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  1. Select an area. Quick mask on. Select/Grow/Shrink -- greyed out -- presumably you can't use it in Quick mask. However... Select an area. Select / Grow/Shrink. Make adjustment. Hit enter (but not Apply). Marquee shows adjustment. Quick mask can now be turned on, but does not show the adjustment. Hit apply on the Grow/Shrink dialogue box. Adjustment is now lost. The same effect happens with such as Smooth and Feather.
  2. Such lovely sums! Gouraud shading next?
  3. I've recently started making tutorial videos for Affinity Photo, putting them up on YouTube. The channel is 'InAffinity'. There's already nine videos there. The focus is mostly on short, specific 'how to's, including 'How to do X in N different ways'. Mostly because that's what I like. I'm an old engineer, photographer and educator, and have a tendency to seek detail and then share it. Once I get going, I'm usually pretty persistent. My 'other site' is, which I've been writing for over 15 years. For the technically curious, I'm using Camtasia as a recording/editing system, capturing at 1920 HD.
  4. Modal windows are sometimes appearing off-screen, effectively being lost. This is a pain, to be polite. Noticably, when the same modal window pops up, it does not reappear where it was before, not even on the same screen. It generally seems to want to be on the primary display, even though the main Affinity Photo window is on the secondary display. Recently I've noticed a tendency to drift left, first fully on the secondary display, then half-off it, then gone. My setup is a 4K 40" Philips screen above and an old 21" Ilyama centred below. Windows 10 latest update. Display settings are 100%. Bitdefender security. Perhaps Affinity is sizing the display as a large rectangle? Does it know which screens it is using? I suspect getting Windows to tell you what's in and out is not always an easy task. Edit: Rebooting fixes this (for now). May be a Windows issue, but Affinity is the only programme that has this problem. Thanks!
  5. In dynamic adjustments such as Gradient Map and Channel Mixer, you can 'Add Preset' but curiously, you can't Load it (you have to go to the Adjustments tab). This seems an odd omission. It would help also if you could 'Export' and 'Import' them to files so they could be shared. Thanks for watching (and, hopefully, implementing).
  6. On the PC, I think it's left-mouse + right-mouse + Alt, then slide mouse. Doesn't work on laptop where mouse buttons are one-or-other rocker.
  7. > Posted Sunday at 06:41 PM ยท Report post Working on Sunday, eh, Mark? There's dedication. Most common bug I bump into still is repainting screen after change. Appears in various places. Not the end of the world, but a regular pain.
  8. In PS (ach), you can draw a distortion perspective tetragon in their 'Perspective Crop Tool', then grab the middle of the sides to drag move the whole side parallel to the original. This is shown with a node dot in the middle of the side, similar to the ones at the corner. Seems like an excellent addition to an already-splendid Perspective tool. Thanks for watching!
  9. help

    Yup. That was it. Added to Bitdefender's whitelist and now everything hunkydory. Thanks!
  10. help

    Response with Firefox (and similar with Chrome, IE...): Secure Connection Failed An error occurred during a connection to Cannot communicate securely with peer: no common encryption algorithm(s). Error code: SSL_ERROR_NO_CYPHER_OVERLAP The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because the authenticity of the received data could not be verified. Please contact the web site owners to inform them of this problem. (PC security software is Bitdefender, btw)
  11. My C drive, a 256Gb SSD, kept on filling up. Analysing it with WinDirStat I found: On1 using 43Gb Adobe Bridge using 36Gb Affinity using 12Gb That's a huge chunk. I've uninstalled On1 and deleted the Adobe folder. While Affinity is my main photo editor it's a warning not to over-do disc grabbing, especially when you get to a a front-end DAM. It also makes sense to allow users to redirect where to put temporary and catalog files.
  12. Thanks, shotsty! I'll investigate Nik further!
  13. Clarity has been improved in, so here's a simple image test. Original (esp for sky, wall) Affinity Develop persona Affinity Photo persona Affinity Develop persona. Notable change from Affinity Photo persona -- no change from -- in other words, the upgrade was to Develop persona only Lightroom 6 (note much stronger effect): Luminar 2018: On1 Photo Raw 2018 (no 'clarity' but 'structure' is similar). So. Develop clarity only changed (why?). Stronger effect. Test could possibly also be done zoomed in more.
  14. As you mention it...
  15. Here's a test using a recent raw shot. f32, 30sec, ISO50 using Sony A7R2 and FE24-240. Test controls for all images is shadows right up, highlights right down. Notable differences! Original: Affinity - Note muddying of shadows. Affinity - massive improvement! Photoshop CS6 - less improvement of shadows, greater pulling back of highlights Lightroom 6 - unsurprisingly similar to Photoshop CS6 DxO OpticsPro 11 - much more extreme shadows treatment (is similar to Affinity at about 50%) ON1 Photo Raw 2018 - very little change in highlight, less improvement in shadows, good colour control Luminar 2018, similar to ON1 Photo Raw 2018 If I was to choose one, it would be Affinity. DxO is too extreme in shadows. ON1 and Luminar are less effective, especially in highlights. I would like more highlight control, though - note how the white car headlight streams are separated by Photoshop/Lightroom.