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  1. Oh, Yay!!!! Found my brain today and IT WORKS!!! Thank you so much MEB !!!! Also a HUGE Thanks to Carl Surry of the Face Book Fans of Serif Software user group for this: So I am now working on my next Designers Kit!
  2. Thank you. Umm surely a script of sorts is recorded and is the macro? When the weather is warmer here... (Australia Winter and it is very cold) I shall feel more inclined to puddle about more.
  3. LyricsGirl

    Digital Leadlighting kit!!!!

    Thank you so much! I scoured the net to see what PS kits were around to ensure I could offer BETTER textures. Please post a sampler of your work here.. and message me...!!!
  4. To create actions similar yo those on Photoshop.So while running the macro the user can select a texture or style, have certain existing A P filters run.. I really cannot be too specific here atm. If I can understand the capabilities then I can start designing actions to create certain effects. In Corels PaintShopPro they have a Script that is coded in Python, that can allow an action to happen, say the add an outline and the user can select the colour from a palette, or open a folder and select a file or files. Does this male sense? Thank you for your assistance!
  5. Hi I make kits for designers who use Affinity. I would love to create a variety of actions via the Macro command. At this time it is rather simple and cannot seem to do many steps with choices along the way. Will it be improved at some stage?
  6. Thank you.. but surely it only works for the FILL and not the Stroke? I think I shall go and get rid of this migraine and look at it in my morning. .. Thank you so much, I truly appreciate it! Once I get an idea for designers kit I like to see it through, but not tonight. Again Youre a champ!
  7. Aww Thank you.. I am TRYING to follow but already lost at Fill Tool! My migraine does not help. Sorry I am THICH as a btick here tonight. Can you um post a piccy pretty please?
  8. I am working on my next Designer Kit for Affinity... But I want the styles to have metallic strokes, like silver gold copper ect.Shiny shiny metal. Or glitters. How do I or Can I do that? Stroke only allows colurs that are flat or gradient.Niot able to make them from bitmaps like the Fill. Or am I missing something? Thank you !!
  9. LyricsGirl

    IKEA (free) Sofa Font

    That was how i read it too.Free advertising!
  10. LyricsGirl

    IKEA (free) Sofa Font

    This looks like a FUYN font.I cannot find a Licence for it though.. Would love to incorporate it into commercial designs..
  11. Yay!! yes!!! That's what I meant!! Aah that really makes me feel good to know Affinity had it there already! futuristic I say! Thank you for taking the time to let me know!!!!
  12. My eyesight is not good and I use 2 monitors with 2 different settings for ease of use. I find that working on a single layer (image) the image gets distracted with surrounding images/colours. Yes I can select layers by clicking them on or off but it would speed up workflow if I could click on it and hold the mouse button down on it for 3 seconds would automatically turn OFF view of all other layers. So this is more like an accessibility issue than anything else. Just a suggestion. Thank you.
  13. LyricsGirl

    The AWESOME Affinity Bundle!

    Wow! I am so happy to hear it was all O.K. This is a great image and now I am blushing!
  14. LyricsGirl

    The AWESOME Affinity Bundle!

    Thanks Alfred. Then why do I get these messages on the program during installations of styles brushes or assets? I often check Task Manager for anything obvious .. hmm.. Maybe a reformat of the entire system shjould be brought forward; it is something I always do over the Christmas holidays.. :>)
  15. LyricsGirl

    The AWESOME Affinity Bundle!

    I would suggest that you reboot the computer.Then open an Affinity program and retry installing a style set.This time leave the program to run and see what happens up to 10 minutes. I also get this problem with some brush sets. I am looking into this as with my system I should not expect this experience.I am considering if certain background operations are not helping either. Try a lighter sized style set like the coffee ones. Let me know.I wont go to bed until this is sorted .(Im in Australia so not an odd time for me!!)....