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  1. I have created custom image brushes (both in black and in white) on a transparent background. Using the Paint Brush Tool, they paint ONLY in the color they were created (black or white). I am unable to change them so they would pain in any other color. All other brushes, do change color as expected. How can I correct this so I can use the custom brushes with other colors? What am I doing wrong? Mac OS 10.13.6, Affinity Photo 1.6.7
  2. Hi, 1. I cannot find the page to register on the store account. I keep being directed to the Apple store page. Can somebody post a link to it? 2. The welcome page has no link do download anything. See screenshot attached. 3. I think that the excellent programmers at Serif could have come with a more intuitive and user friendly way to download software, as proven by the many, many frustrated posts in this string Thanks, Qaman333