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  1. I have a fairly large table of contents (2 column, 1 page) with maybe ~100 entries (20 chapters, the rest level 2) in a PDF that has 164 pages. About 95% of the hyperlinks in the TOC in the generated PDF go to the correct page. However, there's a handful that go to the next page (TOC page + 1) instead of page 86 or 87 or whatever it says in the TOC. This works for almost everything and requires me to click on each specific link to make sure it's valid or not. This is another deal breaker (besides the ability to generate PDF bookmarks from TOC or header styles or whatever) for digital publishers - when the TOC hyperlinks doesn't work! And there's no bookmarks! So users reading large documents will get a subpar PDF experience! Also, what's also annoying is that I need to insert a column break to prevent orphan chapter/section (the last entry on col 1 is a chapter title with it's subsections at top of col 2, so I insert a col break to make it look correct), then I get the pop-up saying "TOC has changed" on every.single.export. Even though nothing has change. I just added a col break inside of the TOC. Edit: Added image from Acrobat Pro that shows the hyperlink properties. This hyperlink property is for the chapter "Sembia" and page "88" link below it, but it says Page 4 (TOC is on Page 3).
  2. Template is same as one used here:
  3. Thanks. I'll just delete and recreate the styles. Only the TOC 1 style is affected right? So just delete that 1 in both docs?
  4. If possible, I'd rather have instructions than you fixing it. I know at least 1 of those 2 documents have changed since I uploaded them. And lots of other folks are using the same template, so if I had the steps I could forward them to the layout designer and they could forward them to others who might have the same problem but just never noticed that their TOC is borked. thanks, Jim
  5. Is creating a new style, changing everything, then deleting the old style the only fix? Is there something I can unclick or change within the existing style?
  6. I used a template provided by another person. Do you mean earlier version of AfPub? or earlier version of a doc? Thanks
  7. Saving my document either takes 10 seconds or 10 minutes. When it takes 10 minutes, my laptop gets extremely slow and laggy and I can barely do anything or type. In the same document, a save might take 10 seconds. Othertimes in the same document, a save might take 10 minutes or longer. On the long saves, the progress bar is empty until it starts moving and then its the normal 10 seconds (or so). Using 1.7.2. This never happened in 1.7.1 (it crashed saving sometimes and just disappeared, but when saving worked it was always 10-30 seconds, etc.)
  8. Uploaded to dropbox. It's happening on all of my files, so I uploaded 2 different afpub files with the generated PDFs. You can look at the PDF files to see that both TOC (H1s specifically) are messed up.
  9. Okay. I've spent a long time looking through every menu and context menu option and I can't figure this out. I've went through the help documents and still can't find anything. How do I change the margins of a text frame in Affinity Designer? I know how to do this in Affinity Publisher. Example: Create text frame in Affinity Publisher with margins, add text, copy and paste text frame into Designer The text frame in Designer maintains the font and margin and everything perfectly on the paste. However, I can't figure out how to edit the text frame properties within Designer. Do I need to copy and paste it back into Publisher, change margins, the copy and paste it back into Designer? Thanks
  10. I don't think so. I'm pretty sure it's always been facing pages.
  11. Can you reach the button, if you change your task bar to "auto hide"? It's not a fix, but at least you can click "OK" button.
  12. Only external links show in my hyperlinks panel, so the TOC links and any anchor hyperlinks don't show up there.
  13. I've also deleted my entire TOC and recreated it and the h1 chapter title/text hyperlinks are still there and still overlap and cause problems, so I'm pretty sure it's not something I did on my own.
  14. Thanks. That might explain some differences. Hopefully, they've already fixed a few things that I'm running into on 1.7.3.
