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  1. no problems so far with the installation. Thanks for the update.
  2. okay thanks then I misunderstood how ID handles the layers. Thanks for your adive (oh und du hättest mir das in Deutsch erklären können, meine Muttersprache)
  3. hmm okay, perhaps I might got something wrong with that. But why is it then that page 1-2 of my latest project in InDesign has a wholly different layer set than pages 3-4 (always double pages)? and pages 5-6 have another layer set and so on and so forth? I have screenshots attached of the two pages. Its in german language but "Ebenen" are layers in german language Dont get me wrong, I dont want speak against you, just want to understand where I am thinking wrong with InDesign layers.
  4. Well, InDesign uses layers too for the objects and it also uses an own layer set for each page, if I remember right. So I dont see the problem with that rather in my opinion it is good to give each page own layer, since when I have a book with a lot of pages, putting everything in one layer structure could be quite confusing the mopre pages are in the layout
  5. I just tested a bit around wit APub now and I am very excited about it. Surely it is Beta state and the software has some way to go, but this first version shows good enough what path it will go and I think one can see, that it is (or will be in the near future) a great software (like AP and AD). At this moment, probabyl it depends a bit n what projects you do with it, if you can switch from ID to it, but for me it is good enough to try so. Just wanted to thanks Serif for the work
  6. Well... isnt that in InDesign the same? When I place a new object on my working table it will be added as a layer (in the layers tab)
  7. just installed it, first look is good. I dont have the time to play around today, but will do soon. Thanks for making it happen
  8. one of the really features I need is c&p vectors from Designer to InDesign (as long as there is no Affinity Publisher avaible). Can't understand why Serif doesnt include such a function, can't be so difficult.