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  1. I haven't tried this in all those occations, but can you try if the H key is working for you?
  2. HI. You don't have to do anything other than move your cursor slightly outside the textbox (you will see the move tool appear) and you can reposition and resize the text. Move the cursor back inside the textbox and you can continue to type.
  3. Thanks, I didn't know that. Is there any advantage using one or the other? I did manage to add it to the library.
  4. Thank you.. but the suffix should be .afmacros, not afmacro. It wont open.. at least not for me. You should post this in the Resourses forum.
  5. Thank you! The tutorial is excellent! I just have to point out that it's no sheep, but an alpacca.
  6. You can do this simultaneously with multiple selected layers.
  7. Select a layer with an object an press create slice at the bottom of the layers palette.
  8. Usually, only the divide command is available when only one layer is selected. How is the rest of the workspace looking?
  9. Madame

    Free brush packs - Both Vector and Raster

    When you have one of those brushes open, click on the tiny hamburger menu on the right an choose delete category.
  10. It will be the same as if you use the command file>open.
  11. You could create a (blanc) document with the size you want, and then use the place command.
  12. Hi. Can you check out this thread, especially the 2 last postes.
  13. I like your video. I think you got good advice and that you have a good plan for the next videos. When I look for a video, I prefere those that aren't to long. When they are more than 5 minutes, I'll look for another. But that's me.