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  1. Hi, How do I copy a gradient to a couple of curves that is text? Thanks! David
  2. Hi, How do I create a circle with a brush in Affinity designer? Followed a old tutorial with creating a shape circle and then double click the brush, but that doesn't seem to work with the latest AD. Thanks, David
  3. Hi @Loyalty Is Key All I can think of is It's a good processor, but it's clocked on a low frequency of only 1.3 GHz base. It can be overclocked till 3.5 GHz for each 4 cores. But you have to know what your doing!!!!! David
  4. True! But the principal is the same! My question was not about the colours (that could be any color or transparant and wouldn't change a thing! ) but the way to customize icons in a quick way. And sadly that doesn't work well in Affinity Designer!
  5. Thanks! But I asked about a SVG icon in black with a white background changed in white with transparant or whatever background. But I noticed already, you can't edit a icon in Affinity Designer in a easy way. Downloaded the free app https://nucleoapp.com/ And now I'm able to customize 2000 selected fonts in 1 second and export them to a folder.
  6. Hi, What is the best way to change the colour of a multi layer SGV icon from black to white in Affinity Designer? David
  7. I want to keep the SVG, but with only one layer! No raster or image but a Vector!
  8. This app seems to be working within the whole Affinity Suite Don't understand why doesn't Serif cooperate with this company in Israel? Regards, David https://rtlfixer.com/
  9. @Richard HHi, Are you sure you installed this version of your graphics card? https://www.nvidia.com/Download/driverResults.aspx/189746/en-us Because when you look at the nividia log of this card it had al sorts of issues in the past, to name a couple: Fixed Issues in Version 515 U1 [Adobe Premiere Pro]: NVIDIA Image Sharpening stranded in stale state [Dassault]: Invalid format error when DXGI_FORMAT_R8G8B8A8_UNORM_SRGB is used with DX/OGL interop [Dassault 3DEXPERIENCE] VK/OGL interop crash with dedicated memory allocation [Maxon Cinema4D][Redshift][Adobe Photoshop]: Redshift crashes Cinema4D on material thumbnail generation when system resources are used by Photoshop
  10. Hi @kjd, A email design is like a primitive HTML webpage and can't be made in Publisher. What you can do in Mailchimp is use a template from Mailchimp in the free version or import your own HTML design in the paid Mailchimp version that is designed in a text editor like VScode Free: https://code.visualstudio.com/download Or Sublime Text Paid, but endless Free demo: https://www.sublimetext.com/ There are open source frameworks like this: https://github.com/ThemeMountain/pine The same people also make commercial email frameworks with support, like here (a small investment for years of mails!) that can be edited in the paid Mailchimp account: https://themeforest.net/collections/6812184-our-email-templates?ref=ThemeMountain&clickthrough_id=1426946247&redirect_back=true Good luck! David
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