisingly bigger APh
  7. dmstraker

    Different beta logo?

    That's the ticket!
  8. I run normal APh and beta and sometimes it's confusing which is which. It would be neat if there was a different logo for beta versions - maybe just with an overlaid beta. Applicable for operating system display and when the programme is running. Could help resolve confusion when bugs are reported, too.
  9. Unmesh has settled down into an engaging style. He used to come over as patronising which I suspect was based in uncertainty and trying too hard. It took me a while but I think I'm more relaxed now. The single take is certainly more challenging. Sometimes I have to redo it half a dozen times. I also edit for clicks, ums etc in sound spaces, add clarifying text and zoom in (including cropping out my head to get closer).
  10. Presumably 'does not work'? I get what it should do but it's not happening for me on Windows.
  11. Click Darken. Drag the crop inwards. Area of image outside crop area is a bit darker, helping to highlight the area you will be keeping. I can't find what Reveal does. I had thought it might, when expanding the crop area, reveal previously cropped areas, but no joy here.
  12. Great videos as usual. Terse and clear. Well done James and the team. APh is a huge and complex bit of kit and videos are important both to get beginners off the runway and to explain the dark corners and intricacies for us older hands. The talking head video question is something I still fret about with my InAfffinity videos. I used it because many other successful channels also do so, but wonder a bit if it's helpful. I hope it gives a more personal connection. A big question is the size and scale of the frame for this as it necessarily obscures some of the window. The bottom left does seem best for this as it covers less key stuff in APh. I do wonder if the Serif videos might use a little less space. At least the right part of the image, which is showing just brick wall, could be clipped. Another thought: James is facing to the left, out of the picture and so directing gaze away from the main screen. Would it make more sense to guide the eyes into the video by facing to the right? An apology, comment and question: Sorry about this, but... The staging and style that James is using reminds me of Unmesh Dinda on his YouTube PixImperfect channel. Am I imagining things?
  13. The gradient tool has gradually been improving. Thanks, folks! One last tweak suggested. Currently: Select gradient tool on left. Draw gradient. Default is white to grey. Ends up with grey node larger than white node as it has the focus. Just fine. Now want to change the grey colour, so select colour patch on context toolbar at top. I arrive at the Gradient tab. However, the left-hand white node is selected in the Gradient dialogue. So to edit the grey node, I have to re-select the right node. If this is not noticed, confusion results. If, however, I select the Colour tab, I can change the grey directly. Whether you go to the Gradient or Colour tab first is really a matter of policy. I'd be happy with either (though prefer Colour as it saves a little time and thinking). What really needs to be changed is that the node selected in the Gradient tab when you arrive there should be the same as the selected node in the drawn gradient.
  14. dmstraker

    Misspelling tiddler

    Do not pass Go....
  15. Just a tiddler: In Develop Persona, Lens tab, Defringe. I think 'Complimentary' should be 'Complementary'. Unless of course you just to say nice things about me. It's correctly spelled in Photo Persona (both destructive and non-destructive dialogues).