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  1. markw - Than You very much Darek K
  2. Thank You. For clarification - veil should be see through. Veil - YES, what is behind veil - NOT. My new idea is to mask totally and add new veil - texture or brush. Or maybe use of "detect edges" filter. But I am to newbe to do this.
  3. HI. We have young couple just after wedding. I have to replace background but biggest problem is veil of the woman. How to mask this ? Darek K _A7_1299.tif
  4. Darek K

    Detect edges - strange view

    I am not sure - You received my direct e-mail. You are right, but it happens when profile is 32bit HDR. IMHO - filters that needs 16bit or 8bit should be grayed out when profile is 32bit HDR. Greetings. Darek K
  5. oops. 1. How to do this in Affinity Photo 2. v_kyr - something like that but little explaanation wha I mean "edge". We have 4 corners and 4 edges - upper, lower and left, right. Look at screenshot, I use mesh wrap tool to do this but it is very not satisfying. It should be like postcard which is little slightly compressed in the middle and placed on a sheet of paper. Middle part of that postcard is closer to the paper and sides (or only one side) gives more shade. 3. THANK YOU and forgive me my poor english to clarify my problem. Darek K
  6. Hi. For printing purpose first we creating white sheet of "paper". Next we placing picture on this paper, but smaller size than paper. In effects tab we adding outer shade. This way we have little 3D effect. But ... still this picture is flat rectangle. How to add little bending/curling to one edge to be more standing out from the paper ? Thank You. Darek K
  7. Darek K

    Detect edges - strange view

    exactly the same look on Intel HD620
  8. Simply look at screenshot. Win10 +RTX2080S + newest driver
  9. Hello Dave.

    I saw your videos on youtube from the "how to .." cycle - using channel mixer, selective color or others.
    I have a question, a suggestion for the next few videos on youtube, how to completely change the colors of the photo in the same way as on attachments using channel mixer, selective color or other tools.
    The first attachment is the starting point.
    The second is the use of channel mixer and the effect is not very natural.
    The third is probably using too many tools to achieve it, but the effect is quite natural.

    Thank you.
    Darek K.

    Zrzut ekranu 2019-10-11 16.49.23.png

    Zrzut ekranu 2019-10-11 16.49.30.png

    Zrzut ekranu 2019-10-11 16.49.41.png

    1. dmstraker


      Hi Darek. Interesting changing of colours -- thanks for sharing!

      It's a lovely base image though the light is fairly flat throughout. A challenge is change tones and colours to first grab the viewer's eye to one location and then to lead it around the image.

  10. Hi. This is feature request to add color to gear icon when Blend Options were used. Without special mark I am blind and I have to click on gear icon to check if I used sometimes Blend Options. Darek K
  11. Hello friends from Affinity forum. I know +/- how to get rid those areas but maybe there is better way to do this. This is something like that : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QZxkEXEWV2Q&t= and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xzty5IpMWGk&t= But those are PS specific solutions. Second screenshot this is my result, but could be better. Thank You
  12. PSD. Especially those are Photomorphis Texture Bites. Normal way it is first open one Texture Bite file and than place main photo below all textures. But I think to reverse this and first open main photo and after that place all textures. Thank You. Darek K
  13. When I simply place I get only single layer and I can not mix e.g blend modes between textures. OK, I can open this multilayered file in original app I temporary lost context/base layer.
  14. When RAW file is opened it does not work. And YES Background layer is duplicated.

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