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  1. regarding the redraw error: Same behavior in 1.6.83 The drag and drop issue is fixed.
  2. when change AP-windowed to fullscreen the new area is not updated. The new area is jagged... This behavior also occurs in AP Furthermore is not possible to drop files, fx. from the desktop, into AP... (in it is)
  3. Wow, that was a really very fast delivery. I ordered the book (german version) on Tuesday and now it is on my desk. The book makes a really good impression at first sight.
  4. Fantastic! ....and ordered immediately :-)
  5. performance

    7 min 1 sec (AP Vers.
  6. Same behavior and solution...
  7. strange.. I have just renamed the old_1.0(Beta) back to 1.0(Beta), renamed the working folder before... Now is this beta fine...running with all settings from before this update...
  8. Hi Mark, of course, no problem, here it is...
  9. Hi Mark, this beta xx.51 crashed immediately after installation. This is the first betacrash from AP on my PC, all other betas run fine. I After renaming the folder "1.0(beta)" , path: C:\Users\xxuserxxxxx\AppData\Roaming\Affinity\Photo\1.0 (Beta) to old_1.0(Beta) AP beta xx51starts up well. A crash report has been sended trough the program.
  10. hmmm..."I have a good spec in my machine".... Win7 Service Pack1.. When I remember correct, this pack is from 2011..isnt it a little bit out of date? What about your GPU/ Driver? As Keith_Reeder wrote before: It is good forum etiquette that if someone asks for information in response to your request for help, you provide the informationIsnt not reaaly easy to help you witout
  11. 100% zoom = 1:1 pixelview, that is great.. Works now as expected. Many thanks for this update. Live can be so easy ;) ... A 100% zoom at startup or fit to window choice in settings would be fine.... If now the dark, too dark user interface would be a bit brighter, that would be too good to be true. :D Maybe together with a better contrast ratio for a selected tool in the pallets (my monitor is calibrated to 130 cd/m2) Like XDP.....on both programs I have selected the filltool. Take a look at my screenshot in the attachment.
  12. Hi jorismak no, it is the second customer beta.. Release and then the betas:46 & 47
  13. Wow! great news. Affinity listens to their customers. I will try it out tomorrow asap....
  14. shit :-).... Of course you are right. I think I'm getting old. I can not even make the same things twice anymore. Sorry.
  15. it is not possible to import the Macros from the "free macro pack" anymore and the imported macros in AP Rev. are gone since I have installed the beta. The free pack macros files ending are : xxxxx.afmacros. Required is xxxxx.macro