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  1. DocCoding

    Adding icons

    To do that, you have to create an asset out of each icon and add those to the same set. (So, open the SVG in Affinity Designer, select every component, create a new asset category and then, from the hamburger menu, chose "Create asset from selection"). This can then be [optionally] exported as a .afassets file to transfer the asset library to other computers or share it.
  2. DocCoding

    Gradient Pack - uiGradient.com

    As a web designer, I find websites like uiGradients.com a quite useful resource, with a massive selection of ready-made gradients (and css code for those). This palette is a complete (01.09.2018) pack of all gradients alongside their names, hand-imported over the course of an afternoon and a few podcasts. I don't think you can copyright colors/gradients, but the GitHub repository of the uiGradients.com website is licensed under MIT. I'll try to keep the file up to date with the website, but if there's a missing gradient or a error, please tell me about it. Enjoy: uiGradients.com.zip (A preview will follow soon)