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  1. I have a photo of my daughters now deceased dog. In the picture one of the dog's front legs has been shaved bare. My daughter asked me for a print of the photo with hair on the bad leg. I assumed that "healing brush" from the side bar would be the thing to use. I clicked on healing brush and a box in the upper right said to depress Cntrl Alt which I did. The circle on the screen changed from round to cross hair with no further instruction. I went to HELP, typed in healing brush and nothing was found. I found nothing in tutorials about the healing brush. Is this a working feature of just an icon to fill in empty space? I'm a beginner but I'm beginning to think I bought a less than great piece of software. Maybe the healing brush function wasn't the right choice? Any help is appreciated.
  2. I'm still unable to "turn on" the unknown plugins. I have tried every variation of checking and unchecking that I can think of but with no results. I guess I'm out of luck.
  3. I checked the box and closed Affinity, opened it and I still had 6 unknowns. I did this several times with no change.
  4. You guessed correctly. I had downloaded the latest from DxO Nik collection. After deleting it an installing the one recommended every thing worked fine. Thanks much. One other question: Only two files show in yellow, the others are "unknown". Are the unknown files accessible in any way? I am specifically interested in Silver Efex.
  5. I downloaded a trial version of the Nik software and I am not seeing anything like what is shown in the tutorial for installing it. After downloading, it asks if the application will be Photoshop or Light room. It shows up in my downloads not in my C drive. In the downloaded file Google is not in the file name. I have tried to access the Nik file as shown in the tutorial but nothing is found. Any and all help is appreciated.
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