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  1. Very interesting read. I have nearly always taken both RAW and JPEG due to the setting on my nearly 7 year old CANON. Then about 99% of the time I use the RAW within Adobe Bridge to do any adjustments I feel necessary. However, after reading your comments here I am wondering whether there should be a way to set a camera to only take RAW and do away with the JPEG altogether?
  2. Whokuni

    Affinity Designer 1.6 on iPad PDF Help File

    Thank you so much for this. Your efforts are very much appreciated
  3. Whokuni

    Official DC Comics 375 Color Palette by J-Skipper

    Lovely! Thank you very much
  4. I chose the Youtube link as I have a Youtube downloader installed on Firefox. You can also download using http://en.savefrom.net/ but that is going to take you forever with that many possible tuts to choose from.
  5. Ok. Thank you for your quick response. Will do as you suggested and try using my own. Got the wrong end of the stick.
  6. Yes, I have been asking myself the same question for days now myself. Do they no long exit?