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  1. I tested again my file today after restarting my pc (surface with windows 10) and now the square disappeared at 170%.
  2. Hi Patrick, actually there is no need to overlap the bleeding area of master page. When I zoom in, the red square in the middle disappears. (just 110 % zooming is enough for me) test.afpub
  3. I can confirm this bug. Zooming in, objects suddenly disappear.
  4. Hi, I have started using Affinity Publisher after using for a long time other legacy Serif products (PagePlus, etc) and being a beta tester. I found a little mistake in translation when creating a new document. The words "press ready" have been translated as "Premi Pronto", it should be translated as "pronto per la stampa" . As it is, it is a bit misleading just suggesting to push down a "pronto" button 😃 The help guide is already correct as it states "...Pronto per la stampa (stampa professionale CMYK)..." Ciao Luciano
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