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  1. Congratulations to my favourite software company! Very deserved!
  2. They downloaded just fine now, Thank you!
  3. @LyricsGirl I’m sorry to have caused so much commotion. I was just trying to be helpful when I told you I couldn’t open the file. As for "security reasons", I found this: "Actually did figure that out in the end… that happens when the zip archive is pass-protected and the default utility doesn’t pop out the option to enter a password as programs like BetterZip and other do. So the whole problem got solved when I didn’t just double-clicked the archive but when I opened it with a program that supported pass-protected archives.Of course if you forgot the pass of an archive you pass protected in the past (when sent to someone or for own safe keeping) then you are pretty much screwed since there aren’t easy ways to recover that archive’s password" As English isn’t my first language, (nor is computing) I’m not sure if I understood this correct? That this could be the reason? That I don’t have the right unzip.programme? I’m sure this would be useful for you to know if you will sell your products later.
  4. Sorry, I can’t open them. "Operation not permitted". I give up. I think it’s some kind of security issue.
  5. I’ll try when I got the time. Thanks so much, I’ll let you know.
  6. I have Mojave 10.14.6 I just downloaded these styles and they installed just fine. (Yes I didnt change anything, just my signature)
  7. Sorry, I have 1.7.3. I’ll change my signature.
  8. The middle picture should be last.
  9. Hi, I imported them just like I always do. Import styles>navigate to where I imported them. Click the file. select open.
  10. They look nice, thanks, but I get the message "unable to import file" when I try to install them.
  11. Thank you very much! They are fantastic!
  12. I like your style, Jen! Very interesting and to the point! I think you are very skilled! Your voice is pleasant to listen to, as well!
  13. It works, they are downloaded directly. If you clicked it, look in your download folder.
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