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  1. Tried to run Luminar 2018 for Windows 1.0.0 with Affinity Photo It caught the plugin just fine. A full image is properly fed to Luminar, but when I press "Apply", the image is replaced with an empty checkerboard canvas the size of the original image. Selecting a part of an image and processing it in Luminar effectively deletes said part, it's replaced with the same checkerboard. I'm perfectly fine with running it as a standalone app, but thought you might want to know that for your compatibility list.
  2. Can confirm it works at least partially. When ran with a full image, FF works fine. When I selected a part of the image, and refined the selection, FF complained about an unexpected mask presence state.
  3. 1. Windows 7 x64 Home Premium. 2. Filter Forge 6.009 Professional Edition. Build: Filter Forge x64 6.009.43327.15634 Release, May 18, 2017 09:37.
  4. Hello Sean. Thanks! I'll keep an eye out for further updates.
  5. Since about 3 betas ago Filter Forge 6 ceased to work with Affinity Photo. Used to run fine, now it shows the following error message when I try to run this plugin: <class XFW::ArgurnentError> Invalid plane count 0 (expected: 3).
  6. Hi MEB. That seems to be a way to achieve the results I need, provided that it's possible to adjust the perspective back to the way it originally was. The idea was to make the area to be edited flat and even, to, say, put some text on it without having to adjust for perspective.
  7. Affinity Photo seems to use the original image's aspect ratio, no matter what you set the grid to be. See attached pictures for an example. Suppose I want to edit a car's license plate, I set up a perspective projection so as to see the plate properly, and it gets stretched to the original image's aspect ratio. Since there's no visible way to get the grid to match the source aspect ratio, the projection will always be distorted.