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  1. Regarding my InAffinity YouTube Channel, I've just had the below in email from YouTube. There's now around 350 total videos uploaded on Affinity Photo... https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOnLUmyPHr2rayOHVHWsHVw See update video for update, plans and subscriber comments. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=apgypHgxcmA Dave ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ InAffinity for Affinity Photo Your 2019 Year in Review You uploaded 218 videos and gained 2371 subscribers, which goes without saying, you rule. Thanks for making this year one for the books. 13,349 Total Watch Hours Fans can’t take their eyes off you! In grams, that would be like eating the recommended serving size of 16 bags of Flamin' Hot Cheetos. 10,703 Total Likes 203 Liked Selecting the Sky Using Channels in Affinity Ph... 236,681 Views
  2. Add white shape above image, Screen, with extreme gaussian blur (r=1000). Gives discoloured lines as below. It's not rendering (export to jpg shows it too). Experimenting shows lines appear when blur radius gets to about 500px. .afphoto file is 484mb. I can upload to somewhere if you like.
  3. HSL. Select a colour, then the picker. Dismiss HSL box via top-left 'x'. Cursor is still in picker mode and appears still to be operational. (should return to normal cursor after HSL box dismissal)
  4. I've done a few YouTube videos on Custom Blur: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=inaffinity+custom+blur
  5. Try the attached. On the face of it, it looks like a simple image with Curves adjustment. But when you play with the Curves it doesn't behave as it should (I've tried it with beta and 1.7 release). For example pulling Curves up to the top left does not result in a whiteout (as happens when the original jpg is used). History: I'd just been playing with masks via the spare channel. Duplicate, Threshold to create b/w. In Channels, right-click and create spare channel. Then load to curves. Then load from blank channel to remove mask. I've tried repeating this to no avail. The bug however seems captured in the .afphoto. Maybe you can figure it... before.afphoto
  6. Thanks, @carl123 I had Affinity hang after trying to select two layers in the usual way. On APh restart, the macro panel had the 'record' button disabled and 'stop' enabled. No great shakes, but probably a bug.
  7. Olivio shows useful tips, but I'm not sure how this would be used for unidirectional blur on irregular-shaped object. Yes, it is a sharp edge. It's like using second-curtain sync on a flash photo.
  8. dmstraker

    Saturation Mask

    Thanks, though a little academic at the moment as Affinity, in their wisdom, decided to remove the HSV checkbox from the HSL dialogue in 1.7. I've moaned and they said they'll restore it at some time...
  9. Yes, thanks GarryP. Just did this on the leading edge. Yet a checkbox would be so much easier...
  10. When you want to show something moving (eg car), you might decide to use a motion blur. But it seems that if you set, say 0', the blur goes both left and right. So 180' has exactly the same effect. Sometimes this is handy, so I wouldn't just 'fix' this. What would be nice would be a little checkbox that says 'unidirectional'. Or make unidirectional the default and make the checkbox 'bidirectional'. Comme ci, comme ca. Merci bien, mes amis!
  11. dmstraker

    Apply Image bug

    Oh yes. I didn't have the pixel layer selected. My bad. Still puzzled by the effect on the Curves layer, especially as just a checkbox was clicked. Double-checked with attached - effect is repeatable. _DSC3518.afphoto
  12. In Apply Image. 'Use Current Layer as Source'. All ok so far: Just click on 'Equations': Ooh, heck! Where did all those diagonal lines come from?
  13. I just clicked on an image tab (where the filename is). The tab slid half-way off to the right and the program hung. Tried Esc, Alt-Space, Alt-F4, even little x in top right corner. Had to kill with Task Manager (plenty of memory left there). Tried to repeat the hang. No joy. Sorry. Unless it's familiar, I guess this will just be a data point.
  14. At the moment you can select layers by clicking on them or shift-click to select a set, which is just fine. It would be great to adopt additional common selection paradigms, such as: Shift-down to incrementally select. Shift-up to incrementally deselect. Ctrl-A to select all. Ok, so some of these are already defaulted elsewhere, but it could still be done with key combinations (and I could reassign keys to the functions I use more often). Cheers!
  15. Hello Dave.

    I saw your videos on youtube from the "how to .." cycle - using channel mixer, selective color or others.
    I have a question, a suggestion for the next few videos on youtube, how to completely change the colors of the photo in the same way as on attachments using channel mixer, selective color or other tools.
    The first attachment is the starting point.
    The second is the use of channel mixer and the effect is not very natural.
    The third is probably using too many tools to achieve it, but the effect is quite natural.

    Thank you.
    Darek K.

    Zrzut ekranu 2019-10-11 16.49.23.png

    Zrzut ekranu 2019-10-11 16.49.30.png

    Zrzut ekranu 2019-10-11 16.49.41.png

    1. dmstraker


      Hi Darek. Interesting changing of colours -- thanks for sharing!

      It's a lovely base image though the light is fairly flat throughout. A challenge is change tones and colours to first grab the viewer's eye to one location and then to lead it around the image.


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