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  1. Hi, Affinity imports EPS, PDF, AI ... They support Pantone and other color books... but what if they do not see the Pantone names in the imported PDF file? If you have a description of colors attached to a document - you substitute, if not - you guess... You can create a palette from a document, but the name of colors is not helpful... Corel, Illustrator can read colors names - Affinity can not (even from the PDF generated by them)? Anyone have some worked Adobe - Affinity workflow?
  2. Hello! Do I ever need to reset the tool setting every time I open a new document? Is there an option to remember as default? With many files this is annoying ... Best Regards
  3. Thank you. I will check at home ;) if I remember correctly, I had this problem in the beta versions (but I could be wrong)
  4. Hello all! I am the owner Affinity Photo and Designer for Windows. For a long time I worked for Adobe and nice to learn something new... I am Polish and we use special characters in fonts. I have a problem with writing some. Well, for example, in Affinity Photo if I want to enter the character "ć" pops up a window resizing the canvas. But in the menu, I see that the shortcut is Ctrl+Alt+C? To edit the text in the Affinity must either turn off all keyboard shortcuts or paste from an external text editor or Character Map ... Is there any other solution? I'm sorry if the topic is repeated and thank you in advance for your reply. (Sorry for the English - I helped Uncle Google) Greet