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  1. LyricsGirl

    Any Rope brushes out there for AD?

    Hi Ronniemcbride! I also downloaded the brushes.I have made a couple of them and once I dig them out will post a link for others interested. Also Jeremy Child of The Artifex Forge is a well known designer in Illustrator and PhotoShop.He is also working on bringing some of his products to the Affinity users too. Here is a link to his shop on Design Cuts. Jeremy has just released a New Affininty product - Master Engraver Designer Brushes! Have a look as the Affinity products are mixed in with the Adobe Add0ons. https://www.designcuts.com/vendor/the-artifex-forge/
  2. LyricsGirl

    Naughty but Nice! Cheecky Texture styles!

  3. What about the objectstyles.propcol ? Did you want that too? ************ I have been attempting to upload to your Dropbox but at 92% the upload then rolls back to 91% then to 92% then stops telling me something went wrong and to try again. ****
  4. The pack has 2 brushes. 1 is a smallwe size and installed OK. in Photo and Designer. I removed the brushes from Designer a while back. Decided to install the larder set to use with some vector designs I wanted to work on. I used Designer all day and Photo and both behaved OK. I may reset both programs to factory settings and install/uninstall add ons per project to see if that helps. Uploading the file Celebration Brush Set 4096px.zip. Could it be I had too many styles imported / created? Although it has not happened before on either program. Thank you.
  5. LyricsGirl

    Recovering memories, gifting friends

    G'Day ! When I work on a repair project, and it is something precious, I run 2 high dpi scans. 1 in color and in B & W. Then I work on copies of each keeping the original scans in a separate folder (just in case).. In the color scan I set out to then duplicate the colour copy and on the first copy I work on color correction. The second on details then on the B&W again, details. I then stack by sandwiching the B&W in-between the two colored images. Then make manual adjustments on each layer. When happy, I then merge them into a single final image. For lesser important images I do a scan always in colour even old B&W ones.. and work on them in AKVIS Retoucher.This is a faster way to repair some parts of an image.I purchased AKVIS before Affinity came out, and update it as it still gets used at times. As you become more familiar with Photo and also in the craft of photo repairs you will work out what works best for you and the particular project at hand. I think you did a wonderful job. On some repairs it may be more prudent to leave out or not 'fix' some areas as the result may be worse than the original problem.
  6. LyricsGirl

    denim and leather

    Did you use Filter Forge?
  7. LyricsGirl


  8. LyricsGirl

    Recovering memories, gifting friends

    A great job. I would have actually worked in the original colours to ensure the white clothing was easily 'painted over' in the parts needed to define each person/clothing. I also sometimes work on 2 to 3 images separately, concentrating on one main theme on each.I then merge all 2 or 3 or more layers using the Stack utility. In some cases I also remove white paper on a layer image to define more of the finer details and overlay it.
  9. Whilst working on a simple vector design I installed a raster brush set.The brushes were high image brushes and when installed previously were slow to install but no other problems. I decided to re install these brushes for the next project.when designer had installed the raster brushes i discovered all but one of my installed styles were missing. I have had this also happen in photo too. Latest version of Win 10 Pro. Latest version of Designer, and all apps and utilities.
  10. LyricsGirl

    Marketplace for Affinity

    Link does NOT work! Please Update as i am interested!
  11. LyricsGirl

    Stickers with Peel Effect

    Ooh! Thank you!
  12. LyricsGirl

    DAUB Mosaic

    Wow!! I have already purchased some mosaic brushes and the creator sent me link to Trial Illustrator where I converted them to suit affinnity. But these souns like they will actually enhance those brushes as well with a top layer. Thank you! I will enjoy these!
  13. LyricsGirl

    Vintage cigarette packets

    Oh! LOL!@ Never thought of that! also try Ms. Pinterest too! Hehe! Thanks!
  14. LyricsGirl

    Vintage cigarette packets

    Thank you Kasper-V ! Will be looking at this on Boxing Day,I usually spend the day reformatting and re installing my software but already done! So free to play this year! Q: Where do you get the images of the old ciggy boxes? I love the Players Navy Cut one as well as the old Woodbines.. There was another cigarette box that was like the players with lots of rope and I think an anchor? White background.. but I could be wrong.. (as usual!!)...