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  1. err... I don't know exactly what you want to know. I usually put up picture frames, arrange them and then fill them with photos. If I need text I put a textframe there and fill it anyway, after finishing my first yearbook in APub, I see in both ways (embedding and linking) some advantages. I think its just a personal thing which way you use photos and so on
  2. okay thats a possibility. I will see to it. Thanks a lot for your help
  3. yeah you're probably right. thought I don't understand why every new pcitures I drag into a frame is turned wrong way around, even if the original photo is oriented correct. Nevertheless I guess I didn't think through this far enough :-)
  4. yeah that would do the trick, but it is not how I like to do it, since I don't always want to use the "replace" dialog which pops up, but instead just drag & drop from the other app (xnview) from the second monitor, which is much faster and easier
  5. Hi there I've used the search function but didn't find anything about this, so I start a new topic I find this "issue" very annoying in Publisher, especially because it costs a lot of time. Perhaps I doing sth wrong or I miss a function/preference for this, so I just ask /explain I usually fill my Picture frames via drag&drop out of XnView or the Explorer (under Windows10), because I find this way the most comfortable. So I have a page setup f.e. with a lot of picture frames and I set all of them to "maximum scaled" and "middle". Usually I fill the first frame with a picture and rotate it in place, too. But when I copy this frame and drag a new photo in the copied frame, all is set to zero and the image is neither rotated right nor set to the right fitting. I find this very annoying, since it costs time and a lot of unnecessary clicks to adjust every single frame. Any suggestions? Thanks
  6. yes that would be a good work around. I use JPEGMini, which is awesome for such jobs. I give it a try Anyway, as soon all the pages are completely loaded (which takes a few minutes when you have linked photos), the publisher runs smooth. I used to use InDesign with photobook projects similar to this in count of pictures, and never good such issues when loading a document. (though I realize Publisher is in its first version while ID is in v14 or sth like this.) so probably this could be a posting for the bug or request area?
  7. there you have a point I not thought about. I'll try that, and make a copy before doing so thanks
  8. Hey there what is the better alternative handling a lot of photos in Publisher at the moment? I do a photo yearbook for my daughter with probably a few hundred photos (I dont know exactly yet how much it will be). I am not through with it yet (doing November at the moment) and I see that when you open the document, Publisher needs a lot of time to open all the pages (e.g. load the linked photos) In the meantime the PC reacts sluggish for minutes. When all is loaded there is no performance problem anymore, but during loading the document there is no working possible I wonder though, if it would be better if I embedd the photos instead of linking them... any suggestions to that? Thanks
  9. @Paul I guess you just have to go into publisher in your assets and click on the three small ines, there is an option for "import assets". click there and then go where the file is Its a guess, havent tried it yet ah and btw: you sure you arent in the beta version for customer accidently? (only if you have installe dthe beta along the release version) I had the issue with the asset earlier too, but then I recognized that windows opened up the document I clicked on in the BETA and not in the release version two different softwares and then you dont have the asset in the beta you have in the normal release version
  10. EDIT: forget it, I see that this should be fixed with the new beta. So I have to wait until the 1.7.2 Release update
  11. Pixelkobold

    Crazy Brush and Assets Library

    you're awesome. Thanks for that repository
  12. Well thats crap. 1. IDML was developed from Adobe for Adobe, not for a third company to "interchange" file format 2. not a serious oversight in my eyes, since I am pretty sure, that it is a really difficult (if ever possible) task to do that 100% 3. I seriously doubt Adobe would do that, if they were in this position
  13. yes, I understood that, thought it is not so comfortable and easy as in ID. But I am good with that. thanks for hte help
  14. Ok thanks, that would be a way yes, somekind of workaround. But the tool/function from InDesign is somewhat more comfortable, though not essential for working, but it makes it easier. In ID you can press the arrow keys to add (or substracts) more frames in a row or a column, after you are just pulled up the first frame (without yet placing it). Then you can adjust the spacing between them all (by holding space key I think) I wonder if APub can do this too and I just miss the function, or if its not in APub yet (which would bring me to place a feature request ) As I said its not essential to me, but I would like to have that feature. Its somewhat difficult to explain what I mean so I linked this video, which shows the function
  15. Hi there, first of all: you've really done a GREAT job with Publisher (also with Photo and Designer) and I love all your apps so far. That said now my question In Publisher, is there a possibility to create and place multiple photo frames (or frames) in rows and columns at once, including doing spacing between them? In InDesign that is possible and one of my favorite (and probabyl most used) feature, I really like to have (or see) in Publisher. Thanks for the help!!

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