  15. What version are you using? I'm using 1.7.2 and only external hyperlinks are shown to me.
  16. In my Hyperlinks panel, only external hyperlinks are shown. Is there a way to see hyperlinks that go to anchors?
  17. I have no idea how the TOC links are generated. Here's what I've done to fix things: 1) Delete all hyperlink boxes for TOC text 2) Remove all column breaks in Index 3) Manually insert hyperlinks to places where anchors break the Export to PDF I'd love to know how to turn off the TOC generation of hyperlinking the text and only hyperlink the page numbers - That would fix problem 1 with the overlapping hyperlink boxes. Next, I discovered that my Index problems was because col break were making the hyperlink box the entire height of the page (somehow the col break was being done before the Index hyperlink was finished. I fixed this by removing all col breaks from Index and using empty picture boxes with text wrap to force breaks. Here's what my Index looks like the boxes are the hyperlink boxes/clickable area, so you can see why the links were bad (one box was overlaying over all of the other boxes)
  18. Okay. After studying the TOC hyperlink problem, I've figure out what's really happening on export to PDF. For h1s, the exported PDF has 2 hyperlink boxes - first box surrounds the h1 text, second box surrounds the page number. In some (not all), the first box overlaps the second box, causing the page number hyperlink to be under the h1 text hyperlink box. All of the h1 text hyperlink boxes are invalid, so when the h1 text hyperlink box overlaps the page number, it goes to page 4. In the other instances, where the h1 text hyperlink box doesn't overlap, then the page number hyperlink is visible and correctly works. The problem is that the h1 text hyperlink boxes all go to TOC page +1 (in this instance TOC is page 3, so next page is page 4.) When I delete the h1 text hyperlink boxes (and leave the h1 page number hyperlink boxes), the TOC works as expected. With the sole exception of the very first chapter 1 hyperlink text box which doesn't contain a page number hyperlink box and overlaps both the first and 2nd hyperlink name and page number boxes - which I resize to just the page number to make it work. Screenshot attached This doesn't fix the anchor problem or Index problem, but at least it's an easy fix but that requires me to buy Adobe Acrobat Pro.
  19. That seems to work, but that's a pretty simple document. My book release is Tuesday, so I need to get my PDF working before then for digital and hardcover release. I need to spend the rest of the week finding all of the bad hyperlinks and then fixing them one-by-one using Adobe Acrobat Pro. I should have just bought InDesign, because I'm not saving any money (and especially not any time!) by having to spend all this time doing fixes for bugs. I'm the first creator to use Publisher (for print and PDF) at my publisher, so I'm definitely going to recommend the other creators stay away from Affinity Publisher's buggy PDF export and inability to support our printer's bleed requirements.
  20. Ok. TOC hyperlinks to wrong pages. Index hyperlinks to wrong pages. Hyperlinks to anchors causes Export to PDF to crash. Doesn't support PDF bookmarks. At this point, why even have an Export to PDF option? I'm so frustrated that I feel like I should go back to using MS Word because that just works without any problems.
  21. I realized that this is happening in all of my other documents as well. When you add in the TOC hyperlinks are broken, the crashes from hyperlinking to Anchors, and the lack of bookmarks - the Export PDF capability is severely lacking.
  22. This happens to me all the time, because I always need to insert a col break in my TOC, so it always appears as "needing to be fixed." So I the pop-up on every single export for at least something that doesn't need to be fixed, but Publisher thinks it needs a fix. Also, I had the strange problem of my TOC styles completely changing on 'update', then I could delete the TOC, readd it, and the styles looked as expected. I fixed that by selecting the text frame that included the TOC and made sure "No Style" was selected. It was somehow inheriting the default style of the text frame rather than using Index Entry 1, 2, etc. styles.
  23. The PDFlib.log is how we debug our PDF problems. It's the library used by Publisher when Publisher creates PDF files. You can turn it on/off by following Dan's instructions at: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/92624-export-to-pdf-error/&tab=comments#comment-491521 If you change the file path (C:\Temp to D:\Temp or whatever), just edit the reg file using Notepad to update the path. Also, always inspect reg files to make sure it's not doing something it shouldn't do - before running them.

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