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  1. LyricsGirl

    Marketplace for Affinity

    Link does NOT work! Please Update as i am interested!
  2. LyricsGirl

    Stickers with Peel Effect

    Ooh! Thank you!
  3. LyricsGirl

    DAUB Mosaic

    Wow!! I have already purchased some mosaic brushes and the creator sent me link to Trial Illustrator where I converted them to suit affinnity. But these souns like they will actually enhance those brushes as well with a top layer. Thank you! I will enjoy these!
  4. LyricsGirl

    Vintage cigarette packets

    Oh! LOL!@ Never thought of that! also try Ms. Pinterest too! Hehe! Thanks!
  5. LyricsGirl

    Vintage cigarette packets

    Thank you Kasper-V ! Will be looking at this on Boxing Day,I usually spend the day reformatting and re installing my software but already done! So free to play this year! Q: Where do you get the images of the old ciggy boxes? I love the Players Navy Cut one as well as the old Woodbines.. There was another cigarette box that was like the players with lots of rope and I think an anchor? White background.. but I could be wrong.. (as usual!!)...
  6. LyricsGirl

    Naughty but Nice! Cheecky Texture styles!

    Sure can.Can you give me the NAME of the style please? 4 means nothing to me.It could be the 4r=th across or down... Was it Boudoir 7C?
  7. LyricsGirl

    Vintage cigarette packets

    Love the workmanship that went into the recreation. I want to use AF & AP late next year as part of my story projects! Thank you Kasper-V I appreciate this!
  8. Thanks Dan. You may be interested to know that I was the one who got Affinity staff and filter forge staff to talk and work out for FF to run as a plugin to A Photo. FF have stated that it is up to Affinity to update the ability to use 8BF file formats. There is a number of Serif > Affinity users who also use FF. All I do is act as The Messenger, so please do NOT shoot me. Thank you.
  9. Hi, Filter Forge Version 8 Public Beta has recently been released. Final Commercial version due out with weeks. In order to be able use Filter Forge 8 within Affinity Photo, the 8BF plugin standard is apparently not include din the latest version of Affinity Photo. QUOTE from Filter Forge Face Book page: " You should direct your request to Serif: starting with version 1.6, Affinity has broken proper plugin support. I'm afraid we can't do anything from our side until they return to the proper 8BF plugin standard. " Can you please advise when this will happen? Thank you.
  10. G'Day from Oz! Vielen Dank! Angela
  11. *************************************************************************** ****************************************************************************** I found a work-around to this!!!!!! ********************************************************************** *********************************************************************** Go to the TEMP files for Affininty Designer: Users > XXX YOURNAME OR COMPUTERS NAME XXX > AppData > Roaming > Affinity > Designer > 1.0 > temp $$$$$ SAVE this as a SHORTCUT on your Desktop so you can get to easily if you need to! $$$$$ Here you will find from 1 to many files.They have NO EXTENSION. DELETE them all. You may find one or two that will NOT delete. Select one of those file.Right click and select RENAME from the popup menu. KEEP the original name, but ADD this to the END of it. DOT afdesign so say you have a temp file called 5bb826a1 rename it to 5bb826a1.afdesign Now try to close the program. If this works then leave the temp file be. It MAY NOT work in all cases. If so, then use Task Manager in Windows to close the program, or the equivalent on a Mac system. Keep an eye on this post for future updates. Let me know if it works for you.
  12. Mark Ingram: I have the latest version of Affinnity Designer and this problem has just Occurred again. It happened while I was creating image brushes in Pixel Persona. Before that happened all was OK. I did have a blank page open to test out some of the brush. I will delete the temp file if there is one. Any ideas? Thanks!
  13. Thank you, I appreciate . Now it seems I have another problem! I have reset to factory settings, REPAIRED and rebooted. When I copy an image onto another one the size adj bounding box is solid and either has no moveable bounding box or it is some place else on the workplace. I shall try and figure it out. I am also assisting a couple of other (new) users too. Thanks for the Publisher program, have removed it until I fix Designer. Appreciated! Angela
  14. Hey guys, removing the TEMP FILE is O.K. You will find the program closing as it should. The temp file is a working file that is useless to you as it is. Deleting it will NOT remove or break the program. Backups of the file are stored in Backups folder and Autosave folders. It may be caused by the way the computers RAM chips flush volatile memory.It may be the way the program itself flushes temporary files or combination of both. We will have to await a bit longer as it seems with the release of the BETA of Publisher staff are not looking here, but I am sure they will do shortly. Another suggestion if you do not want to remove the temp. file/s is to (if in Windows) go to system APPS REMOVE ApPs Designer.You should be given a choice of either Remove or Repair.Try the Repair .If Repair is not shown as a choice then untill this is fixed just use Task Manager to close.
  15. If not for Publisher then Designer please. Many cutting machines use this CAD file format and mant AI/ID desiners create cutting files. Currently the only way I can do it is to create it in Designer, save as an SVG file and open and export out in DrawPlus. Anyone with a better solution please? Thanks!