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  1. I'm facing the same issue, indeed it's been years. I think Affinity photo is really great but i'm starting to think that the web orientation of the software is less a priority than the photo orientation, which is perfectly fine i guess they did their business interest studies. I'm just hoping someday they'll start working on the web part as indeed, files are way too big.... not having a preview is one thing i can live with, but not being able to export small size JPGs really is a show stopper for the web
  2. Hi, simple question: are there Affinity stickers available? those would go nicely on my laptop 😄
  3. oh yes indeed i only atteched the image that was an issue. i'll add the others. Is there some sort of "InDesign package" functionality? While for the preset, it's basic "pdf for print" that exports the BW photo in colot. i need to select "rasterize" everything to not have an issue
  4. Sure, could i send it somewhere private? it's just that it's the announcement of my newborn and should not be online.
  5. Hi, i created a document in which i use a photo modified in Affinity Photo. The modification is only to put it in black and white. So in publisher, i imported the AFPHOTO files. When I edit the document in publisher, it appears BW so it's ok. However when i export the PDF, if i don't select "rasterize everything" that photo gets exported without the BW filter. If i rasterize everything it's indeed black and white. To be noted, only one photo has this issue even though i have other photos with the very same BW filter that export correctly. see that TMNT photo that exported in color while the 3 other did not.
  6. Hi, the save for web topic has been asked already but i can't find one where the preview question is discussed. What i used a lot in photoshop is the save for web tool to be able to see, when going down in compression, where my image starts to degrade too much, and visualise the right percentage (mostly between 35 and 60%) Is there a tool in affinity photo that would allow me to do the same and see, when lowering compression, when the artifacts start to show? thanks a lot
  7. Came here for that very reason (refining matte when working on girls hairs). First i was going to report this as a bug, but then it came to me that maybe it's just an absent feature, so yeah, that would really be useful. Dodge and burn on an opacity mask is part of my workflow when extracting hairs.... i'd even say that not having this feature breaks my workflow completely and i can't really find an alternative :-/
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