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  1. Hi all, I've scoured the Internet, but I'm unable to find a Designer (or Photo) brush that looks like the attached image. I've found a few similar, but I'd like it to have the rounded head and I'm not sure if that's possible or not. thanks
  2. Okay. I've spent a long time looking through every menu and context menu option and I can't figure this out. I've went through the help documents and still can't find anything. How do I change the margins of a text frame in Affinity Designer? I know how to do this in Affinity Publisher. Example: Create text frame in Affinity Publisher with margins, add text, copy and paste text frame into Designer The text frame in Designer maintains the font and margin and everything perfectly on the paste. However, I can't figure out how to edit the text frame properties within Designer. Do I need to copy and paste it back into Publisher, change margins, the copy and paste it back into Designer? Thanks
  3. Perfect. Thank you. I spent a few minutes searching for that, but I couldn't find it.
  4. Can you add text conversions to the menu? You would select text and then click a menu choice to change the text: Examples: "Convert to lower case" "Convert to UPPER case" "Convert to Proper case" "Convert to sentence case" (Other applications have a full list and I can't remember all of the various methods.) This is different from using the Small Caps, Caps, etc. text styles which are style changes versus actually changing the text.
  5. Can a "word count" be added to the fields window? Thanks
  6. Does Adobe Photoshop brushes work in Designer? If not, then I'd love to get the Lumbia set converted to Designer.
  7. It's checked, but every text frame is blue. And I can't see any red dots.
  8. I also need help with this. I have that setting turned on, but to see the red round markers, you need to use the text tool and click into every single text frame. Is there a way that I can highlight the text frame such as with a red border or even a "locate" like with missing resources? I can't find which text frame has overflowing text and I've spent hours just clicking in every single text frame.
  9. Are there any cartography resources for Affinity Designer? I'm specifically looking for patterns or brushes or anything that can turn a polygon into a nice looking forest, or do some nice water waves along a coastline of a land polygon, or make a polygon look like grass, plains, hills, swamp/marsh, etc. Thanks
  10. For the time being, I'm using this tool to import bookmarks into my PDFs. I make a text file with the bookmark title, level, and page and then insert it into the PDF after I generate it. https://www.pdflabs.com/blog/export-and-import-pdf-bookmarks/ Additionally, FoxIt (free) PDF viewer allows you to create bookmarks using a UI.
  11. +1 from me as well. This would be great. I'd also love to check for orphans and widows as well. I think we can use some advanced search/grep for that, but having that built into a preflight would be great as well.
  12. Thanks. Sorry, I'm a new user and I must have not noticed the bug forum.
  13. I'm also having export to PDF problems. You can debug the export to find the problem by following the steps outlined at: When you look at the last few lines of the .log file generated, then it might give you some help on what's causing the problem.
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