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  1. Jimmy Jack, Thank you for this GIF. It was exactly what I needed to solve this problem. Chrome is my default browser, although I remembered from back in the day that you can pause and restart GIFS in Internet Explorer. That enabled me to dissect your GIF essentially frame-by-frame and follow your process. AD is not as robust as Illustrator, although I'm not currently in production mode and couldn't justify paying Adobe's annual subscription price anymore. I've used Adobe since the nineties, so this Affinity learning curve can be frustrating, although there seem to be hacks for everything I've encountered, so far. This forum is proving to be indispensable. I hope that I'll eventually know this software well enough to return the favor. Thanks again, KC
  2. It also looks like the offset is an opaque stroke. I'm looking for a space in the offsets.
  3. It doesn't look like you expanded the strokes.
  4. Last night, I tried expanding the stroke and then dividing all of the parts. It was a nightmare. It divided the stroke into hundred of tiny slivers that I couldn't even see until I zoomed way in. Illustrator's Shape-Builder makes AD almost useless in comparison for this type of function. I'd love to see a screencast of how you did this process in AD. Thanks for the post.
  5. It's obviously an easy process with Illustrator's Shape-Builder tool, although there must be a workaround for AD.
  6. Yes, Interlocking the rings as you've done here is the easy part. Interlocking them with the offset (outline, as you refer to it) is what I'm trying to accomplish.
  7. I've figured out how to create overlapping rings with offsets, and I can create interlocking rings without an offset. I can't figure out how to combine both. Here is a vid of it being done in Illustrator. As always, any help is appreciated. Overlapping With Offset Interlocking Without Offset
  8. I tried that and got the same result.
  9. That's a fair question, pixel pest. The reason is because I don't like the original whole shape nor its diameter. I want the hole in the shape of the size that I'm trying to cut away. On another note, what I tried to expand the original whole I'm not able to select all of the nodes and just expand it. I haven't figured out how to do that.
  10. Thank you all for the replies. #firstdefence, I'm unclear about your tut, although here is another example of the same problem. Before After
  11. I am working out rough drafts of a design idea and keep running into a problem or bug. When I select the two curve layers and subtract, the O is not cut out. I've tried several times with the same result. The only difference that I noticed is that the nodes on the O are round while those on the other letters are square. What am I missing? Please see attached screenshots. Thank you in advance for your help. KC

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