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  1. PSD. Especially those are Photomorphis Texture Bites. Normal way it is first open one Texture Bite file and than place main photo below all textures. But I think to reverse this and first open main photo and after that place all textures. Thank You. Darek K
  2. When I simply place I get only single layer and I can not mix e.g blend modes between textures. OK, I can open this multilayered file in original app I temporary lost context/base layer.
  3. When RAW file is opened it does not work. And YES Background layer is duplicated.
  4. Hi. We have layer with main content. We have file with three layers/textures. How to place this textures file to keep all layers - to have four layers at the end ? Darek K
  5. Hi. ...except situation when RAW file is opened in AP Open raw file -> Develop persona -> Photo persona -> duplicate layer ----> Filters/plugins = plugins grayed out (even free NIK plugins). But when opening psd, jpeg, tiff I can run plugins (NIK, Luminar Flex, Luminar, Aurora) Darek K
  6. Thank You, but it was only examples how the same/similar things are resolved in PS and in AP. Main question is "in PS I made something 'this way', how to do this in AP ?"
  7. Hi. Sometimes I have problems when searching solutions "how to do some things in AP what I made in PS". E.g in PS is command Ctrl+shift+U to desaturate layer. I did not found similar command in AP. I know how to desaturate layer in AP but maybe is simple way to do this. The same way - in PS between layer icon and mask is chain icon. Exactly the same work does checkbox "Lock children" when using "Move tool" but it is in toolbar. Maybe there is video or pdf or web page "how to do the same things in AP" ? Thanks. Darek K
  8. MEB - yes, yes, yes, yeees, Thank You kaffeeundsaltz - really Thank You too, but imagine : - You have very large sky on top of all layers, temporary without mask (is released) - below You have background, it is much smaller - You move this sky but You don't see background, You don't know better is to the left or to the right - because sky without mask covers whole layer below Greetings. Darek K
  9. But I wish the mask stays on the same position as is, but to do transform e.g. sky without moving mask. Let's jump to Photoshop. Between layer and mask is a chain icon (first screenshot). When it is active when moving layer - mask moves accordingly (second screenshot) . When it is inactive when I move layer - mask stays on the same place as before (third).
  10. Hello. Now I am user of AP 1.71. As You can seen on screenshot on the left side (from drippy cat movie) there is a padlock when I can click and unchain two layers (base layer and layer-mask). On the right side there is a mask but without padlock. Is this a bug or there is other way to unchain mask and layer ? Darek K
  11. HI Dan C. Thank You for our response, but core of my question is "how to get similar effect", but not where is "Radial blur". I gues in AP it is more complicated that only one filter. Radial blur in PhotoRAW works like sun rays from one central point to borders of a photo. Radial blur in AP produces distortion like intersection of onion. No rays but circles. Greetings. Darek K
  12. Hi. On screenshot You can see two images. This one on the right hand side is after applying filter "Blur/Radial blur" in On1 PhotoRAW. How to achieve similar effect in AF ? Thank You. Darek K
  13. Thank You. I am still new to AF. Darek K