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  1. Madame

    Asset Library 2017 Inktober Vectors

    Thanks so much, @StuartRc
  2. You also need to check what layer you are working on. Maybe you have to check this current layer and below in the context toolbar?
  3. If your layer is a background layer, it's locked and the inpaint brush won't work. You can copy the layer (cmd/ctrl. J) or unlock it. If the layer is a picture layer you can rightclick and choose rasterize.
  4. Hi, and welcome! If I understand your question right, you can use the view menu>studio>swatches. Check that swatches is ticked.
  5. Hi. I like your style. Nice and short, but interesting.
  6. Madame


    Thanks! Very nice styles!
  7. Madame

    FLOWER POWER Brushes

    Thank you very much!
  8. Madame

    Wild animal texture styles

    Thank you very much, they are great!
  9. Madame

    Microsoft Windows Developer Awards 2018

    Hey.. congrats! I'm really proud of you!
  10. Madame

    Portrait (watercolors) afphoto

    Thank you for sharing, Bodo! Excellent as always. I love the pencil drawing look. Makes it (not sure what word to use) near and touching. I have read some of his work.. (a long time ago, so I can't remember any details). Maybe it's time to reread.
  11. Thank you! I really like your teaching style. Very to the point, and easy to understand.