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  1. Hello Affinity Admin. I am happy wih my Affinity Photo and Designer and plug in Nic Collection. I been running on iMacs för 20 years, but later on I going to buy me one Windows 10 Professional with VMware Workstation and Nivida card. Can I download and install Affinity för Windows on my new computer without to pay one more time. Thanks Karl
  2. Why DXO telling me to pay. I have always got Nik Colletion for fre because I payd for Affinity Photo and Designer. I run on brand new iMac and dont have Adobe. Thanks Karl
  3. Thank you, You solved my problem.
  4. What happen to my plug in Nic Collection for free. Now they asking for money after trailperiod??
  5. All sorts of problem happens to me this morning. When I hit Preferencebutton Affinity Photos crashed and also Affinity Designer. So I deleted the apps and inside AppStore downloaded them again, but the crashed again when I hit preference button. I run on a brand new iMac High Sierra 10.13.3 Why this happen?? and can I solve the problem.
  6. After 8 hours, still. no reply from them.
  7. Thank you very much. OK. I fill in my mailadress and hit submit.
  8. Hello. Last time I try download and install Niki Collection for free for Mac I have no problem. Now on my brand new iMac there is no more Niki Collection for free when I try to download NC from your link "here" I need to pay???
  9. Hello. Today I got a brand new iMac installed, but my apps Affinity Photo ans Designer ar gone. Can I download them for free and where. Thanks in advance.
  10. Good news. Thank you.
  11. I need to ask you. In June 2018 all Apps and updates need to be 64-bit requirement for Macusers. Ar Affinity Photo and Designer prepered for 64 bits?
  12. I still dont know where to put my questions. Why you dont have any tread for Support I try so many time to change face, but my Keyboard Shortcut dont do what I want him to do. I press Alt+CMD I run on iMac mid 2011 High sierra.
  13. OK I solved the problem with Vignette Filter.