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  1. Thank you MmmMaarten, much appreciated. No need to worry about the font, that's my fault for not switching it to a generic first before exporting, that way it would be in the majority of people's systems. Pick what works for you. Thanks for making the previews, I'm new to posting here, so it didn't dawn on me to do that. Everything in those files is open to change.
  2. Here's a 9 frame square configuration. The Export Persona worked well at outputting each individual frame and a Master file of all 9. Cartoon 9 Frame - Generic.aftemplate
  3. Hello, I draw cartoons as a hobby. Over time I've developed a couple of templates that I use to help get me started. I named them "Generic" just to say that I've taken out all of the personal layers that I normally include. I hope you find them helpful. Regards Mark Cartoon 1 Frame - Generic.aftemplate Cartoon 4 Frame - Generic.aftemplate
  4. I’m sorry. At least you know what to watch for now. 😃👍
  5. Hello : ) I draw cartoons as a hobby. A long time ago I worked as a 3D Motion Graphics Animator in the television commercial industry. I was firmly entrenched in Adobe products along with Maya. After I retired I started drawing using Autodesk Sketchbook Pro as I couldn't afford to buy the Adobe suite. A few years ago... 5 maybe?? I discovered Affinity and immediately bought everything I could get my hands on. I love how well Designer, Photo, and Publisher all work together seamlessly. If I could have bounced back and forth between apps as I can now while I was working, my life would have been SO much easier. I'm in the process now of shifting from creating my illustrations in Photo to Designer... with help from Photo when I need it. The goofy image below is mostly Designer with help from a Photo custom brush for the broken shell pieces.
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