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  1. Hey Chris, thanks for your great advice, much appreciated. I will do what you have advised. Cheers Craig
  2. Hi I'm looking for suggestions on good ways to organise raw and jpeg photos. I understand that raw photos can be edited more but require more memory. I normally shoot in raw and fine quality jpeg and decide which raw to keep depending on what I would regard as worth keeping for reproduction or enlarging. Would this be the recommended method of organising raw and jpeg files?
  3. Excellent, so easy. Appreciate your help once again : )
  4. How To Use Cloning Tool To Remove Object and Fill With Background Color. I'm not having much success at removing a background image and recoloring, thanks for your help. I've tried using the clone tool but this isn't to successful. I'm using a PC laptop Regards Craig
  5. Thankyou Gabe & V-kyr for your advice, Regards Craig
  6. Hi I want to convert images to a smaller Mb size but maintain the pixel ratio, any tips?