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  1. Hi, Is it possible to resize a document in Affinity Designer? And how do I achieve this? Need to change a 95,5 mm x 61,5 mm in to 88 mm x 58! Regards and Thanks, David
  2. Hi, What would be the best way to save/migrate a design from Illustrator for use in Affinity Designer. Regards and Thanks, David
  3. And how do I get it on the design?
  4. Of course! Thanks! David
  5. Hi, I'm looking for a copyright symbol in Affinity Designer to use in a design. I have icons, but wonder if it's in the application somewhere! Regards and Thanks, David
  6. Hi, I guess it's a DICOM extension file or a real life image? Never tried to open one in Afinity. If you have the fysical X-Ray you could use a scanner, but for digital: Decom Tool Kit I have never tried this, but it seems to export to PNG. Regards, David
  7. Hi, Did anyone tried the JPEG MINI Photoshop plugin in Affinity Photo? Regards & Thanks, David
  8. Left Adobe after CS 5.5 (still works) and never looked back! Use Affinity Photo, Affinity Designer, Sublime Text 3, Natron, Hitfilm, Capture One 12. No reason for me to stay at Adobe.
  9. Hi Jim, I use the Intuos 4 and it works perfect! But I don't know about the newer ones. Regards, David
  10. I hope this will change soon, because for modern webdesign we need to be able to automate this, so we don't have to go outside AP and use apps like this: responsivebreakpoints generator
  11. Thanks, but I try to batch process 20 AP files to export in multiple sizes. Not just one file.
  12. Looked at the export persona, but found it's limited to only one file to process in different slices. Not what I'm looking for. Or did I miss something?