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  1. Done. I was quite sure I was sending original raw. My iPad issues Darek
  2. IMHO good option would be message like this "Affinity found similar named file FileName_here in the same folder, would You like to relink them?"
  3. Hi. On Windows there is pair of files name.arw and name.afphoto. Both files are stored in the same folder on Synology nas. When I try to open name.afphoto with Afinity Photo v2 on iPad I see message window „Resource file missing, would You like to locate them?” My answer is YES. BUT. During opening afphoto file - File manager was open in folder on Synology, now is open on „Recent folder” - KK. WHY not the same folder ? Next, when I locate disired folder I see unlinked arw file but it is grayed out and I can’t relink this file. Darek
  4. I have Synology nas with Drive installed. Drive works exactly like Dropbox but this is my own cloud service. How to connect Drive to Affinity Photo as Linked service ?
  5. Lee. Yes I know paths in various systems are vary. In windows it is : z:\path\to\myphoto or \\nas_name\path\to\myphoto in ipados it is very\long\path\staragelooking\to\myphoto. But when myphoto.arw and myphoto.afphoto are in the same folder it should be only common part of path like this .\myphoto.arw and .\myphoto.afphoto. Darek
  6. i run AP on Windows. Created afphoto with raw file linked to afphoto. Both files are in the same folder on NAS. I was trying to open this afphoto file on iPad but… received message „assets not found” Why ? both files stored in the same folder and raw not found ! Darek
  7. Hi @Paul Mudditt Good news. Open function needs special type of data (I think so) prepared by other function like Get file from. This function needs two parameters : - special formatted Folder and - file name which could be a text (provided e.g. by function Combine) Darek
  8. I was trying to run this script when file is on nas, on my ipad, jpg, cr2 and arw. Run fron Files and from FileBrowser Pro. Exactly the same result. Show „function” returns proper extension. But Open function shows error with txt extension. Darek
  9. Hi. This is my shortcut. I created this because of I try to debug my another shortcut. It has command Show with parameter FilePath This command shows that file extension is arw. In last step is command Open with the same parameter FilePath. Result of this command shows that file extension changes from arw to txt. My simplae question is : why file extension changes ? Darek
  10. @BarKeegan - when I try to use Copy command in Photos and than use New from Clipboard in AP i have two responses : 1. arw file from rx10m4 2. Normal jpg - all works ok. Darek
  11. This shortcut works very well … in other apps (like Files), but when I try to use it in Photos I see popup message „you don’t have permissions to view it” Thank You Paul. Darek
  12. RX10M4 arw files, jpg files too are „affected” by this nice feature.
  13. Thank You. The way „from Photos to AP” is better because in Photos there is ability to compare photos which are very similar and choose better one. But way „import from Photos” simply works. Darek BTW. When I try to copy/save (Save command in Shortcuts) file from Photos to „on my ipad” folder I receive „no permission” message. And nothing helps, even restart.
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