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Found 54 results

  1. I would like the ability to go back and adjust or edit a gradient after applying it. Currently we must redraw a new gradient.
  2. Hello, I created 25 types to fill objects. Designia Styles.afstyles
  3. DocCoding

    Gradient Pack - uiGradient.com

    As a web designer, I find websites like uiGradients.com a quite useful resource, with a massive selection of ready-made gradients (and css code for those). This palette is a complete (01.09.2018) pack of all gradients alongside their names, hand-imported over the course of an afternoon and a few podcasts. I don't think you can copyright colors/gradients, but the GitHub repository of the uiGradients.com website is licensed under MIT. I'll try to keep the file up to date with the website, but if there's a missing gradient or a error, please tell me about it. Enjoy: uiGradients.com.zip (A preview will follow soon)
  4. Affinity Photo Reset individual included Swatches to Default. For example one may want to reset Greys or Colors or Gradients to default after adding those that you no longer need.
  5. I was wondering if there's a way to save gradient presets? If it's not available, I was wondering if that's part of the roadmap?
  6. One of the main reasons I prefer Designer over Illustrator is because of the dithered gradients... My quality of work has increased DRASTICALLY because of it and I no longer need to rely on a 2nd software like photoshop for high quality gradients. The thing is though that its only supported in gradient fill... Gradient Overlays & other effects like shadows, glows, etc. - Nope! So my request is kinda plain and simple... Why not bring dithering for effects too...?! I've faced multiple banding issues here and there... Please acknowledge if doable... (P.S. I've attached a sample of my work... So you see what I mean...)
  7. is there a way to save gradients to the swatch pallet ? i can save colors. thanks
  8. Hey! I wasn't entirely sure if this went here, or feature requests, but I'll give it a go: I'm required to deliver work in .ai format, but I absolutely prefer using Designer as my main tool. However, whenever I attempt to import work with gradients in it into illustrator, it becomes rasterized. I'm not sure this is something you/Affinity can do anything about, but it really slows down my work flow when I have to remove all gradients and reapply them in illustrator, in order to use Affinity Designer for the work i need. Attached two files: One view of an object with a gradient in Affinity (tried with app store version and the current beta) and view of illustrator. Top leaf saved in Designer as EPS and "placed," bottom leaf copied and pasted. The square to the left is the raster image added within a clipping path that happens (see the layer panel.) Worth a shot! :) Let me know if I'm being impossible!
  9. Most commonly, a color gradient needs to follow a curve, such as the fender of a car or the curved edge of a cloud. How do I get gradients to do this and not follow the usual linear, conical, or round formats? Thanks for any help with this. -=Rick
  10. If I use a gradient swatch to paint with using the paintbrush in Draw Persona, how do I edit the gradient to change up the colors?
  11. I made a set of gradients for Affinity Designer. My first attempt at AD gradient set! Tada! :D I originally created the set to be used at work (using Illustrator) and I made this to share with the nice folks here at Affinity Forum. Hope you guys find this useful. Thanks! - Maya MAYA-GRADIENT-VOL-1.zip
  12. Hi guys. Carefully ported gradients from https://webgradients.com/ It may contain some inaccuracies, but in general it is usable. Enjoy. WebGradients.zip
  13. Hi there, the title says it all. how do i define the direction of a gradient in a shape defined by a curve? I can reorient the shape in general, but i did not find yet a way to maipulate the diretion in which the gradient shall point ... Best regards, Bildermensch
  14. BennoFG

    Group Gradients Bug 1.6.1

    Struggling to get a gradient to appear across multiple objects within a group. Have experimented with removing sub-groups and changing stroke settings etc.. no difference. See attachment, the items should be mostly red, but instead, they're showing as just the Yellow. Have tried multiple restarts and on multiple laptops with different installs, (but both 1.6.1) -B
  15. CienciasMagicas

