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  1. The problem is you start of with a wrong test image to begin with. You can't make a image like your using for testing sharper! The result will be artifacts caused by the quality of the image. You really need a normal image and then it works like magic. Try the same test with "Unsharp Mask" in Affinity and it will do nothing at moderate settings!
  2. No on my iMac it works perfect too! Did you see my video? It's not a common sharpness tool! It stops "enhancing sharpness" when nothing can be done anymore! Instead of contrast boosting that normal plugins do at extreem settings.
  3. Made a screen video in Windows 10 to show you it works. Did you try to remove the application and reinstall? Like in the video that's how you have to test it! And are you sure you connected the 64bits plugin: "PS_Plugins_x64"? Topaz-Sharpen-test.wmv
  4. Yes and to see it really working you have to zoom in.
  5. See you already posted the problem on the proper forum.
  6. Yes I did a request, because I have the same lens for Canon.
  7. Both Gigapixel and JPG to RAW are only standalone!
  8. That doesn't work. It fills the whole rectangle. I uploaded a example of a similar image.
  9. Hi, How do I create a mask to fill a transparent black and white vector drawing with a seamless background in Affinity Designer? Did try to make a pixel mask from the seamless image, but this is only filling the lines of the drawing with a seamless pattern instead of the whole image. Some help is much appreciated! David
  10. The plugin is part of the normal download and contains both standalone and plugin! When you apply a normal install on Mac it installs both.
  11. I have the same lens for Canon and it's the most commonly used lens from Tokina. Unfortunately the lens profile is missing in both image applications I use. Afinity Photo and Capture One. And nowhere to find. Only thing you can do is make a request for it at lensfun, but I'm not sure how to do that.
  12. Your path seems to be wrong you want the plugin try this: First remove sharpen with the remove button then follow the steps closely./Applications/Topaz Sharpen AI/Topaz Sharpen AI.app/Contents/You can add the path in the “Plugin Search Folder” by clicking “add” the panel opens and you have to click CMD + Shift + G now you can fill in the path etc. Try it with /contents and without I can't see from here how you did the install. And Gigapixel is no plugin so better remove that too it's the only one application that doesn't provide a plugin version from the AI Suite. Think the problem is caused by paths leading to standalone applications instead of the plugin version. The path I show you at the start of my reply is the same for all Topaz plugins, obviously you only have to change the naming of the plugin. Regards, David
  13. Hi VG, Because of the different zoom level you have between Affinity Photo/Topaz Sharpen AI plugin and the standalone plugin from Topaz it's hard to notice the effect at first. I can assure you Topaz Sharpen AI works on Mac (Catalina or Mojave) in Affinity Photo. Before doing anything else take a image and duplicate it with CMD + J and stay on that layer during the whole test. Now Apply Sharpen to that new created layer. After the plugin is closed zoom in to the extreem with CMD + + and toggle the layer on and off. Do you notice any difference in the pixels you see between the original layer and the duplicate your on? If yes it works if no please post an screen shot of the plugin panel so we can see how the plugin is connected. The plugin panel can be opened on Mac by clicking left top: Affinity Photo > Preferences > Photoshop Plugins Regards, David This is what you want to see on Mac with or without the /Contents:
  14. So we can expect Photoshop Smart Objects to work in Affinity Photo soon?

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