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  1. I just went to buy the PROFESSIONAL PACK and paid $12USD for uit and gor the FREE one,. the GUM ROAD Layout was confusing to me as I have poor eyesight so now im stuck with the free kit and paid for whjat I thought was the pro veriosn sdop there you go
  2. ALL my Affinity Style Kits Bundle! $15 https://www.creativefabrica.com/product/affinity-style-bundle/
  3. I would definitely have a use for this and medieval shapes and images si I can create shields crests blah blah for my online fantasy world story / game / etc. Message me!
  4. My way of raising money towards the Australian Bush fires Everything in my shop that is sold between today, January 11th 2020 until February 29th, 2020 I will be donating 50%.That is SALES not profit. Daily updates will be posted first thing every morning my time (Melbourne) AEST. Also I am tweeting Affiliation links to hand picked designs form the same marketplace as where my design kits are sold. Creative Fabrica. I am also in discussion with the wonderful people at Creative Fabrica on a joint fund raiser so look out for that as well. So PLEASE SHARE. On the 1st of March 2020 I shall announce the total of the Sales through my account at Creative Fabrica (screenshot) plus proof of payment of donation to Official austrlaian Red Cross who have been Tweeted with the following short video clip. I am 35 minutes away form the Victorian fires and watch the online Vic Emergency Services site 24/7. My heart is broken over the devastation ; those whose lives were lost; the animals the millions upon millions of animals all gone. Just heartbreaking. Australia_Bushfire_Fundraiser_1_My_Designs.mp4
  5. 40 Felt Textures 300 DPI Available in : * All Colours in Sets 1 & 2 – 20 styles per set. * Primary colours * Blues & Pinks * Greens * Neutrals * Oranges & Yellows https://www.creativefabrica.com/product/felt-textures-for-affinity-programs/ref/63430/
  6. I always use the ones made in PS becasue Im not that clever! I just use Photo for this part. I select the smart layer wher eI want my design image to go and paste it.If it does not sit in properly I manually pop it into by right clicking and sliding it. For a final touch up I select my image and use the Perspective / OR / Mesh tool to ensure the image ius positioned appropriate to the mock up it is on. I also now use the Isometric grids too.Really helpful. Try recreating a mockup item using one of thje many PS tutes on YouTube
  7. Winter is HERE for those in the Northern Hemisphere.. That means Snow & Ice, only this kit isn;t so cold.It's Cool! Psst! If you are into GOT PM for a link to better soundtrack of this video.. https://www.creativefabrica.com/product/snow-ice-for-affinity-photo/ref/63430/ WATCH Demo Video here:
  8. So True! Age is but a number trust upon us when we are born. Inside our age number changes depending on our mood, health and mental health. We only get one shot at life so why fritter it away? Thank you for those kind words!!
  9. LOL! 4 years ago I was seriously ill- a 10% chance of survival .. So I make each day count! Not that I never did before.. Life is so short.. but you only notice when you are old!
  10. Will have to see! I have a lot for next year.. A book to finish, a Special Celebration, songs to write more renovating!! BUT It would be a great self discilpline to do this! Thank you. You ar eAWESOME Jowday!
  11. Thank you !! I shall try and find tme for next year!
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