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  1. Saving my document either takes 10 seconds or 10 minutes. When it takes 10 minutes, my laptop gets extremely slow and laggy and I can barely do anything or type. In the same document, a save might take 10 seconds. Othertimes in the same document, a save might take 10 minutes or longer. On the long saves, the progress bar is empty until it starts moving and then its the normal 10 seconds (or so). Using 1.7.2. This never happened in 1.7.1 (it crashed saving sometimes and just disappeared, but when saving worked it was always 10-30 seconds, etc.)
  2. Are there any cartography resources for Affinity Designer? I'm specifically looking for patterns or brushes or anything that can turn a polygon into a nice looking forest, or do some nice water waves along a coastline of a land polygon, or make a polygon look like grass, plains, hills, swamp/marsh, etc. Thanks
  3. If you link to an image, the first the first underscore isn't shown in Resource Manager in the Name column. Example: Actual filename "0_Cover.tif" - Displays as "0Cover.tif" Actual filename "0_Back_Cover.tif" - Displays as 0Back_Cover.tif" Actual filename "appendix_a_header.tif" - Displays as "appendixa_header.tif"
  4. I've already replaced all of them, but I believe it's easy to reproduce. 1. Create new pub file 2. Place several images into a directory 3. Place (linked) each image on pub pages 4. Close Publisher 5. Rename directory 6. Open Publisher 7. You're prompted for 'missing' resources, map to the one missing resource file 8. Look at the other files (the one that prompted you will look correct, the others not)
  5. JimWelch

    hyperlinks in pdf

    Okay. I had a similar problem, but it crashed my Publisher on export to PDF. Here's what I did. You can try this and see if it helps (or just try this on one hyperlink and see if it changes it). 1) Go to the anchor (not the hyperlink, but it's destination), 2) Delete the anchor 3) Recreate it a few characters away (before or after doesn't matter, or just a single character in the word), then re-export again. As long as you use the exact the same anchor name, the existing hyperlinks will continue to work.
  6. Yes the resource manager doesn't show them as missing. Yes, I've opened and closed the document several times. I had to go through and 'replace' each image (around 30) with its own file.
  7. Did you figure out how to refresh/update your images? I'm having the same problem. Publisher doesn't see the images as being updated, so I can't "Update" it in the resource manager. This is causing my images to not export/print and appear pixalated in the document.
  8. I moved my images into another folder. Opened Publisher expecting it to prompt me to replace or new path for images. It asked for a couple, I selected those few images and those few images look fine. However, the dozens of other images (in same folders as the few selected) look pixalated and appear to not have been loaded or re-mapped correctly. There's no way to manually 'update' the linked files because the Document Resource Manager doesn't seem them as updated. Also, these pixalated images do not export to PDF. How I can force Publisher to 'update' all images in my resource manager?
  9. JimWelch

    hyperlinks in pdf

    Is it consistent which ones doesn't work? Or are different ones missing on each export? Is there any pattern to the missing ones? (Are they all URLs, Anchors, etc.?)
  10. Yes. My printer requires this. https://onebookshelfpublisherservice.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360022104293-Quick-Specifications-for-Print-Books
  11. For anyone searching for a fix, I can't find a fix in Publisher. Since I urgently need this for printer, here's what I did. I bought Acrobat Pro DC. This is exactly why I wanted to buy Affinity - to avoid buying Adobe CC, but I had no choice. Export to PDF with spreads with bleed on Copy the PDF so there's 2 of the same file Open 1 PDF in Acrobat Go to Organize Pages Insert the pages of 2nd PDF after the pages of the first file Move all of the 2nd file spreads to after its corresponding 1st file spreads (so 1-1-2-2-3-3-4-4-5-5 etc) Go to Edit Select Crop In Crop window: select page range to "ALL" , select "ODD" pages, enter RIGHT "8.625" (whatever page + bleed is), click submit In Crop window: select page range to "ALL" , select "EVEN", enter LEFT "8.625" (whatever page + bleed is), click submit You'll end up with a perfect 0 inner bleed, because you're cutting the spreads in half.
  12. Bleed Inner 0 Outer 0.125 Top 0.125 Bottom 0.125 When exporting to PDF, the inner edges look all screwed up. It's taking graphics from right side inner and putting it in left side inner and graphics from left side into right side. Just place an image on right page to the inner edge and export to PDF, then look at the left page and right page.
  13. Is there a fix for this? I'm having this same problem. Printer wants 0.125 bleed on top and bottom and outside edges, 0 bleed on inner edge. When I export my inner 0.125 on all pages of a spread is messed up.
  14. In my other document (not this test doc), I'm using CMYK/8 and SWOP (Coated) - required by printer and I can see the color difference on my screen when viewing the PDF output, but strangely only x-3. The x-1 and x-4 standards seem to work fine.
  15. I also just noticed that any text there is also misaligned.