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  1. Thanks for the thought, Phil and I would love to do this, but... I've written a few books in the past and know how much work it is. There just aren't the hours in the day. While retired from office jobs, I live on a smallholding where we try to grow as much of our own food as possible. And then there's all the other stuff, from family to local voluntary work to web stuff. And photography, of course. I do still occasionally write -- I agreed to write a book for a publisher friend a couple of years ago, and it's just about done, which means I can now hopefully return to a couple of other books I have half-written.
  2. It would be great if the Customise Toolbar allowed the creation of buttons to do things buttons don't currently do, like access menu items. Offer a basic set of button designs and/or allow the user to load their own bitmap. Even better, let custom buttons kick off macros. So much easier than getting the library up (which occupies significant screen real estate) and searching for the specific macro. And even allow adding of new toolbars... Thanks!
  3. I've spend the Summer indexing all 550+ YouTube videos on Affinity Photo I've done via my InAffinity channel. This includes web pages (in my ChangingMinds website) for... ...every video, including brief notes and links to categories (effectively 'tags') in which it is included ...each category, with links to every video in that category ...a list of every video, by date of publication The online InAffinity index is here: http://changingminds.org/disciplines/photography/affinity_photo/inaffinity_video_index.htm The video describing the index is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7L7ZciRiO3M
  4. <tiptoes away> I did claim confusion. However, I have confidence the good Serif folks will fix what needs fixing.
  5. Cheers, though a bit confused now as @Jowday said origin top left is as used by PS. Happy with whatever is 'right'.
  6. For my YouTube InAffinity channel, it's more accurate to say 'enter x and y' than 'move shadows up a bit' (though the latter is also appropriate when communicating this intent). Also useful when I'm making personal notes about 'recipes'. I didn't see it in the release notes. I just noticed it, perhaps because it was already on my wish list. Good point about the ruler.
  7. Curves x and y point values are much appreciated. Thanks. A query: The y-value origin seems to be top left, so increasing y goes downwards. Not the normal mathematical x and y. I wondered why it is done this way. Is this how PS does it?
  8. Hi folks - well done! Great set of improvements. An odd thing happened: Marquee lines were thicker and Ctrl-0 didn't fully restore full size. Later, it worked just fine (without restarting). Shrug.
  9. Cheers, Chris. Confirmed here. So is that a fix or a workaround? Depends I guess if OpenCL is going to be the standard. But then if you can turn it off for whatever reason, the bug is still there.
  10. Thanks, @smadell and great job! Really good demo examples, too. I had a tinker and came up with a couple of thoughts for the 'EdgesLayer' layer development. I don't know how you used the the Black & White conversion after Detect Edges and Invert, but if you turn down the colours in this, the edges get blacker. I tried replacing the Median Blur with a Bilateral Blur, which seemed a slight improvement. It could also be useful to apply a Posterise at some point to reduce the number of colours.
  11. Curious rider: To double check on another machine, I downloaded the jpg image and there was no problem. But the .afphoto still displayed the problem. Is this something to do with file size or rendering? The problem also appears on v1.9. For reference, the problem image is uploaded (suggesting it's not rendering). Edit: Further experiments show that the problem occurs in 16 bit but not 8 bit.
  12. Excellent increment. Well done, folks! I'm planning on doing an InAffinity video on these and would appreciate a little more detail on these so I can demo them: Added more filter support for masks / adjustments / spare channels (Add Noise, Perlin Noise, etc.) Improved Blend modes to work on “alpha only” layers (masks, adjustments, live filters, etc.) Thanks.
  13. (a) Duplicate source image, Blend Mode: Colour Burn. Expected result. (b) Restart. Add adjustment to source image (eg Curves), Blend Mode: Colour Burn. Unexpected result -- It is partially inverted.. Should it not be as in (a)? Source and .afphoto images attached. colour_burn.afphoto
  14. Hi Hans -- I'm really trying to get this to work and understand the difference here between fill (via fx) and opacity, but I cannot produce a difference. I used your macro, grouped and duplicated the result, then set curves opacity to the same as fill, plus set fill to 100. The result seemed the same as using the fill opacity. I suspect I'm doing something wrong and would appreciate guidance. Thanks!
  15. I'm an inveterate tinkerer and would be grateful in the shorter term with just a basic implementation. There does seems to be all kinds of sharpening methods out there, from stacking to use of assorted blend modes. I've played with quite a few though it's tricky to figure out what works best where. Maybe one day there'll be an AI (yes, I know, over-used) sharpening which understands parts of the image and uses different sharpening methods for different parts. You could already do things like avoid sharpening skies and do selective sharpening on different parts of a face. Where we are now, Custom Blur is an interesting sandpit, and would benefit from the ability to set and use presets, plus being made a live filter.
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