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  1. I'll see what I can do for a video when I get a chance! I did recently get a Wacom Intuos. I think I've had the problem when I didn't have it attached, but I'll have to check. Lately I've been using Designer only, so I haven't noticed in anything else. But I should be able to check others pretty quickly since it happens fairly soon after I start working in Designer. Thanks for the reply. I'll see when I can get some details.
  2. That is weird that it's exactly opposite of what I have. I noticed I can't even hit the close "X" for the program. I have to use alt+F4 to close the program. It's completely broken and it's getting very problematic.
  3. Not long after I start working in Designer, the interface stops being clickable. I can still use keyboard shortcuts, but dropdowns, tools, scroll-bars, etc, become un-usable. I can hit tab to hide/show the tools and interface objects, and that doesn't change anything. I can use the space bar to scroll around, and I can use tools for which I know the keyboard shortcuts. But most of anything else is un-usable. I can't scroll through my layers with the mouse wheel or the laptop's touchpad. I'm on a Dell Inspiron, using a secondary monitor usually via HDMI, But this happens when I'm using just the laptop too. The only way I can get things back is to close Designer completely, and re-open it all. And then do it again shortly after once things become un-usable. It's getting very problematic. Anyone else seeing this? Thanks.
  4. Thanks Jim. That could be a quick fix here and there. It seems that gives me JUST enough room to click the bottom button on this dialog. I'm not sure if there is another dialog in this program that could possibly be taller (which would make this problem even worse). I may use this option if I have to do a lot of text work. I just HATE auto-hide with my taskbar though. Haakoo! Thanks for the good idea. It kinda does work. It seems like I can typically click the okay or cancel button. BUT if I have to move the dialog (to see the changes as I make them) then it jumps down a bit and hides those buttons again.
  5. Hi Gabe. Attached a screen shot. Details: 1920x1080 Scale and layout is set to 150%, which is the default on this laptop when it shipped. Turning this down makes stuff waaaay too small on my screen. Thanks!
  6. Some of the dialogs are a bit too tall for my computer's native resolution. The bottom of the dialog is below the bottom edge of my screen, or under the taskbar. If I try to move it up, I can grab the top and move it just a bit but not far enough sometimes to reach the "Okay" or "Cancel" buttons. If I'm out and about with just my laptop this will be a problem. If I'm at home and able to plug into my large external monitor, then it won't be an issue. I'm sure I could change the resolution or something but that just messes up every other program on the computer. If the dialog were made to have a built in scroll bar if it's too tall, then it would be more universal.
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