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    Affinity Krasch

    Jag vet inte vad du har för problem och du nämner inte heller vilket program du pratar om. Pratar du om Affinity Photo och du har laddat ner versionen för Windows och att inte har en dator från stenåldern kan du knappast ha några problem med installationen. Det är känt att om du behöver ominstallera programmet så måste du först radera den gamla som ligger i programmappen innan den nya läggs dit i stället. Jag kör på en sprillans ny iMac
  2. Hello. I working with Affinity Photo and Blender 2.79. Many times I convert objects to mesh, but can I convert images in to mesh
  3. Thank you for helping. Dont work. The girlhead dont turn in to a mesh. I like to cut holes för the eyes and mouth and create my own eyesockets and mouth to be joyned to the head. Like this.
  4. Hello. My plug-In Nic Collection ar gone from my Affinity Photo- Filters- Plugin list on my iMac 10.14.2 Majove. I lost my instruction how to install my Nic Collection. I have the folder laying in App-Folder. Can you help me. Thanks in advance. Kalle.
  5. Hello Affinity Admin. I am happy wih my Affinity Photo and Designer and plug in Nic Collection. I been running on iMacs för 20 years, but later on I going to buy me one Windows 10 Professional with VMware Workstation and Nivida card. Can I download and install Affinity för Windows on my new computer without to pay one more time. Thanks Karl
  6. Why DXO telling me to pay. I have always got Nik Colletion for fre because I payd for Affinity Photo and Designer. I run on brand new iMac and dont have Adobe. Thanks Karl
  7. Thank you, You solved my problem.
  8. What happen to my plug in Nic Collection for free. Now they asking for money after trailperiod??
  9. All sorts of problem happens to me this morning. When I hit Preferencebutton Affinity Photos crashed and also Affinity Designer. So I deleted the apps and inside AppStore downloaded them again, but the crashed again when I hit preference button. I run on a brand new iMac High Sierra 10.13.3 Why this happen?? and can I solve the problem.
  10. After 8 hours, still. no reply from them.
  11. Thank you very much. OK. I fill in my mailadress and hit submit.
  12. Hello. Last time I try download and install Niki Collection for free for Mac I have no problem. Now on my brand new iMac there is no more Niki Collection for free when I try to download NC from your link "here" I need to pay???
  13. Hello. Today I got a brand new iMac installed, but my apps Affinity Photo ans Designer ar gone. Can I download them for free and where. Thanks in advance.
  14. I need to ask you. In June 2018 all Apps and updates need to be 64-bit requirement for Macusers. Ar Affinity Photo and Designer prepered for 64 bits?
  15. Hello. I have beeen locking all over the place for tutorials as show me how I put Foggy frame around my image. I try all options inside Filter-Plugins- Nik Collection. I am stuck.
  16. Hello. Today I bought Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer from App Store. After the installationprocedure I got a Messages Clame your extras for free. I did and downloaded all of them, but where to put them? Do you know. Tell me Thanks in advance.
  17. I still dont know where to put my questions. Why you dont have any tread for Support I try so many time to change face, but my Keyboard Shortcut dont do what I want him to do. I press Alt+CMD I run on iMac mid 2011 High sierra.
  18. OK I solved the problem with Vignette Filter.
  19. Very good loocking photos. Thank you.
  20. Thank you very much. I found all images I loooking for.
  21. Thank you for that information. I try. One other question. I dont have those nice looking images Affinity Photo use at your tutorials. Can I buy them from you, maybe 20-50 of them. It is difficult to find then with the right resolution on Google. Like this one. Thank you.