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  1. It just turned out that the problem was temporary - now it works ok ... (I don't know why? and the settings are the same) the malignancy of the dead things ... but it's good that beta is 1.9 and I can continue to do something in it. .. also have a nice weekend
  2. yes - so I hope for a quick fix in the production version ๐Ÿ˜...
  3. Hi (I think) I found a Afinity Designer performance bug. I have a photo on a layer and I put an ellipse on it. When I edit it, I have terrible lags that prevent me from working with the document. I got a photo of the lags are also ... Until you can see how the filling does not follow the outline ... I changed the options in Retina rendering, I changed Renderer to WARP - nothing. I opened the document in beta - no performance issues.
  4. I downloaded the new 0.932 beta version and it looks like the problem is partially gone ... the file still crashes (even overwritten in the new version) if I rename the artboards a print dialog appears (previously just AD, AF and AP disappeared) ... of course, in the stable version, the names of the artoboards do not matter and simply print ...
  5. I am using affinity-designer-customer-beta- I have created a simple printable image file. When I want to print my work, the program disappears without any warning (it does the same in Photo and Publisher) ... Printer drivers are Brother ... File in non-beta version - works ok ... attach files - maybe programmers will see something ... But other files with vector graphics and rasters are ok ... 1 - no beta.afdesign 1.afdesign
  6. Ryzen 7 2700X 32 GB Ram (3000mHz) GeForce RTX 2060 Windows 10
  7. I have to cancel what I wrote - again it doesn't work... Affinity makes fun of me
  8. I found a solution (and maybe also an error)! Works with both styles and Paste FX ... a funny thing ... it turns out that there is a difference when you have a document in CMYK and RGB (my document was to be an internet file and not a print so I chose RGB)... a document in CMYK has no problems with the correct style / FX assignment and the values are the same in scaled image and not scaled ... in RGB - no ... why? I have no idea! I checked in Designer and Photo - it doesn't matter CMYK or RGB. To the scaled image, the first FX pasted is ok, the second one is not. The same style dep
  9. This is a rather weak solution - if the customer changes his mind, I will have to set it from scratch. Is there any justification for this behavior of this function? I don't see any benefit from it. I tried the picture frame - nothing. Styles - nothing too. Rasterize ... (already scaled image) - nothing ... Maybe it will change someday - may it soon ...
  10. Ok thank you - so what's the solution? Rasterize? And only after that Paste FX?
  11. Hi! What am I doing wrong at Publisher? I create a guide with a screenshot, some of which I scale. They are pasted from the windows clipboard (from memory). I set Layer Effect for one image - Outer shadow. I copy the layer - I select another picture and I do Paste FX. But instead of having the same parameters, e.g. radius and 20px offset, has the shade completely different?
  12. ok, once again i'm learning something new about Affinity... although the Windows Ink option shouldn't stand up to each other, but your advice works... even if i have the right key menu! I don't know yet how it will work on the Move Tool lock - but as I noticed earlier it works under the pen and not the mouse...
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