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  1. Thank you Simon! I really love your blogs and courses. They are a great help to a Newbie like me.
  2. Hi HdK, There is a new course called Affinity Designer for Beginners at Affinity Revolution for $29 US. I haven’t enrolled in this particular course, but have taken their Affinity Photo for iPad Beginner Course which I learned a lot from. Their website is: http://affinityrevolution.com/
  3. Make your curves adjustment. Then, making sure you have the curves adjustment layer selected, select the Channels Studio button on the right side. Towards the bottom you will see a "Curves Adjustment...". To the right of that select the "3 dots"; then select Invert. You should be able to brush on the areas you want the curves adjustment.
  4. I'm not sure if this is what you are looking for: "Median Blur" filter in the filters studio.