    Windows Vista Logo

    Greetings from México! I share my Windows Vista logo. Windows Vista Logo.afdesign Windows Vista Logo.svg
  16. What do you think about a gradient that uses steps and symbol instances instead of colour/alpha values? Basic settings would be: x distance, y distance. Each with the basic gradient controller the apps already have. At its most basic it would serve screen printers well by having circles go from scale 100% to scale 0% with the same control as the gradient tool. A sibling if you will. For replication it could have a drag well to drag symbols and other objects into. At its other end the behaviour along the gradient modifier could be scriptable. As an example: Scale instance object down from 80% to 20% but stop scaling the outline at 50%. Symbols instanced along a controllable path would be a great addition even without the scripting for most users.
  17. Hey all, New around here, owned AD for around three weeks, new to professional vector design. So far, it's been great, but now I've hit an issue and can't think how to solve it. I'm drawing a flat vector design of a bird, where the body goes from black to grey and the head goes from black to white. The body is one union of shapes and the head is another. I need the two gradients to merge, so that there's no obvious divide on the bird's "neck" where the shapes have their shared edge. I.e., the two gradients should seamlessly merge, and appear to form from the same black area, but then be able to diverge, so the body is grey and the head is white. Any advice appreciated. ilmiont (edit - added a very simplistic example of the problem, I need to get the two objects to merge convincingly)
  18. Sometimes we need to store & re-open minified SVG assets, but unfortunately, Affinity Designer can't parse minified gradient coordinates (unlike Illustrator). For example, a "fully" left to right gradient, which is saved as: <linearGradient x1="0" y1="0" x2="1" y2="0" …> can be minified and represented as: <linearGradient x2="1" …> but Affinity just draws a solid color as it assumes the gradient is malformed. It would be great to see this fixed. svgomg is a great tool for minifying svgs online so you can test.
  19. So I'm on the band wagon seeing as PS has gone subscription based. I have Designer and Photo and was happy, kind of. I noticed the performance was very poor on AP. Zooming in on a WIP layer would take too long to update/refresh. I mean, its maybe half a second but it's enough to kill your thought process and kind of disorientates you. What I noticed was the biggest lagger was gradients. A simple gradient overlaid on to my highest level layer. Any attempt at changing the angle of this gradient would cause it to refresh once every second, maybe jumping 20° each time. Totally unusable and more to the point, frustrating. I'm only running onboard graphics card on my Dell i7, 16GB, 1TB SSD but PS was never a problem. I hit the forums to find out what I could do to get some speed in to AP. I tried it all and none of it worked. Changed the render setting to WARP, no change. Allocated more RAM, no change. I then remembered that my music production software wasn't too keen on SpeedStep being enabled as the processor got confused and jumped about from 20% to 70% whilst using particluar VSTs. Thinking about this, I popped in to my BIOS. Speedstep was turned off (which I left as it was to keep my music software happy) but I had another setting in my BIOS that was switchable.... TurboBoost. I switched this off and rebooted in to windows. Opened up the same file. Placed a gradient layer on top and dragged. NIGHT AND DAY!!! It was like using PS again. Smooth as a babies back side. Zooming in and out causes instant (not literally) refreshes. Scrolling through the Layer blend types is almost invisible as it changes the blending properties real time. The thumbnails on the layers panel update instantly with no lag. I've yet to try other things out that was causing me frustration but thought I'd post this on here in case it hasn't been addressed yet. I noticed that there seems to be problems with the higher end systems running AP so maybe its this Turbo Boost thing on Intel based processors. Anyways. My first post here so, Hello! Hope this may help some frustrated AP users. Turn off TurboBoost in your BIOS and hopefully it'll cure your lagging issues. Also check your DPI scaling in control panel!!! When I'm on 100%, the lagging is terrible. When I change to 150% (Recommended), the lag disappears.
  20. Hi there, just something I noticed, not sure if it's a bug, missing feature, or something that can't work by design. I made a nice artwork in Affinity Designer, using bunch of gradient fills (linear), and also transparency fills (linear). I exported the file as SVG and it looks great in Safari and Firefox (no lost features). Next I optimise things with SVGO (https://github.com/svg/svgo) which does its thing and reduces the file size by almost 40%. The resulting file still looks great in Safari and Firefox (no lost features and all gradients and transparency effects are still there). But when I load this optimised SVG file back to Affinity Designer all the gradients and transparency effects are gone.
  21. Hi all, i've tried searching the forum for this, but to no avail. I'd like to use a vertical linear gradient, from opposed to a horizontal gradient. I'm expected a angle control or something, but all I can see is 'location'. Any ideas?
  22. TamasC

    gradients.io palette

    Hey guys! I really like Luke's recent work on gradients.io, so I created this AD palette based on his. gradients.io - Luke Davies.zip
  23. Chris Van Cleve

    Dream Resources

    I just slapped up a web page for all of my free resources for Affinity products. You can find it at: https://dscape-llc.com/affinity Of note at the moment, it includes updates to Dream Gradients and Dream Holiday Styles that I haven't posted here. Enjoy!
  24. Hi everyone So I am continuing to explore Affinity Designer after purchasing it last week, and I am quite enjoying it! I have a question about a problem I have noticed with have the control nodes of gradient fills are handled, and perhaps there is a simple solution to this that I am missing. In particular, this is an issue I first noticed when using the Fill Tool in Conical Fill mode, although I have since noticed that there is a similar issue with all fills when using the Gradient Fill pop-up panel. When adjusting the Stop nodes, if one drops a Stop node on top of an End Point node and releases the mouse button, that Stop node can no longer be selected and dragged (Designer appears to make preference for the End Point node after that). The Stop node still functions and applies its gradient effect, but can no longer be adjusted. This effectively renders the gradient "stuck" at that Stop node. If this is done by mistake then one has to restart the gradient from scratch with a new fill. This also seems to be true for Stop nodes in the Gradient Fill pop-up panel. Is there an easy way to separate a Stop node from an overlapping End Point node? Hitting Delete on the two overlapping points appears to delete the colour but not the Stop itself, or deletes the entire gradient fill if it was the only Stop node. Any solution to this? I admit I might simply be missing something obvious, so I apologize in advance if I am simply being obtuse. Cheers! JT
  25. I always want to be able to save and use custom gradient swatches and they appear in any place where I am given color as an option, but as it stands I cannot. Gradient swatches seem to be unaccessible. I want to be able to choose a custom graident inside of the layer effects option whenever I see that I can change the color of an effect.