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  1. Not a hill to die on, but I'm with AlainP -- weird and likely to cause confusion, even with us dyed-in-the-wool folks. Edit: ... just tinkering, it seems when you place an image, you can click on colour as above to change hue, but then you can also Convert to Curves, in which the hue change disappears and the original image appears. The image appears in the fill colour box. If you click on a colour now, it fills the image with the solid colour. However, when the fill is the image, you can do things like add it to a swatch and draw shapes with it as the fill. Curiouser and curiouser. APh sometimes does a fair emulation of a rabbit warren.
  2. Place an image. Click on colour panel colour or use colour picker tool. Hue of image is changed to selected value.
  3. Well done folks. Please remember to sleep now and again. Just a data point: I recently got a DJI Mini 2 which produces RAW files, which edit just fine. The only thing it doesn't do is recognize the lens used. Not a problem, though it made me wonder if drone makers are feeding into the photo industry standard lens tables. Edit: I see they do. At least DJI at listed in camera tables, though the Mini 2 is not listed.
  4. Just found this. I only drop into the forum now and again. Thanks @Ron P. and well done @NJPhotog. It's useful to know that the hardware acceleration can cause such strange effects. Maybe Serif should turn it off by default on new installations, and perhaps add a note at the beginning about it. Yes, in the first beginners' series I just used the Adjustments panel and merged adjustments. When I started out, layers took me ages to understand, so the idea was to get comfortable with adjustments and get to layers later. The second Absolute Beginners' series introduces layers and the layers panel. As I write, I'm nearing the end of this 30 episode series and I have covered a lot of layer stuff that I hope is making sense. As a former high school math teacher I know how easy it is to get lost along the way and it's so difficult to judge how fast to go when your students are not in front of you with bored, happy or confused faces that tell you how fast to go. Also as a former engineer and programmer, I can go into detail and do so in a number of my InAffinity videos, but still worry about the speed, clarity and so on of what I do.
  5. Thanks for trying, Gabe. Could have been already unstable. As original note edit, on restart the problem could not be reproduced. I'll let you know if it happens again.
  6. Don't think there is one, though I'd be delighted to be wrong. It would also be great to be able to return to the Develop persona and re-adjust settings later (which is why I don't use it much).
  7. Drew 1000x1000 pattern layer. Soft Light. Painted pattern in white. Then it didn't properly render, showing only a part of the image. Zoom in and different bits get rendered. Edit: Deleted layer and tried again. ok at first. Problem happens when dragging pattern box with move tool. Edit: Then APh crashed. On restart, I couldn't reproduce the problem. Maybe APh was already in an an unstable state? (Note: It also crashed earlier when I was doing a selection).
  8. Spare channels are really useful ways to save and use selections and masks within the image file. Right-click anything in the channels tab to explore. There's a decent description under 'help'. 1.9 now lets you edit spare channels as if they were masks (which they kind of are).
  9. While delighted with the updated, I'm rather curious about the decisions on what changes to include and what to not include. As an example, while the astrophotography section looks brilliant, I do wonder how many customers are likely to use this. On the other hand, it would seem rather useful and relatively straightforward to do such as adapting the HSL hue ring to a general hue selection function, or perhaps more integration between gradients and gradient maps. I'm sure there is good reason for such choices and would appreciate a little light on my ignorance.
  10. Well done to all Serif folks. Another great milestone achieved. As a former programmer (and QA guy), I really appreciate the effort. I did a 1.9 video of beta changes on my InAffinity YouTube channel, and will do another now.
  11. Load .jpg file attached. Switch to Develop Persona. Background white area goes red. Possibly a factor, this is a flattened version of the .afphoto, also attached. Happy New Year / Blwyddyn Newydd Dda ! HSL_4_colour_wheels.afphoto
  12. Not offended or worried. I'm busily 'retired' on a Welsh veggie smallholding (spent the morning squeezing apples), while indulging photo hobby ('art for engineers'), doing InAffinity videos (best way to learn is to try to teach), and tinkering on websites (currently boning up on Bootstrap Studio while waiting for Bootstrap 5). I studied and wrote books during the 'real' career both as a means to learn and to help professional credibility (they did help me get jobs). Overall I feel very lucky to have had a very varied and interesting career. These days there's more stuff to look back on than look forward to :\.
  13. > Usability is nothing without context. Yes. Indeed nothing is anything without context. > User experience is the experience that the user brings, not the tools. Yes, and it is how the user thinks and feels while using the tools. > (instead of some here on the forum who keep on persisting that the tools are at fault) Hands up here, occasionally, but not persistently (I am always open to be proven wrong). I've also found a reasonable number of real bugs.
  14. Yes. Curiosity. And attendant tenacity. The HP inkjet came out of the curiosity of an engineer that noticed a pipette of ink leaning on a soldering iron had spattered the ink across the bench. Common sense is a strange misnomer that is often used to mean 'I am right but am unable to prove this'. It also has the double-bind implication that 'If you do not agree you have no sense and are hence stupid'. Many people desperately want to appear to be right, which is often based in status needs. This could be a long conversation...
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