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  1. I have a similar but not identical problem: A few seconds AFTER I quit AP 1.7.1, I frequently (but not always) get an error message that "Affinity Photo quit unexpectedly". Details of the error are attached (all 30+ pages of it!!!). What can I do about it? Thanks, Mauricio AP_QuitUnexpectedly.pdf
  2. 1. Immediately after installing AP 1.7.0, after selecting the area to crop, clicking on the Apply button had no effect whatsoever. After closing the application and trying again, it worked as usual. This behavior did not happen in 1.7.1 2. This forum does not allow to post any text with Firefox 67 although it works fine with Safari Thanks
  3. In Mac 10.13.7. Cropping tool does not work. After selecting the ratio size, clicking on the "Apply" button has no effect. This worked perfectly in v.1.6. (same computer, same OS, same mouse) Is there any workaround?
  4. I have created custom image brushes (both in black and in white) on a transparent background. Using the Paint Brush Tool, they paint ONLY in the color they were created (black or white). I am unable to change them so they would pain in any other color. All other brushes, do change color as expected. How can I correct this so I can use the custom brushes with other colors? What am I doing wrong? Mac OS 10.13.6, Affinity Photo 1.6.7
  5. Hi, 1. I cannot find the page to register on the store account. I keep being directed to the Apple store page. Can somebody post a link to it? 2. The welcome page has no link do download anything. See screenshot attached. 3. I think that the excellent programmers at Serif could have come with a more intuitive and user friendly way to download software, as proven by the many, many frustrated posts in this string Thanks, Qaman333